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Anthony trujillo imagine

“Hey your messeging wasnt working, but i was wondering if you could write an imagine of Anthony trujillo using 2, 27, 42, 47, 174 where the reader and him are super flirty and everybody in team 10 knows it, but chance is the only one that actually knows Anthony’s feeling for her”
2. “Stop winking”
27. “Oh its on”
42. “Why so flirty all of a sudden?”
47. “I touched the butt….”
174. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
You had just woken up and had already got yourself ready to meet tessa and erika for a run

Making sure you closed and locked yojr front door you grabed yoir things

Making your way to your jeep you made sure you had everything as you placed your bag in your car

The girls had invited you over for a sleepover tonight

Considering you were practically apart of team 10 everyone was excited to have you over

After a 30 minute drive you had made your car fit near the sidewalk to the house

Makong sure you locked your door you made your way to the door

After knocking a few times because the doorbell was broken somone opened it

“Hey!” A voice said as you looked away from your phone to see Anthony

You had a massive crush on Anthony for the longest time and flirting happened a lot between you both

“hey tony!” You said going to walk in

Your walk was stopped when you felt something make contact with your ass

Gasping you turned around to Anthony

“I touched the butt….” he said shocked at himself and then smirked and winked

Looking at him you glared and then turned around to face the others who were smirking or grinning

Shrugging you made your way into the kitchen where erika and tessa were

“Damn its hot in here!” Anthony yelled as he made his way into the kitchen flapping his shirt

“Then take your shirt off” you said without even thinking

Seeing his shcoked expression you decided to have a bit of fun

“What?!” He asked

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.” You stated smirking at him

He grinned and took his shirt off and while doing so he flexed

You had never seen him without a top before and he was looking mighty fine

He took a step towards you untill he wrapped his arm’s around your waist

“Like what you see babe?” He asked and then winked

You rolled your eye’s

“Stop winking” you said to him as you made it so you were sitting on the bench and away from him

He sighed and made his way over to you again and spread ypur legs so he was now in between them

“You know you love it y/n” tessa said as the other’s made their way in

“Yeah we all know you with he could fuck you all day long” jake said making you groan and blush

You moved your head so it was now hiding in Anthony’s neck where you wrapped your arms around his neck

He soon wrapped his arms around your waist and placed his chin on top of your head

“Leave her alone guy’s. At least she can get laod when she wants. She’s just gotta ask” Anthony said causing you to blush more and push him away

“Let’s go girl’s.” You said beginning to walk to the door

“We wanna come!” You heard chad say and soon they were all pushing infront of you and out the door

“Who’s going in who’s car?” You asked when you saw them arguing

“Were all set. Anthony is the onky one left so he will have to go in yours” jake said as he backed out in his jeep as the other’s followed

You sighed and ipened your jeep door

“Come on then hot shot” you said smiling at Anthony as you got in

“Coming!” He said like a little girl as he got in the car

You shook ypur head and backed out and made your way following the other’s

——-skip ride——–
You had just parked when a voice caught your attention as you got out

“Yeah he likes her. Maybe even loves her” you heard chance say

“So why hasnt he asked her out yet? Tessas voice says

"He’s not sure how to express it to her” jake says joing in

You were soon cut off by Anthony as he placed a hand on your lower back

“You alright?” He asked

You nodded and moved away from him

“Last one to the group has to buy the other lunch!” You yelled already running

“Oh its on!” You heard Anthony yell as You heard him racing after you

You were nearly there when you felt arms wrap around you and lift you up spinning you around

He placed you down facing the other way and raced to the other’s beating you

“That’s not fair! You cheated!” You yelled as you made you way to him

He grinned at you and winked causing you to frown

His smile soon vanished seeing you upset as his arms found their way around your waist again

“I suppose i could buy lunch then” he said as he smiled at you causing you to blush

Nodding you then ran up to erika and tessa and began making your way infront of the boy’s walking up the hill

About 12 minutes into the walk your conversation with the girl’s stipped when you heard the boy’s whisper

“Why not just ask her out?!” Jake whispered

“Because!” Anthony said quietly

“Because what bro?!” Chad asked in a whisper

“Im not sure if she likes me like i fucking like her okay!” Anthony said a bit too loud

You sighed and continue talking with the girl’s

“You like him right?” Erika asked

You sighed a nodded

“I knew it!” Tessa says

“Why are you so sad then?” Erika asks

“Because i want him to ask me out you know….” you said softly

You could see the girl’s exchange knowing looks and sighed

“Nice ass babe!” Anthony yelled to you as you started jogging

“Thanks!” You yelled back

You had finnaly made it to the top of the hill and smiled when you saw the view

Sitting down you swung your legs over the side and smiled

“You know apherodite ain’t got nothing on your beauty!” You heard Anthony say as he sat down next to you

