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Little things about the Flash/Supergirl musical episode


-Starkid Reunion

-Victor Garber and Jesse L Martin as Iris’ gay dads

-Jeremy Jordan

-Jeremy Jordan’s voice

-Jeremy Jordan’s wink

-Grant Gustin fanboying over watching Victor Garber and Jesse L Martin singing

-”Well I didn’t mean like a gender thing I just wanted to kick it in.”

-Darren Criss and his OTPs


Lucky Winners

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Request: Hi! I absolutely love your writing. I was wondering if you could do one where the reader wins some kind of contest and gets to visit the set of The Flash for a few days. She and Grant really hit it off and keep in contact after. Then they meet up again at comic-con or something and he ends up telling her how he feels about her. Basically lots of fluff haha. Sorry this is so long!

Notes: So really it wasn’t the request that was long, it’s now more the fic. Honestly I have no idea how this ended up at 10 pages but here it is. I’m just sorry it took forever for me to write, but I hope you like it! :)

RPN- random person’s name

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But You’re Still My Favorite. (Grant Gustin Imagine)

Request Hi:) I LOVE your works! *squeals* May I ask for a Gran Agustin imagine please? So I have an understanding that Tom Felton is playing the part of Julian Dorn, and so the reader, who’s Grant’s gf/bff, is like a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, and when she finds out Tom is casted, Grant takes her on set, letting her meet Tom as a surprise because he knows how much she loves HP or something in that plot? Lots of fluff and cute moments plz:) Thanks in advance xx  from @mahomie-sara-9-84

Happy Flash Day guys! I hope you’re all having a great day!

I am looking for someone to make a header for me! So if you’re interested please contact me!


I hope you enjoy!

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You were a huge fan of the Flash show. You actually met Grant at Comic Con when they first announced that the Flash was going to be a television show. And now flash forward later, the two of you are dating. 

People have asked again and again if you get any special spoilers or anything of the sort. And truthfully, you’d answer. No. You were a big fan of the show and you wanted to actually enjoy it like a regular fan. You and Grant, who are now living together, have a deal to never speak of the show before an episode premieres. 

But tonight was different. Grant had been on the phone for  a while now and you patiently waited for him to head to bed, wanting to sleep at the same time. You yawned as you flipped a page in your Harry Potter book before Grant looked over with a big smile and then mumbling a few things to the person on the other end. Soon, the call was finished and he headed towards you, crashing down and nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck. 

You could practically feel him smile. “Why so smiley, smiley?” You questioned, giggling a bit. 

“Oh you know, work stuff.” He mumbled. “Hey, babe, you wanna go to set tomorrow?” 

Your eyes widened. “But the spoiler-”

“What if I promise not to let anyone spoil anything?” He questioned, propping himself up on one elbow. “Please? I have a surprise.” 

Rolling your eyes, you finally caved. The next morning, you woke up before Grant, as per usual, to make breakfast and get ready. While Grant was dressing himself in comfortable clothes, he wrapped his arms around you as you did your makeup. “Thank you for coming today. You won’t regret it.” 

“Better now, Gustin.” You glared at him through the reflection of the mirror. 

He couldn’t contain his grin as the two of you headed to the studios. You were greeted by Stephen who had a sleeping Mavi in his arms. You silently cooed at her before Grant covered your eyes and maneuvered you through set.  

“Okay, one more. And there!” Grant said, uncovering your eyes.

You looked around, confused until you faced Tom Felton. “Y-you-you’re Tom..” You muttered, your inner fangirl, threatening to come out. “You’re Tom Freaking Felton! Oh my god! I love Draco Malfoy! When I was younger, I convinced my mom that I was dating you! Oh my god! Grant, I can’t stop talking!” You were softly hitting your boyfriend’s bicep. 

“See? Surprise!” Grant smiled. 

“You are the best boyfriend ever!” You cheered hugging his torso tightly. 

“Oh, you’re the girl this one’s been goin’ on and on about.” Tom laughed. “She’s a pretty one, man.” He winked at you and Grant before heading off. 

After he was out of earshot, you started jumping up and down. “Grant, he called me pretty! Oh my god! My life goal has been completed! I can die happy! Oh my god! Do you think he’ll marry me?” 

Grant laughed. “Better not. You’re my girl.” He put his arm over you. “If you had to choose between Barry and Draco, who would you choose?” 

“That’s not a question, Grant.” You said, matter of factly. “Draco obviously.” Grant pouted and you went on your tippy toes to peck his lips. “But You’re Still My Favorite.” 


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Pairing: Grant Gustin x Reader

Request: “Hey as you are taking request can you write Grant Gustin imagine where his girlfriend is a European tennis players and for that thet have lond distance and she injury abd hopibg he will come to meet het but cant and after some time she start playing again and she is having the game in the same place where he shooting first he thought he will come but he say he cant because he bussy but he bring whole flash actors to support her and he also introduced her to all of them.”

Word count: 1.623

A/N: Sorry if I took so long to post this. I was busy at school and I never found time to post stuffs. I am so sorry and I hope that I satisfied your expectations. If not, feel free to send some feedback. Thank you so much.

- G. x

P.S.: My requests are always open, but you have to bear with me because I take so much to write one. I hope you understand my situation. Thank you.

Links: Part 2

Warning: (Y/B/F/N) is Your Best Friend’s Name.