Looking yo him you saw his top was off

“Why so flirty all of a sudden?” You asked softly laughing

“What? Me flirting? Haha” he said blushing

“Were gonna take some photos and i wanted to know if you wanted to get one with me?” He asked scratching the back of his neck

“Of course babe!” You said smiling

“Great!” He said as he got up and then helped you up but he didn’t let your hand go

Infact he interwined your fingers together and squeezed

He sighed when you squeezed his hand back

“Let’s do this” kade said as he held his camera

“Y/n why don’t you go on Anthony’s shoulders” kade said as he smiled at you both

You looked at Anthony for confirmation to wich he nodded and bent down allowing you to go on his shoulders

You grabbed his hair feeling him raise up

“Ouch” he said causing you to blush

“Im so sorry!” You said as you felt him laugh

“It’s alright babe. Hold my hand’s and smile. I wont let anything happen to you” he said

You smiled and grabbed his hands and smiled at the camera

After a few more photos with the other’s you made you way back to the cars

“You alright babe?” Anthony asked you

“Yeah just a bit tired” you said softly smiling at him

“I know you dont let people drive ypur car but maybey i should drive back yeah?” He asked

You nodded and handed him the keys to which he smiled at you

You had just made it back to the team 10 house and you were now in the kitchen while the other’s were upstairs getting a movie ready

“Hey..” you heard Anthony’s voice as you grabbed snacks and drinks

“Hey!” You said as you turned to the next cubourd

“Can i talk to you?…” he asked sounding nervous

You dripped wjat you were doing and grabbed a stool and sit down so you were faceing him on the other stool

“What’s wrong?” You asked softly

“Nothings wrong it’s just. I dont know how to say this but i like you….” he said softly

“You don’t have to say anything…i knew you wouldn’t have liked me anyway…” he said as he got up and began making his way back up stairs

You grabbed his hand and pulled him back so he was looking at you

“I like you too you dork” you said softly and smiled at him

“You do?! Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked

You smiled and nodded causing him to smile and hug you

“Can i kiss you?” He asked placing his hand on your cheek

“Yes” you said and soon his lips were attached to yours in a soft and passionate kiss

As you pulled away you heard the other’s cheering and looked at Anthony who just smiled and kissed you again.

Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 8

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As you walked alone, you came to the conclusion that John was overreacting. He just didn’t understand how things worked three hundred years later. This could have been the only explanation.

But why did he have to call you stupid?

You looked around for the store that Alexander disappeared into. You finally came across the place, seeing a crowd inside. Sighing, you walked through.

Could these men stop creating crowds wherever they went?

There was a group of book lovers sitting in the lounge area? They were gathered around the man in the middle, his hair a mess. You sat in the back, listening to Alex read the poetry.

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Moments. Chapter 4: Bait

Idea explained here

You can read all the parts here


“Hey 😊 I have a prompt that I would really like to see written by you; of course you have to decide if you want to put it in your multichapter fic or as a oneshot or if you don’t want to write it at all… we’ll the prompt is “the balloon squad reaction when they find out that Yousef and Sana are dating”.

“Hi, first I wanna say I love your writing… to the point I wake up and check if you’ve posted anything EVERYDAY. I have a prompt request if you’re still taking them… Yousef and Sana have been dating but aren’t ready to tell the ballon squad yet (Elias obviously knows cos captain) but the boys have known from day one and decide to have a little fun by hitting on Sana/baiting Yousana etc etc.. basically balloon squad + Sana banter.. Would love to see you write this… thank you xxxx”

Chapter 4: Bait

“Am I late?” Yousef asked as he approached his friends.

They were on the backyard of the Bakkoush’s –not like they were hanging out at any other place ever- when Yousef arrived. Normally, Yousef was the first one there but that day Mikael, Mutta and Adam were already there, talking to Elias, a conversation that stopped as soon as they saw Yousef, not that he thought about it much.

“No, you’re in time. They were early” Elias explained

“That’s new” Yousef teased his friends “They’re always late”

“Ha ha” Mikael said sarcastically.

“Hey Elias” Adam said suddenly “How is Sana doing these days?”

Yousef’s head snapped at Sana’s name being mentioned. It’s not like the boys didn’t care about Sana but Adam asking about her suddenly seemed strange.

“She’s alright. She’s being through a few rough weeks but she seems to be doing fine now. I guess it had something to do with her friends” Elias said

“I’m glad to hear that, I wouldn’t want her to be sad” Adam said smiling

“Oh I know you wouldn’t” Elias said winking at him knowingly

Yousef frowned and looked back and forth between his friends, trying to understand what was going on. He then looked at Mikael and Mutta to see if they were as confused as he was but they seemed pretty relaxed so he just assumed that he was imagining things. He tried to act as cool as he could, at the end of the day no one was supposed to know that he and Sana were together and getting nervous every time her name was mentioned wasn’t a good way to keep it a secret.

“So…where is she now?” Adam insisted

“She’s in her room, I think” Elias said

“Why don’t you ask her to join us?”

Okay, now that wasn’t his imagination, Yousef thought. Adam seemed really interested on Sana that day.

“I mean…so she doesn’t stay in her room the whole day” Adam said acting clearly nervous“You know…I just…”

“I get it Adam, relax bro” Elias said chuckling

“Yeah…” Adam said with a shy smile “You guys wouldn’t mind right?”

“No, of course not. Anything for you…I mean for her” Mutta said

“Yeah Elias ask her to come” Mikael said supporting the idea

Yousef kept getting more and more confused at the whole conversation. It seemed like all of them knew something that he didn’t, something that involved Adam.

“Yousef?” Elias asked “What do you say?”

“Um, yeah, sure!”


She wasn’t studying, let’s be honest. She was just messing around with her laptop, watching youtube videos, looking at facebook, things like that. She was actually feeling kind of boring when her phone beeped. At first she thought that maybe it would be the girls but then she remembered that they were all studying for a test they had the following day. She picked up her phone from the bed and looked at the texts

Immediately she opened her conversation with a certain boy that was now standing in her backyard.


“Hey boys” Sana said approaching them in the backyard “Elias said I could join us, I hope it’s okay”

“Of course it is!” Adam said way too excited making Yousef squint at him

“It’s okay Sana, we’ll love you to join us” Mikael said

“Yes, the more the merrier” Mutta added

“Thanks guys” Sana said smiling

“By the way Sana, you look really beautiful today” Adam said scratching the back of his neck

Sana widened her eyes at the comment. She didn’t know how to react. She looked at Yousef and saw him frowning, his mouth slightly opened. Then she looked at Elias waiting for some kind of reaction from him but he just looked relaxed. She finally turned to Adam kind of blushing.

“Oh…th-thanks, Adam” she stuttered

“Just stating the truth” he shrugged.

Sana smiled at him kind of uncomfortable about the situation.

“So, what is the plan?” she asked Elias trying to change the subject

“Well we can either stay here or go for a walk”

“I vote for staying here” Adam said

“I rather go out to be honest” Mikael expressed

“Yeah, I think I agree with Mikael, I’m tired of being here” Sana agreed

“You know what? You’re right, let’s go then” Adam changed his mind and smiled at Sana

“Okay…” she said “shall we go then?”

“After you” he said

Sana started to walk and was quickly followed by Adam who stood by her side. As soon as Yousef saw this he made his way to them but was stopped before he could reach them by Elias.

“Hey, Yousef, walk with me bro” Elias said

“What are you doing?” Yousef asked him

“Nothing” he said shrugging

Yousef looked at his friend trying to find out why he was acting that weird but was soon distracted by Sana’s laugh. He looked forward and saw Sana and Adam walking side by side, he was telling her something and she was laughing about it.

Are you seriously not going to say anything about that?” Yousef asked Elias pointing at Sana and Adam

“About what?”

“You told me to stop flirting with your sister when I was only teaching her how to peel a carrot and now Adam is obviously flirting with her and you’re cool with it?”

What? Where is this coming from?” Elias asked

“You really don’t see it? Look at them.” Yousef said “He even called her beautiful!”

“And you don’t think my sister is beautiful?”

“No, I do, I mean I don’t, I mean I do…I mean…that’s not the point…he’s…and she’s…and they…”

“Yousef, breathe” Elias chuckled

“Why are you so cool about this?” Yousef said frowning at him

“Adam’s a good guy, he’s my friend and I want the best for my sister. What’s best than my friend?” Elias said shrugging “Besides, she’s single and she can decide who she wants to date”

“Date? They’re not dating, they’re not going to date each other” Yousef said

“How are you so sure?” Elias asked raising an eyebrow

“Because…I just am”

“You’re really weird today Yousef” Elias said laughing “But don’t worry. I know you love Sana like a sister but I think she can take care of herself”

“Uh, yeah, sure…yeah.” Yousef said looking at the floor

Again, Sana’s laugh caught his attention. It was just him or they were staying a little bit closer to each other than before?

“You know what, you’re right. I’m just…I’m going to tell Adam something I just remembered, be right back” Yousef told Elias not even looking at him

He walked over to where Sana and Adam were walking and stood between them pushing Adam to his side while putting his arm around his shoulder.

“Hey guys, seems like you two are having fun here” Yousef said faking a smile

“Yeah, Sana is so funny” Adam said

Indeed she is” he said looking at Sana who was biting her lip amused by Yousef’s behavior.