You were living in a great way and you couldn’t ask for more in your life, because you almost had it all. Yes, that’s right, almost.

You had a place where to stay, you had enough food to live fair enough, you had your sport career and you’re a well-known European tennis player around the world, you had your loving and caring boyfriend Grant Gustin, who was a famous actor and he is known around the world too, because of the TV series, The Flash.

In conclusion, you couldn’t complain of how your life was going. But this is the almost in your life: you and Grant had a long-distance relationship and you couldn’t help but envy those couples that lived together, that had each other in their times of need.

It was a difficult situation to cope with, because you were both busy with your careers and you never had time to visit each other. Yes, you have always talked on FaceTime and you both sent messages each other, but it was not the same when the person you loved was not by your side. It was hard to wake up every morning and find the other side of your bed empty, maybe even cold.

You remembered that one time when you were injured because you made the wrong move during a tournament and you had to do an operation in your right foot. That happening was the lowest point of your life because, first, Grant wasn’t able to visit you, not even for a short period of time, and you still can remember how your conversation on the phone went.

“Love.” Grant said in a melancholic way. You could hear in his voice that he was heartbroken for what has happened to you and he was no help on making you feel better.

“Hey babe!” You weakly greeted him. It was late in the evening and you just woke up from a long sleep during the operation.

“Your mother called me and I heard what has happened on the news.” You started to recall everything that has happened moments before you were brought to the hospital and your tears started to stream down your face.

“It sucks.” You tried to say in between of your choked sobs, you didn’t want to let him know that you were crying.

“I know, babe.” He sighed. “And do you know what sucks even more?”

“What?” You knew what he was about to say, you just knew it, but you were a masochist and you still wanted to hear it.

“I’m too busy at work, love. I have new episodes to shoot, meetings with my managers, photoshoots. I’m sorry, babe, but I can’t go there to visit you.” You were disappointed and his news made you cry even more. Silent sobs escaped your lips and hot tears left their stains and burnt your cheeks.

“It’s okay, Grant.” You pretended that it was okay. “I know that you’re busy.” You bit the inside of your cheek and tried to ease the pain that you were feeling.
It was surely not okay that he’s not with you. You wanted him to be with you because you needed him, you needed him by your side, you needed his hugs, his kisses, his touch. You needed him, you needed Grant.

“I’m sorry.” He said and you just nodded your head, as if he was able to see your response.

“I need to go, babe.” You calmed yourself down and stopped crying for awhile. “Bye, thank you for calling.”

“Oh, alright.” He answered with disappointment. “I’m calling you once again, okay?”

“Okay.” You shortly answered.

“Bye, babe.” You weren’t seeing his angelic and sweet face, but you knew that he had a smile drew on his face. “I love you.”

“Bye. I love you too.” You quickly told him and you ended the phone call. You curled yourself in a ball and you let your resentments go by crying, luckily there was no one with you in the room. You just wanted to take the weight off your chest.

And, second, you had to stop playing tennis for awhile and you couldn’t move that much. You had a plaster cast and crutches to support you for months. And there, you somehow felt useless.

You didn’t know that a wrong move could’ve caused such a horrible happening. In short, the idiom kill two birds with one stone was right.

But even though you had these difficulties, your relationship with Grant was growing stronger as ever. You were still together after months and months of not seeing, hugging and kissing each other and you both think that it’s your love for each other that bonds you together.

You also started to play again and you started to go in tournaments once again. You gained your strength once again and you thought that it was great to be back into the line. In fact, today you were in Vancouver, Canada with your team to join an important game.

You were so excited to arrive in Vancouver because you knew that Grant shot his The Flash episodes there and you thought that he could watch your match, but then another disappointment arrived in your way when he told you that his team was out of time and they had to go on with the shootings.

This time, though, you got angry with Grant because it seemed like he doesn’t want to see you, but you also thought to yourself that you were being selfish because you knew that this long distance was killing him too.

Even though you were dismayed and your head was full of negative thoughts, you still managed to win and to get through the next level. You were sad, but, at least, a great thing happened to you that day.

Once it was announced that you made it through the next level, you ran to your team mates’ section to give them quickly a loving and thankful hug, you were so thankful to have them, of course.

“Great job, beautiful.” A tall and slim man said while he was standing beside your best friend, (Y/B/F/N). You knew exactly who it was. His sweet wide smile and green happy eyes caught your attention, you knew him and you missed him so much.

As you saw his beautiful face, you let your tennis racket fall on the ground and you quickly ran to him as he opened his arms widely. You wrapped your arms around his neck, tip toeing a little bit to reach him, and you buried your face in the crook of his neck.

“I missed you, Grant.” You murmured as you enjoyed the scent of his perfume and the security his arms were giving you.

“I missed you too, (Y/N).” He pressed his lips on your temple and, all of the sudden, you just forgot all of the disappointments he has given to you in the past few months.

“You made me sad, did you know that?” You pouted your lips as you broke the embrace you’ve shared for awhile.

“Surprise!” He smiled apologetically and you playfully slapped his arm with your right hand. “Hey, I just wanted to surprise you.” He defended himself as he caressed his arm, trying to take the pain away.

“Thank you.” You sweetly smiled and you know that he missed seeing you that happy.

“And I’m sorry if I let you down for several times now.” He looked at his converse as if they were the most interesting things in this planet. “I brought you some friends as a token of my apology.”

“OMG!” You were exhilarated as you saw Danielle Panabaker, Tom Cavanagh, Candice Patton and Cisco Valdes behind Grant, smiling widely as they watched you and Grant reunite once again. “I love you, babe.”

He laughed at your reaction and he introduced you to his friend proudly.

“Congratulations, (Y/N). I am proud of you, but I know that Grant is prouder. He never shuts his mouth whenever it comes to you.” Carlos winked and Grant shook his head as he smiled at the ground, you knew that he was blushing.

“He always misses you.” Danielle mocked Grant too, joining Carlos. “He always has a picture of you to stare at.”

“Aw,” You were fluttered because of the nice words they have said. “I miss you too babe.”

“You, guys, never shut up. Do you?” He rolled his eyes.

“She needs to know what you do in the set, duh!” Candice butted in and the others have agreed to her.

“Oh, I am Grant Gustin,” He changed the topic as he handed his hand out, ready to shake your hands. He didn’t like to be the centre of people’s attention. “your favourite character between these annoying people.”

“Oh, shut up!” You playfully slapped his chest and you both made the group laugh, not even caring of the next match going on in the tennis court.

“I love you so much, love.” He hugged you once again.

“I love you more, babe.” He shook his head.

“I love you most.” He contradicted you and you were about to say something, but he cut you off quickly. “Just shut up, (Y/N)!”

He slowly grabbed your waist and put his right hand on your right cheek as he leant in to press a passionate and slow kiss on your lips. You then played with his locks as you reciprocated his kiss. Your lips locked perfectly and they moved in sync, despite the distance between you two and the months you’ve been away from each other.

Isn’t it crazy how love can bond two people together? Nevertheless the long kilometres, the disappointments, the struggles, the difficulties.

Not done with you

Harry Styles - 1485 words


“The amount of time of a work day you stare at our boss is unnerving to say the least.” Cathy chuckles as I feel the deep red blush crawl into my neck again, watching the last of Mr. Styles disappear behind his large mahogany door. I swat my arm in the general direction of Cathy’s desk before turning around in my desk chair to face my nosy, obnoxious coworker.  

“It’s not staring, it’s more like observing.” I shrug my shoulders as I rummage through the papers that are on my desk, switching my crossed legs around to nervously tap against the side of my dark wooden desk. “If he were my age I’d drool over him too, dear.” Cathy stops her joking as she gives me one of her fond smiles. Cathy is somewhere in her thirties and clearly not too old for the twenty five year old Mr. Styles, but she was recently back in the dating world and enjoying her ass off.

“I don’t drool.” I sigh, but a small smile etched onto my lips because I wasn’t far from it anyway. I am about to push myself on to my feet to take one of my unhealthy smoke breaks but freeze zith my bum hovering over the seat as Mr. Styles’ door opens and his head peeks out. “Y/n, dear could you maybe get me a cup of coffee? I don’t think I’ll survive the meeting otherwise.” He accompanies his question with a wink and I nod my head as I raise to my feet completely.

Cathy raises her eyebrows in a suggestive manner and I can only roll my eyes as I make Mr. Styles his cup, all black with two sugars before making my way through the office, high heels clicking against the tiles. Mr. Styles smiles at me as he sticks out his hand to grasp his coffee. “Thanks Y/n. I’m dead tired.”

“I’m sure you’ll survive Mr. Styles.”

“Tell me Y/n, you think I’m doing a good job?” Mr. Styles shyly asks as he turns around in his seat so he can look at me, resting against the side of his massive desk while he sips his coffee.

“Your approach is different from your father but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the right way to act.”

“Y/n talk to me as a friend and not an employee for once.” Harry smirks as he rubs his large hand over his tired features, clearly fed up with the long nights he had been making lately. I crawl further onto his desk, letting my legs dangle off of the side as I pat his leg comfortingly. “H., you’re doing fine. Although I’d suggest taking things slower you look knackered.”

Harry’s hands leave his cup astray as he rests them on my exposed knees, turning me so I was sitting right in front of him, a small, lazy smile gracing his lips. Harry and I had met during my second year at college, where he was a business major, bound to take over his father’s company as soon as he were to graduate. Harry was always the laid back, funny guy that loved to party and drink as much as the next guy. It did quite help him that he had the looks of a young Adonis, girls and even professors swooning when he’d wink at them or grant them his million dollar smile while passing them in the hallways.

I know the other girls on campus shot me dirty looks since I started hanging out with Harry more and more. Harry and I spoke after a night of partying at one of the sorority’s, only meeting each other coincidentally again while both trying to stay awake for morning class with a cup of coffee. Back then I was, as was everyone, swooning for his charm and the way he carried himself. Throughout the first weeks I was building my friendship with him I realized that he probably came to liking me because I wasn’t (visibly) drooling all over him and I could act normal around him. Harry wasn’t one to date or go steady, with an occasional fling whenever he was drunk.

I think it happened somewhere during spring break, where Harry and I were lounging around on his sofa in the living room, drinking alcoholic beverages while enjoying some stupid comedy Harry said I had to watch. Somehow I made a stupid comment about love and sexual tension and before I knew it, our lips were pressed together and my back hit the sofa with his body covering mine like a blanket. That was the first night whatever this was, happened. We never actually spoke of relationships or an actual title to stick to our sort of friendship. Whenever either of us had a need, the other would try to fulfill it. Harry stopped sleeping around, graduated and took over his father’s business within the next year of his graduation. I followed suit after when he hired to me be his secretary one year later.