He then looked at Adam.

“You know who else is funny? Eva. Weren’t you into her Adam? You really liked her, didn’t you?”

“Uh, yeah I did but I don’t anymore. I have someone else in my mind now, I’m looking for something more serious” Adam said looking passed Yousef and straight at Sana.

“Great” Yousef said bitterly. “You know what? I think Mutta was asking about you, you should go see what he wants”

“Mutta?” Adam asked “Why is he asking about me?”

“I told you, you should go see what he wants” Yousef said


“Just go”

Yousef pushed Adam a little forcing him to go behind them where Mutta, Mikael and Elias were talking. As soon as Adam left, Yousef started to walk a little faster indicating Sana with his head to follow him so they would be far enough from the boys so they wouldn’t hear them

Okay, what was that?” Yousef asked

“What was what?” Sana said confused

“He was flirting with you”

“No, he wasn’t”

“Sana, she called you beautiful”

“And you don’t think I’m beautiful?”

“Argh, not that question again. Yes, I think you’re beautiful but I don’t like when my friend calls my girlfriend that in front of me” he said

Sana smiled to herself, his girlfriend, it sounded so nice from his lips.

“He was just being polite” Sana said shrugging

Yousef stopped dramatically and glared at her

“Okay, maybe he was flirting but it’s Adam, he flirts with everyone”

“I don’t like it” Yousef said starting to walk again

“Oh, don’t be jealous”

“I’m not”

Now it was Sana the one that glared at him

“Okay, maybe I am”

“Well, you better act like you’re not or we’re going to get caught”

“Fine” Yousef said crossing his arms on his chest

“Just for a little bit longer, please”

“Of course” he said nodding and smiling at her

Yo, Yousef!” Adam yelled approaching him “Mutta wasn’t calling me”

“Oh, maybe I heard wrong, my bad”  Yousef said trying not to smile. “I’ll leave you two, then”

“So, we’re back here” Sana said as they came back from the walk an hour and half later “I think I’m going to my bedroom now”

“You can stay if you want” Adam said with a smile

“Yeah, thanks but I have things to do” she said forcing a smile

“Okay, it’s fine, let’s do this again sometime!!” he said

Sana nodded slightly and left, not without sharing a last look with Yousef who rolled his eyes at her.


“Hey again guys” Sana said entering the living room where the boys were

“Hi Sana! You decided to join us again!” Adam said grinning.

“Yeah, I…we need to tell you something” Sana said looking at Yousef

“We? Who’s we?” Elias asked

“Me and her” Yousef said walking to Sana and standing by her side

“Okay so…I don’t know how you’re going to react but…” she looked at Yousef waiting for him to continue

“Oh…yeah, well this might come as a shock for you but…um…”

“Ugh, is it so difficult to tell us that you’re together?” Elias asked

“What?” both Sana and Yousef said at the same time.

Elias, Adam, Mikael and Mutta burst out laughing. Sana and Yousef kept looking at them taken aback from their reaction.

“What is going on?” Sana asked kind of pissed

“You really thought we didn’t know?” Elias said “Come on guys, you’re way to obvious”

“You knew?” Yousef asked “But then why…Adam you…”

“It was all a bait to see how long you were going to last without telling us” Adam explained

“You should’ve seen your face when he called Sana beautiful Yousef” Mikael said laughing

“What about when he said I was calling Adam to keep him away from her?” Mutta said

“This is unbelievable” Yousef said shaking her head

“Oh come on bro, you’ve lasted more than we thought, congrats on that”

“I told you he didn’t like me!” Sana told Yousef “And you kept getting jealous”

“Uh, I’m sorry Sana but you’re not one to talk, you were freaking out every time I talked to you” Adam chuckled

“Oh, were you?” Yousef asked Sana with a smug smile

“Shut up” Sana said rolling her eyes “That was really mean guys”

“It was really funny” Elias said “How long were you actually planning on keeping with this secret relationship?”

“Longer than this…” Sana whispered

“Well, I’m sorry to break it to you but you two suck at pretending.”

“Do you think mom and dad…?” she started asking

“I don’t know but I think you should tell them before they find out on their own”

Sana nodded and sighed.

“I guess they’re next” she said looking at Yousef who nodded in reassurance.


This is it!

Hope you’ve liked it

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Hi! Do you think you could do a second part to where the reader is a new recruit?? Like my heart can't take it !! Thanks cutie💖

((A/N - well thank YOU, cutie.))

“That was intense.”

You were currently sprawled out on the floor in the training room, waiting for the rest of the recruits to leave before you attempted to stand up. You nodded, your response muffled from your head being buried in a towel that was trying to soak up all of your sweat. Your legs were jelly and your arms burned. You had no energy to speak, let alone trying to get back to your room. Your friend whipped the towel off, your eyes squinting trying to adjust to the light.