“Relax.” I breathe as I let my fingertips graze his scalp, gently massaging his head as I see his eyes drift closed, content sighs leaving his lips with every exhale. “Your hands are like magic.” Harry breathes and a grin makes its appearance, lip pulled between my teeth as I watch his features relax more and more with every gentle stroke.

“I know one way to get myself to relax.” Harry grins as his hands find my knees again and push up slowly, grazing the insides of my thighs which immediately sends tingles down my spine. A dry chuckle leaves my lips, air escaping past my parted lips as I keep my gaze transfixed on his. “You’re unbelievable. Ford is going to be here any minute now, H.”

“Who says it’s not only a few minutes I need with you?” Harry chuckles as he reaches my bum underneath my skirt and pulls me into his lap, hands giving me a firm squeeze as his eyes twinkle in excitement. “It’s not very attractive to admit you’re a one minute man, babe.” I try my best not to burst into hysterics when Harry’s eyes widen at my statement and his dimples appear.

“You astonishing woman.” With a shake of his head, his eyes are closed and our lips are pressed together with an indescribable need for one another. Harry’s already swiftly unbuttoning his dress pants, our mouths panting against each other while his hands roam over my clothed torso. In one swift movement, my skirt is hiked up near my hips and one of Harry’s slender fingers brushes over my wetted core, a gasp flying past my lips as I squeeze my eyes closed.

His fingers push my knickers to the side and I visibly shiver when his cold fingers come into contact with my hot skin. “Harry, I –“ I breathe, my fingers ghosting over his erect member, trying to get a firm grasp on him to coax him into taking me in his office.
“I know, Y/n.” Harry breathes against my neck as his lips trail from my lips to my collarbone, nipping playfully at the exposed skin while all I do is pant hoarsely from his skillful fingers touching me.

“Mr. Styles, Mr. Ford is here to see you.” Cathy’s voice echoes through Harry’s office and we both still, Harry’s eyebrows furrowing as I let a harsh groan leave my lips. Harry turns towards his telephone on the right side of his desk, holding a button while his other outstretched hand rests on the small of my back. “Okay, Cathy. I’ll meet him in the conference room in five minutes.”

His smile is apologetic as well as strained as Harry lifts me back onto the side of his desk so he can button up with dress pants again, hissing lowly when his own knuckles brush against his hard member. “That’s an anti-climax.” I huff, arms crossed over my chest although the smile is inching its way to a visible state. Harry glares at me playfully as he slaps my exposed knee while he raises to his feet. “You can say that. Meet me for dinner at my place tonight?” Harry breathes against my lips as his pointer finger and thumb keep my chin in place, my eyelids fluttering closed of the close proximity combined with his sweet, masculine perfume flaring into my nostrils.

“Only if we can continue this for dessert.” I grin mischievously, pulling his tie back in the right place and patting his light blue dress shirt down and into his trousers again, Harry watching me with lazy eyes. “Oh miss Y/l/n, I am not done with you.” A smirk graces Harry’s lips as he winks at me before slowly walking out of his office to meet Mr. Ford in the conference room, leaving me hot and flustered and desperate for later.

Lots of love,
L. xox

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046 with Grant

46. “I caught the bouquet!”

It was finally the night of your best friend’s wedding. You were the maid of honor, and your boyfriend, Grant, had agreed to be your date, relieving at least some of the pressure you felt to make everything go smoothly.

“Hey,” Grant catches your wrist as you rush past him, planting a quick kiss on your lips. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah,” you smile. “Just a last minute thing to take care of.”

“I’ll see you out there.” Grant lets go of your wrist, freeing you to go back to your friend to help prepare her. The next time you see him is while he’s sitting in one of the rows, winking at you while you stand behind the bride.

You find him afterwards at the reception, taking his hand in yours and bringing him around to introduce him to others before eventually persuading him to join you on the dance floor.

“Any ladies and gentlemen wanting to participate in the bouquet toss, please make your way down to the front of the dance floor.” A man calls through a microphone, and you step away from Grant, telling him to go mingle with some of the other men who are not participating.

You insert yourself into the crowd swarming behind your friend, counting down with them in anticipation. The bouquet flies high into the air and you reach up, feeling it touch your hand and you secure your grip around it. The crowd backs off once they see the flowers in your hand, and you laugh sheepishly as they disperse.

“Grant, look!” You exclaim as you find him. “I caught the bouquet!”

“That’s great! What does that mean, again?”

“Whoever catches the bouquet is supposedly the next to get married.” You nudge him with your elbow, giving a wink.

“Oh, wow, um…” Grant rubs the back of his neck, suddenly nervous.

“Grant, what’s wrong?” You reach out and touch his shoulder. “It’s no pressure, Grant. It’s just a tradition at some weddings. No big deal.”

“It’s not that, I just–” he digs into his pocket and pulls out a small box, quietly hushing you as he opens it to reveal a ring. “This was my plan for tonight. Of course, it was meant to be more romantic and not in the middle of your best friend’s wedding reception. It was supposed to be afterwards.”

“Oh my god, Grant.” You choke out, trying to hold back tears.

“Are those good or bad tears?”

“Good. Very, extremely happy tears.” You say as you step forward to hug him tightly.

“So, will you marry me?” He whispers in your ear.

“Of course I’ll marry you.”

How it all began - Flashed Flashback

Pairing: Grant Gustin x reader
Anonym requested: Could you do another part to the flash series maybe earlier on in there relationship were grant is interviewed and he is asked about her
Characters: Grant Gustin, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Emily Bett Rickards
Words: 1603
Warnings: none

In this order: Part 1  / Part 2 / Part 3 / Flashbacks / How it all began

Soooo… this is shorter than what I usually write and I really don’t know why?! I usually can’t stop writing, but even though I loved this request, I couldn’t continue without making it sound forced and weird… So yeah, I hope you like this!! :) 

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Graceless Hamilton x reader

Sighing, you plopped down next to your two friends, Purity and Abagail on the large fountain in the city square. Groaning, you straighten your hair before turning to the two laughing at you. “You really have it for Alexander Hamilton, don’t you?”

 “What?” You stood up, dancing around the edge of the fountain gracefully. “I can’t help it if he makes me weak in the knees.” Turning in place around the edge of the fountain, your feet gracefully moved back and forth in step to non-existent music, swaying in a circle. “I’d love to just spend one day with him.”

“There he is!” Your head snapped up, staring as they came into view. Just as Alexander’s eyes connected to yours, your feet hit a wet spot on the fountain edge, sending you tumbling backwards into the water. Your friends burst into laughter as you sank your face below the surface of the water, secretly hoping that maybe you could just disappear beneath the water.

No such luck. Laughing their asses off, Mulligan and your friend Abigail pulled you out of the water as you stared at the floor, water cascading down your face and hair as your cheeks heated up. Trying to hold back some frustrated tears, you smile up at everyone and shrug. “I guess I’m not as good at dancing as I thought I was.”

“That is overstating it, manquer.” Cheeks burning brighter red, you chuckle nervously and clutch at the skirt of your dress before quickly muttering, 

“I have to go.” Rushing off, you did your best not to look back and felt yourself trip on the cobblestones. Hearing the further burst of laughter behind you, you stumbled to your feet, hands scraped and bleeding, quickly hitching up your skirts and dashing away out of sight, wishing you could just trip your way into a hole and the earth would swallow you up. 

A few weeks later, you were laughing with your friends as you enjoyed a beer in a pub. Smiling, you nudged your friend with your elbow and grinned as you all looked at the bartender, who was blatantly staring at a woman who was leaning on the bar while her husband talked to a friend five feet away.

“Oh dear lord this is going to be great.” Her husband, who the three of you all knew, turned only to see his distracted wife being eyed up by a man selling beer. He straight out punched the man, who fell to the ground before pitifully offering him a free drink as he held his bleeding nose. You moved your beer down and laughed, joined by your friends as the bartender looked away and blushed heartily. 

“Ceci est la femme que vous aimez, Alexander? Elle peut être jolie, mais elle est sûrement la personne maladroite j'ai jamais vu. (This is the woman you like, Alexander? She may be pretty, but she is surely the clumsiest person I have ever seen.)” Your entire face went red as you slowly set down your beer. 

“Tais-toi, Lafayette. (Shut up, Lafayette.)” You took a deep breath as you hear Alexander speak, the group pulling up to the table next to yours. Making up your mind, you decide to do something.

“You speak french to everyone you like?” He looked over at you and chuckled, his voice dropping.

“Seulement pour vous, la beauté. (Only for you, beauty.)” He sent you a wink and you felt your smile increase as you fluttered your lashes at him and responded with an, 

“Je ne comprends pas français, monsieur. (I don’t understand french, sir.)” Which was literally the only french you knew. “But I’m going to assume it was a compliment by the flirty eyes you flashed my way.” He chuckled and you stood up to get closer to him only to bump the table with your petticoat and tip the drink over. Clenching your eyes shut, you ignored the laughter following you and once again left the pub, not looking back as groaned and hit yourself on the head repeatedly. 

Two months later you were crying in a guest room at a ball, tears pouring off your cheeks. You had done it again, embarrassed yourself in front of the man you were so helpless against. Nothing you could do was right around him. You wiped the tears of frustration away and glowered down at your hands, trying to figure out if you could kick yourself.

Suddenly, you heard voices and held your breath, hoping they would pass by. Instead, they only got louder. “Where are you taking me?”

“I’m about to change your life.” You recognized her, that was Purity!

“Then by all means, lead the way.” Sounding bemused, the footsteps got closer until the door opened, revealing you in your crying mess of a state. Alexander looked at you, concerned, stepping forward into the room. “Are you alright?” As soon as he was in the room, the door was slammed shut and the knob turned, locking the two of you into the room together. Squeezing your eyes shut again, you fought the tears trying to overflow from your eyes in utter mortification. 

“I’m fine, Hamilton. You can go back to hating me now and tell your friend that this has crossed the line from teasing to harassment.”  You heard movement, then a pause before he spoke again.

“Why would I hate you, L/N?” You froze. You didn’t remember telling him your name. Ever. A hand cupped your shoulder softly and you nearly died. “I find it flattering that a woman of your appearance and caliber would go to such lengths to impress me, no matter what the outcome.” Letting out a watery chuckle, you turn your gaze to meet his, a gentle and kind smile on his face that made you want to melt.

“Because I’m an embarrassment and a failure?” Startle, he stared at you in confusion.