You opened your mouth, your friend dribbling in water from their bottle. You choked slightly, trying not to laugh at your situation.

“Get up, (Y/N).”

You held your hand up, it being gripped by Gabriel for him to hoist you up. Your legs failed you, and you would have fallen back onto the lino covered floor had he not caught you in his arms. Your cheeks tinged pink as you felt the vibrations of his chuckle from his toned chest. Sweat was leaking through his tight fitting vest top, only imagining what it looked like underneath.

“You seem a bit.. broken.”

You glared up at your commander.

“Absolutely not, it was just-”

You rolled your eyes, regaining your balance. You steadied yourself by placing a hand against his now folded arms, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear.

“Take them back to their room, please. I don’t think they can walk without support.” Gabriel chuckled to your friend.

They hooked an arm around your waist, your arm being flung over their shoulder.

“Same time tomorrow, cariño.” He winked at you.

You frowned at the pet name. What did it mean?

The walk back to your shared room was a struggle. You flumped yourself onto your bed as soon as you could, your entire body screaming with pain.

“He so likes you.”
“Not allowed favouritism.”
“And? I’d kill to be called Spanish pet names.”
“What about Jack?”
“What about him?”

You turned to face your friend, lying on your side and head propped up with your hand, a shit-eating grin spreading across your face.

“Does he not sweeten you up with pet names?”
Honey, he doesn’t need to. I have him right where I want him.”

Your eyebrows raised, smile spreading. A knock on the door brought you from your conversation. You leant over to check the time on your phone while your friend opened the door.

“Is (Y/N) here?”
“Where else would they be, sir?” Amusement laced their voice, giving you time to sit up on the bed to try and see who it was. The door widened and you tried to stand when you saw the swish of royal blue.

“Sir. I-”
“Please sit, (Y/N). Gabriel told me about your training session and was a tad concerned. Do you need to see Angela?”
“No, thank you, Strike-Commander Morrison. I’m not used to the training but it will come in due course.”
Jack nodded, his baby-blues flitting over to your friend. A smile twitched on his lips and the rosiness on his cheeks became more defined.

“Very well. That is all.”

He gracefully left your shared room, your friend quietly clicking the door closed.

“He only came here to see you.” You raised an eyebrow.
“I know. He gave me a note.”
“A note? Let me see.”
Absolutely not.”

You pursed your lips your hands behind you leaning on the bed, closely watching their face as they read the note.

“Oh.. my God.”

You leant forwards and made grabby hands towards them. Their eyes widened, the back of their hand dramatically coming up to their forehead.

“He wants.. to.. meet for lunch.”

You burst out into laughter.

“I thought it would have been a love letter or a poem. Is that all it says?”
They handed you the note and your eyes skimmed over the scrawl.

Tomorrow. 1300. Café on Broad Street. J x

“Wow. Blunt.”

You handed the note back, throwing your legs up onto the bed and throwing your arm over your eyes.

“He’s romantic.”
“Tch. Whatever you say, love. Wake me up before dinner?”
“Yeah alright, lazy.”

You were shaken awake by hands on your shoulders, eyes snapping open.

“You weren’t waking up.”
“Well I’m awake now.”
“Gabriel wants you.”
“That’s a bit forward.”
“He’s at the door, idiot.”

You scrambled to sit up, combing your fingers through your hair in a vain attempt to look presentable. You managed to stumble over to the door, hanging on the handle so your overworked legs wouldn’t collapse. You took in a deep breath and pulled the door open.

He was leaning on the frame, arms folded and inspecting his fingernails. He was still wearing that damn fitted tank top, clinging to his chiselled chest. Sweat glistened on his defined arms and his dark locks hidden by the woollen beanie.

“Ah. (Y/N).” He lifted his head, eyes narrowed and a smirk dancing across his lips.
“Sir.” You nodded.
“I have a proposition.”

Your brows furrowed, pulling the door to slightly so your friend wouldn’t overhear.

“How would you feel about joining Blackwatch?”

You physically faultered, shock clearly expressed on your face. He chuckled.

“Why- er. Why me?”
“I need someone on my team and I think you would fit nicely. Hardworking. Always pushing yourself to your limits.”

His gazed intensely at you, unrelenting.

“I erm-”
“Think about it. In the meantime, clean up. You’re joining me in my office at 1900 hours.”
“But that’s when din-”
“Dinner starts? Yeah. I know.”

He winked and confidently turned back down the hall towards the main area of the building. You let out a breath you hadn’t realised you’d been holding.