“Why would you ever think that? You’re not an embarrassment, no matter how many fountains you fall into.” Your smile growing wider, you regarded him with a teasing look in your eyes.

“Currently, the total is 4.” He laughed before pulling you up by your hand as he led you to the door, knocking on it.

“We request the ability to take a walk.”Laughter was heard on the other side as Mulligan opened the door and winked at you.

“Permission granted.” Smiling, Alexander led you out of the house and to a nearby park, a fountain in the middle. Laughing, you hopped up on the edge while he offered you his hands.

The two of you spun around the side of the fountain, dancing in the starlight to the faint music playing from the manor’s ball you had been attending. Smiling to each other, You enjoyed your time, growing closer and closer together as you spun and stared into eachother’s eyes.

Smiling, you didn’t think being so clumsy had ever been such a virtue before. Blinking at him, you let your smile bloom across your face as the song changed, your pace changing as Hamilton lead you and you deftly began singing along to the most fitting song ever.

Ohh, I do I do I do I
Dooo! Hey!
Ohh, I do I do I do I
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Look into your eyes, and the sky’s the limit I’m helpless!
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He’s Just A Kid - Bucky x Reader

@waitingfor-captainamerica SHE SUGGESTED IT, I WROTE IT. I loved it okay. Credits to her for some of these awesome ideas. Enjoooyyyy.

SUMMARY: Reader babysits Steve’s son with Bucky. Throughout the course of the day, Steve’s son puts on his charm and attempts to flirt with reader, making her smile and laugh at his cuteness. Bucky begins to grow slightly jealous despite the fact he’s just a kid. Reader then decides to pick at Bucky even more and playfully say she’ll marry the child when he asks. Lots of cuteness, fluff, and an adorably jealous Bucky Barnes

PARINGS: Bucky x Reader



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“Thanks again for doing this.” Steve thanked you and Bucky once again. A smile spread across your face as you shook your head. “Don’t even mention it. We’re happy to. You guys have fun and take as much time as you need. Grant will be in perfect hands.” You assured him, placing an assuring hand on his shoulder.

Grant was Steve’s eight year old son who was full of energy. He had light blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes just like his father. Ever since the day he had been born, you had taken up a bond with him. You adored his company and didn’t ever turn down the opportunity to let him stay at yours and Bucky’s place when Steve went out.

“Be good for (Y/N) and Uncle Bucky, alright?” Steve laughed, running his hands through his son’s hair, messing it up. “I will!” He responded, reaching around to hug Steve’s neck. He hugged him back and turned on his heel. “I’ll see you guys later.” He smiled. “Have fun,” Bucky called out, closing the door behind him.

You turned to face Grant, a big grin plastered on his face. “Someone’s happy today.” You giggled, pulling him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around you, squeezing you gently. Seconds later, he departed and ran off to a random location within the house. You intertwined your fingers with Bucky’s, the two of you walking alongside each other.

“You were okay with this, weren’t you?” You questioned, leaning your head on his shoulder. Bucky laughed, nodding his head. “Of course. I love that kid. I feel as though he’s really my nephew sometimes.” He smiled down at you. He stopped walking for a brief moment to place his hands on either side of your face and guide you closer to him. You bit down on your bottom lip as your eyes locked. You leaned up and stood on your tippy toes, your lips pressing against his.

He slid his hands down to your waist, yours wrapping around his neck. You were suddenly brought out of the kiss when Grant came running into the room. Bucky’s heart began to beat faster as he caught his breath. “Can we draw?” He asked, showing off those signature baby blues that caught your heart every time. You nodded. “We sure can. Anything you want, sweetie.” You giggled at his adorableness, seeing as he raced off.

“What in the world are you drawing?” You gazed over to see Bucky drawing immensely. Grant lifted himself over the table slightly to take a glimpse for himself. “It’s the star on your arm!” He cheered out, pointing at the symbol on Bucky’s metal arm. You saw a grin find its way onto his face as he nodded in response, confirming that it was indeed that.

“I thought you didn’t like that star.” You smirked, shooting him a glance. He shrugged. “I stare at it every single day. Might as well grow used to it. Plus, a star is the only thing I’ve mastered at this moment.” He winked. You shook your head, giving off a chuckle.

“What did you draw, Grant?” You peered over the little boy’s shoulder. A big smile began to spread across his face as he lifted the paper to reveal his masterpiece. You took a long look at it, a grin covering your features. It was a girl in a wedding dress, a boy in a tux, and flowers all around them. “Who are those people?” You questioned.

Grant looked up at you with the proudest smile. “It’s you and me! We’re getting married!” He laughed. Bucky’s face scrunched up slightly, his eyes rolling. He enjoyed the kid, but now he’s making up fantasies in his head. Sighing, Bucky continued to sit there in silence. “That’s so good!” You smiled, grabbing the paper from his hands. “Bucky, wouldn’t Grant and I be so cute?” You held the piece of paper up in front of Bucky’s face, seeing as he gave a sly grin, then automatically frowned once more. Chuckling, you could see that little jealous side of him slowly coming out.

“Hey, Grant, do you want to go play outside for a little while?” You asked. He nodded his head, getting up from the table. You watched as he walked around and grabbed your hand. You stood up and walked beside him, his hand still gripping yours. Bucky trailed behind, arms crossing over his chest. He thought the kid needed to take it back just slightly.

“It’s so beautiful out here.” You smiled happily. Grant raced off towards the flowerbeds, his eyes examining all the gorgeous flowers contained inside. “Bucky?” You called out, turning around to see him kicking a random pebble with his foot. He slowly looked up at you, his eyebrows furrowed together. You causally walked over to him and wrapped your arm around his, then rested your head on his shoulder.

“What’s the matter with you?” You questioned, rubbing up and down his arm. He shook his head, not giving you a response. “Babe,” You tried once more with a bit more seriousness in your voice. “Are you seriously jealous of little Grant?” You walked out in front of him to stare into his eyes. You could see the heat aiding his cheeks. He turned his head away. Your mouth fell open at the confession.

“The kid needs to back off a bit.” He mumbled, scratching the back of his neck. You couldn’t help but bust out laughing, taking him into you. You kissed him on the lips and shook your head, a smirk still plastered along your face. “You are something else, Barnes.” You giggled quietly.

“(Y/N)!” Grant called out loudly. You whipped your head around and raced over to where he was. “What is it, Grant?” You replied. He had his back turned to you. Seconds later, he spun around, his hand containing a daisy and a few dandelions. “Will you marry me?” He grinned, showing his teeth. Your mouth fell open slightly.

“Alright, Grant, we’ve got to have a talk. Man to man.” Bucky stepped in. Grant’s eyes looked up see meet Bucky’s towering figure. “What is it, Uncle Buck?” He murmured. Bucky sighed, getting down to his level. “(Y/N) is my girlfriend. You can’t marry her. Sorry to break your heart, little guy.” He stared at him. Grant shifted his gaze over to you.

“Forget what he says, Grant. I’ll marry you!” You exclaimed with enjoyment, seeing the look change on Bucky’s face quickly. He glared over at you, fists clenched. You stuck your tongue out, ran your fingers through his hair, then joined Grant’s side. You grabbed the handful of weeds plus the one daisy and kissed him on the forehead. “I’ve found my prince charming.” You grinned from ear to ear.

Grant reached for your hand once again and held it. “Sorry, Uncle Buck.” He giggled. “I think she’s mine now.” He laughed. Bucky groaned. “How can I be so jealous over a eight year old kid?” He asked himself, face-palming himself. He raced inside the house after you two.

The whole day consisted of a jealous and pouty Bucky staring at you and Grant who were gushing together. You only did this to mess with Bucky’s nerve. You loved joking around with him and seeing how he reacted to an eight year old flirting with his girlfriend was truly a sight to see.

“Dad, (Y/N) and I are getting married!” Grant exclaimed when Steve walked inside. His eyes grew wide as he laughed. “You guys are?” He smirked, looking over at you. “Yeah, your son is quite the charmer.” You giggled, getting up to meet him. “He was a sweet little angel as always. A pleasure to have him.”

“Alright, Steve. Get your kid out of here. It’s my turn with (Y/N), considering she’s ignored me all day for your pipsqueak.” He smirked, walking over to the group. Steve laughed. Grant wrapped his arms around your waist, engulfing you. “Bye, Uncle Buck,” He walked over and hugged Bucky quickly. “Bye, cutie.” Grant winked, waving at you. You threw your head back in laughter, Steve joining.

As soon as the two had left, Bucky hoisted you up onto his shoulder and took you over to the couch, slamming you down. You two busted out in pure fits of laughter as your gaze met the other’s. “I love you,” You giggled, feeling as he climbed on top of you and began peppering your face with loving kisses. “Only I’m marrying you.” He smirked, staring down at you.

“I can’t believe you grew jealous of a child, Bucky. What a man you are.” You squinted your eyes.

“The kid has better charm than me sometimes, doll. And I’m from the 40′s where charm was all I had.” He winked, getting back to kissing you.

Pregnant with Michael (Tour)

(Request - Tumblr -> “can you do a michael imagine or whatever shit where you two have been dating for a long while, and he goes off on tour and you find out ur pregnant while he’s on tour, and you wait till he gets home from tour to tell him. sO BASICALLY YOU TWO FRICKLE FRACKLE BEFORE HE LEAVES FOR TOUR AND YOU GET PREGNANT AND LIKE SURPRISE HIM AT THE AIRPORT OR SOME SHIT WHEN HE COMES HOME AND HE SEES THAT YOURE PREGGO PEACE NIGGA IM OUT”)


Tomorrow, my boyfriend of fourteen months was leaving to go on a six month tour with his band. There was no way that I was going to be able to survive without him. Well, function properly at the least. I was going to miss him terribly.

So tonight, I planned for just him and I to hang out while we had the time together. And we’d always have that amazing ‘Goodbye sex’ that we had every time he won’t off for tour. But this would be the longest he’s every left me.

“Baby, I’m home.” Michael called out.

I quickly ran down the stairs and tackled him. I planted kisses all over him, in attempt to quickly turn him on.

“What’s gotten into you?” He laughed.
“Nothing, I was just thinking about stuff.” I smiled.
“You want sex, don’t you?” Michael snickered.

My face turned a bright pink and I let out a small laugh.

“Wish granted.” He winked.

Michael carried me bridal style back up to the bedroom. I was tossed out onto the bed for the first time in a long time. With Michael and his band having to rehearse everyday, and go to the studio all the time, we hadn’t had time for sex lately.

Michael’s hands ran down my sides, instantly giving me goosebumps. I kissed up and down his neck, causing him to get sexually frustrated.