Dinner. With Gabriel. The commander of Blackwatch. Not wanting to one-up your friend, you told them you weren’t feeling well and went to go have a shower. You hoped the scalding water would clear the mist from your thoughts and relieve the aches in your over-used muscles. Once washed, you span the knob round to shut off the water and grabbed a fluffy towel. Patting your face dry you caught your eyes in the mirror. There was a sparkle there you has never noticed before, the corners of your lips turned up in a slight smile.

“(Y/N), I’m heading out to the hall. Do you want anything?”
“No thanks. See you later!”

When you heard the apartment room door close behind your friend, you set out about finding something reasonable to wear. You couldn’t go wrong with black jeans and a ‘nice top’. You span your body in the mirror, deeming your outfit presentable enough. Looking at your watch, you still had five minutes to make it to Gabriel’s office.

You checked both ways down the hallway to make sure it was clear before shutting the door behind you. It clicked shut, the noise echoing. You half jogged towards the offices, trying to untangle your hair with your fingers. You caught your reflection in a passing window, slightly surprised by how decent you actually looked.

You rapped your knuckles on the door to the commander’s office, taming your heavy breathing and pulling down the hem of your top.

“Come in.”

You pushed the door open, not entering when you saw two other figures standing in front of Gabe’s desk.

“There’s a draft. Please close the door.”

You stepped in and gingerly shut it, standing hesitantly by the door. Your hands held the other, fingers fidgeting, worried you’d walked into something you shouldn’t have.

“(Y/N). This is Jesse-” he nodded to the figure on your left. “And this is Genji.” He motioned towards the other. The two turned around, acknowledging you with a nod before turning back to face Gabriel.

“Come forward.”

Your feet moved of their own accord, reluctantly shuffling across the carpet until you were inbetween the two people infront of Gabriel’s desk.

“You lot are my elite team. Look after each other.”

You frowned. You hadn’t accept his proposition. The two nodded scarily in sync, before the one on the left piped up.

“Ain’t they a bit young?”
“No. They are perfectly skilled. Not that you could talk anyway, McCree. How old are you again?”

The last sentence was spoken with patronising malice from the man in front of you.

“You two are dismissed. (Y/N), stay.”

Your hands came up to hug the opposite elbow, your fingers twitching nervously. You heard shuffles of feet before a click- and then silence. Gabriel gestured for you to sit in the chair opposite him.

“Thank you for accepting.”
“I haven’t-”
“You came along when I said to. You listened to my orders.
"Yeah, because what I thought was free food has now turned into me somehow joining the black ops division of Overwatch.”
“You haven’t said no.”

Gabriel leaned forwards in his chair, hands clasped together and resting on desk. Your mouth opened, and then closed. He was right; you hadn’t said no.

“I want you close, (Y/N). You have potential and with a bit of sculpting you’ll be more than ready to become a fully-fledged Blackwatch agent. We need someone like you on our team. I need you.”

You adjusted your position in the chair at his words. Did he just admit that he liked you?

“I’ll get your uniform set up and ready for training in next week. In the mean time, keep quiet about it until we can announce it properly.”

You nodded.

“Use your words, cariño.”
“Yes, sir.”

A smirk appeared on his lips. He opened his mouth to retaliate before there was a knock on the door and it opened wide. Two silver trays covered with domes were carried by one of the kitchen staff and gently placed down on Gabriel’s desk. He nodded in thanks and waited until the porter had left and shut the door before talking.

“I look after my agents, (Y/N). I’d be surprised if you still wanted to stay as an Overwatch agent after this.”

He removed the dome on the tray closest to you to reveal a plate with a mouth-watering steak, juicy steamed vegetables and the softest mashed potato you had ever seen. You looked up at him, eyes narrowed. He wasn’t exactly being subtle with his bribes. You reached your hand towards the tray, only for him to brind the lid down suddenly and for you to retreat.

“You’ll join?”

Your eyes met his cinnamon gaze.

“I would be surprised if I stayed as an Overwatch agent after this.”

His chuckled rumbled throughout the room as he pushed the tray of food towards you.

This should be very interesting.

"I like you. A lot" - jake paul imagine

Requested - “hey love! Love your writing!  Could you do a jake paul imagine for me with prompts 2, 9, 10, 42 & 48 please and thank you!!!!”

2. “Stop winking”
9. “Your hair is so soft”
10. “Sorry. I just go lost in your eye’s”
42. “Why so flirty all of a sudden?”
48. “It’s too cold. Come back!”
You had been apart of the team 10 for about 10 month’s now but you had been frinds with tessa and erika for about all your life and you had meet the others about a year ago

You had always had a crush on jake ever since you met him but you could tell he was a fuckboy and so you kept your distance

Today you had plans to stay in and watch movies all day with the others while jake was out with the most of the boy’s

As you woke up to yelling of everyone yelling out jakes name you groaned as jake had yet pulled a prank on them

The funny thing was when pranks were pulled by him jake never one pulled one on you

As you began to fall back to sleep your door slammed open and in ran jake as he jumped on you

“Save me!” He yelled as he slipped under the sheet and pulled you on top of him

A secon later tessa and erika along with the Emilio and ivan, chance and Anthony all with flour all over them and angry faces

But that soon changed when they saw you on top of jake falling in and out of sleep

“Why did you wake her up? She’s still clearly tired” tessa said as she hugged chance

“Its alright” you said as you sat up on jake with your legs either side of his waist as you stretched and yawned

As you went to get up jake pulled you back down and rolled on top of you

“Its too cold. Come back!” He whined as he layed on top of you as you went to push him off eventually succeeding

As you walked out and headed downstairs with tessa and erika you could hear the boy’s

“You’ve got it bad mate” you heard chance say and then a bunch of laughs as you walked into the kitchen and began looking for food

As you raised up on your tippy toes to reach a bowel you felt a hand on your ass and gasped dropping a bowl wich was soon caught

Looking to your left you looked at jake as he handed you the bowel and winked

Grabbing it you frowned and began finding cereal to eat

As you bent down you felt another slap to your ass and groaned as you shot up and looked at the suspect.

Jake paul.

And once again he winked and you could hear the other’s laugh as they made their way out of the kitchen and upstairs leaving just you and jake who yet again winked

“Stop winking” you said softly as you sat down to eat

Jake laughed

“ Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile."jake said aftwr a moment of silence

You choked on your cereal and looked at him with shock causing him to grin a cute grin

"Why so flirty all of a sudden?” You asked with a raised eyebrow

He shrugged and watched you finish your cereal

You looked at him and smiled

“What?” You asked him but he still stareed at you

“JAKE!” you yelled snapping him out of his trance

“Sorry. I just go lost in your eye’s” he said as you finished your last spoon of cereal

You blushed causing him him to smile a soft smile and get up and walk around untill he was standing behind you

He placeed his hands eaither side of you and leaned down untill his head was on your shoulder

“Your going to miss your interview thing or whatever” you said as you got up and placed your bowl in the sink

“We not doing anything because of the weather” he said as he leant against the bench as you leant against the wall

You just looked at each other for a little bit before you yawned

“Lets go to bed” jake said softly as he yawned and walked towards your lazily walking figure

He stopped you and walked in front of you getting you to jusmp into his arms and wrap your legs and arms around him as his arms went to your ass

You were too tired and comfortable to realize that you walked in to the rest of them either snuggled up with somone or a pillow as they talked quietly

You smiled and snuggled more into jake as he carried you to a beanbag and sat himself down with you Still in his arms so you now layed on him

“Your both so cute together” you heard erika say and then a chior of yes’s causing you to blish and burry your head into jakes chest

“Let’s begin the movie.” Jake said

And soon you heard the movie start and soon rain started hitting the tin roof

About 20 minutes into the movie you felt one of hakes arms wrap around your waist and his spare hand begin to play with your hair

You looked up slightly so you were eye level with jake

“Your hair is so soft” jake whispered as his hand came to relax against your cheek

You smiled and nuzzled into his warm hand causing him to sigh

Looking at him you frowned at him and gave him a questioning look

“Whats wrong?” You whispered

“Nothing.” He said as his gaze fell away from you and to the movie

Sighing you stood up and geld your hand out to him as a sign for him to take it wich he soon did and you both walked out the door and into his room

The boy’s had told you a few moments ago in a grouptext you had with them that jake had liked you for a while and that was why he hadn’t had a girl in so long, he just didn’t know how to tell you.

“Whats wrong jake?” You asked softly as you rubbed your eye’s and sat on his bed

Jake stood leaning against his door way and sighed as he walked in and closed the door

He came and sat a little away from your on his bed and placed his arms on his knees so he was in a slouched position

“You can tell me you know. Anything. And i will keep it and respect it” you said softly as you crossed your legs and positiond yourself on the floor in front of him

He looked at you and gave a little smileas he began to laugh

“So i should just come out and say it then?” He said more to himself

He sighed and looked at you and slid down so he was now on the floor infront of you and looked at you

Grabbing your hands in his he sighed

“I like you. A lot. I have for quite a while. If you dont want to be my friend even, after knowing this thats fine i just thought that i should sa-”

You cut him off by grabbing his face in your hands amd kissing him

Tearing apart a few seconds later your blushed and looked down

Feeling a finger under your chin you were soon looking back into jakes eyes as he pulled you into another kiss

“Be smine?” He asked after taking a breath

“Yes” you said as you smiled and kissed him again before being tackled to the ground by none other than tessa and erika