I liked when Mikey was sexually frustrated because he wouldn’t have sex with me, he would bang me.

“I know what you’re doing,” He paused, “And it’s working.” “Yah?” I laughed.

I playfully bit down on my lip, waiting for Michael to make the next move. I was getting more and more wet by the second.

Michael’s fingers played with my belt loops, slowly pulling off my jeans that I had on. Next to go was my shirt. I unhooked my bra while Michael took off his shirt.

“So fucking gorgeous.” Michael smirked while fondling my chest.

He kissed all over my stomach, and then pulled his briefs off. He lined up with my core and rammed himself into me, giving me no time whatsoever to adjust to his thick shaft.

Michael made sure that every inch of him was inside of me. I clenched around him, making sure that he knew I was close already.

Every thrust got harder and harder. But soon, they were getting sloppy. At the same time, both of us released out juices together. He pulled out with a satisfied look on his face.

- the next day -

I watched as Michael got onto the plane. A tear slid down my eye. I couldn’t believe he was going to be gone for so long. I was going to miss him so much.

I got back to the house and decided to take a shower. I did a lot of thinking in the shower. But as I undressed myself, I noticed all the bruises on my body from last night. I took a picture of some of them and sent them off to Mikey.

That was hands down the best night of my life.

- twelve weeks later -

Recently, I had been vomiting enough. Today, I was going to see a doctor about it. I really didn’t want to get sick while Michael was gone. He would start to worry about me, and I couldn’t let him worry about me while he was working because he wouldn’t be able to focus.

I was taken into the office. They asked me about all my symptoms and stuff like that. They said that I might have the flu but they wanted to have me do an ultrasound before they tested me. I wasn’t pregnant, why did I need an ultrasound?

“Alright, you can lay right there.” The nurse instructed me.

I laid down on the table as the nurse put the jelly on my stomach. I watched the screen as a ultrasound of my stomach popped up.

“There’s the baby.” She smiled, pointing to a blob on the screen.
“Baby?” I asked.
“Oh, honey, you’re about twelve weeks pregnant. Congratulations!” She cheered.


- three and a half months later -

Today was the day that Mikey got back from tour. And I was now six months pregnant. I hadn’t told Michael or any of the guys yet. I kinda wanted to surprise Michael when he got home.

I had already told him that I wouldn’t be at the airport because I had things to do that the house. He was a bit confused but I just told him to go along with it.

I sat on the sofa while I waited for Michael to get back. The door opened and Michael came in.

“Hey Mike.” I smiled, standing up.

He dropped his bags as he saw my stomach. His jaw dropped as well.

“Are you..? Please tell me it’s mine.” He said, pointing at my stomach. “Yeah, I am. And yes, it’s yours.” I giggled.
“How far are you, babe?” Michael asked.
“Today, I’m six months. It happened the night before you left, I guess.” I smiled.

He came over to me and kneeled down, eye level with my stomach. He put his hand over my stomach.

“Hey baby. I’m your daddy.” Michael cooed.

The baby kicked. The baby had kicked before but not as hard as it had just kicked. I let out a giggle.

“Does it tickle you?” He asked.
“No, he just kicked extra hard. Talk again.” I replied.

Everytime Michael talked, the baby kicked even harder.

“Do you know if it’s a boy or girl?” Michael questioned.
“We can go find out today, if you want.” I said.
“That sounds like so much fun!” He jumped.
“Alright, can you drive?” I asked.
“Of course! I wanna call the guys first!” Michael smiled.

Michael pulled out his phone and started a four way call with the others. He had it on speaker too.

“Michael, we literally have been away for twenty minutes, what is it?” Ashton laughed.
“I got some news! (Y/N) is pregnant!” Michael smiled wide into the phone. “What? No way!” Luke chirped.
“Congrats mate! How far?” Calum added.
“Six months. We’re about to go find out the sex. Talk later.” Michael replied.
“Good luck! I call being godfather!” Luke snickered.
“No! I get to be godfather!” Ashton protested.

Michael hung up the phone and held my hand as we went outside and got in the car to find out the sex of our very first baby.


So apparently from the official character differentiation guide, winking is supposed to be Todomatsu’s thing, much like Osomatsu’s signature nose rub.

Only…. not really? I was surprised to hear that because I’ve always thought of it as one of Karamatsu’s quirks. Upon investigation, yeah, Karamatsu does it about as much as his youngest brother. (I left out some examples. Got tired after 24.) Now, Karamatsu’s known for being a copycat, but… here’s the thing:

I found an equally comparable number of instances of Osomatsu winking too. Granted, Karamatsu’s winks are almost always full-lidded, rather than the less-noticeable pupil winks that the oldest and youngest are seen doing. And Karamatsu would probably have even more wink-art if he didn’t have his shades pushed up so often.

Kinda makes me wonder if they just ran out of ideas for Totty or if they just sorta… forgot. Or maybe both his oldest brothers are copying him to try to be trendy and cute too. Who knows. The point is, the tater-tot’s winking isn’t that special.

Interesting that the guide also mentions finger pistols, since they other brothers - again often Karamatsu - tend to do that. I know identical brothers are going to have some overlap traits by default, but it just seems silly to list these things in a “differentiation” guide when they don’t really help you differentiate. ;)

I apologize for that last image. The opportunity was too good to resist.