“Yasssss! Finally!!” You hear from the boys as they cheered and pushed jake around

He looked at you and smiled seeing you caught up in conversation with the girl’s

“Alright, alright go finish your movie y/n and i need sleep” jake said as he moved the girls aside and pulled you up gently into his arms where he wrapped them securly around you

“Yeah right. Sleeping” Anthony said winking at you both

“Make sure you use protection” chance and tessa said at the same time

“Don’t be too loud!” Erika said laughing

“Get out!” Jake said causing them all to laugh and get out closing tbe door behind them

Jake sighed as he let you go and walked over to his bed where he pulled his top off and his track pants and then the sheets back and got in

He sat there and looked at you

“Want to borrow a top?” He asled scratching the back of his neck

A habit he did when he was nervous or if he did something wrong

You nodded causing him to softly smile at you and get up grabbing a top of his wich you loved

You yawned and lazily took the top as he turned around you quickly put it on

“Done” you said and yawned straight after

Turning around he smiled at your limp and tired figure and picked you up like before and walked over to his bed placing you down gently on it

Walking to the light switch he turend it off and went to the curtains

As he was about to close them uou sat up

“Leave tjem open please!” You squeked

He looked at you with his brows furrowed and a confised look

“I like to listen and watch the lighting while falling asleep. It calms me” you explained quietly

Jake nodded and walked back over and got under the sheets and layed Down with his back towards you

You smiled and began tracing his back with your fingers feeling him relax under your touch

You did this for a few minutes while listening to the rain and thunder outside

Yawning you stopped your fingers dancing across his skin and rubbed your eye’s

As you opened them again you came face to face with jake who gave you a soft smile

“Hey” he whispered to you as he wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you into him

“Let’s go to sleep” he said as he began softly tugging your hair running his fingers through the softness

“Goodnight jake” you whispered and kissed his chest as you clossed your eyes and began to fall asleep

“Goodnight love” and with a kiss to your head you both feel asleep to the sound of rain and thunder.

Beach [Part 1]

Description: You see your old crush after four years again and realize that he changed into a total fratboy - yet, he is the only one you can openly talk to and before you can realize, you rediscover lingering feelings for him.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance, University AU

Who: BTS, Taehyung x Reader , 

Word count: 2,5K

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

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Win You Over (Hamilton x Reader)

Words: 1+

Request:  Request for Alexander Hamilton x Reader inspired by the song Roses by The Chainsmokers ? SONG

A/N: I kind of trailed away from the song a little (im sorry) but the basic premise is that they want to win over the person they like and keeping them to themselves It got way too fluffy and adorable and i loved writing this

Hamilton was convinced he could win you over.

You expressed dismay every time he spoke loudly in front of Congress, debating with Jefferson. You were one of Madison’s assistants, and from Madison’s descriptions of the man, you disliked him as well. It was a constant yelling fight between Jefferson and Hamilton, and you wished every day that it was over.

After one of the debates, Hamilton walked over to you, smiling, “How’d you like my arguments?” You frowned at him.

“Well, since I lost hearing in one of my ears, doesn’t seem like it was the best.” Yes, your ears were ringing, and yes, you felt a headache coming on. You had to admit, his points were logical and much more realistic than Jefferson’s.

But you weren’t going to tell him that.

He leaned on your desk, his hands placed on either side of yours. “I know you don’t hate me. You like me, admit it.” You rolled your eyes.

“That would be the day, Hamilton.”

And that’s how your relationship was with him. He always walked over to your desk, telling you how amazing and intellectual you were and how much you two were alike. He was consistent, strolling to your desk every day at seven in the morning with coffee. You wondered how he knew how you preferred your beverage, but he just shrugged his shoulders, skipping away to bother someone else. Eventually, after weeks of this, you finally put down your quill, looking up at him.

“If we go out once, would you stop bothering me every day?” You asked, and a smile almost broke his face. He nodded quickly.

“I’ll pick you up tonight. Please wear your most replaceable clothing.” Before you could question him why, he again slipped away, seeing the questions in your eyes. That night, you wore your most disposable clothes.

He brought you two to a lake. You looked at him like he was insane, but he just grinned at you, jumping into the lake at full speed. You couldn’t help but laugh at him, and he smiled at you back, gesturing you to the water.

“No way. Nope, I’m not going in there.” He sighed.

“Y/N, have you ever did something that didn’t follow the rules? You’ve been stuck next to that stuffy Madison and Jefferson. Have some fun in your life for once? Just let go.” He dived under the water, leaving you to think.

He was right. You always followed the rules, always stuck to what your mentors taught you was right and proper. You looked at the dark water in front of you. Closing your eyes, you walked in. You felt arms wrap around your waist, pulling you under. You gasped as the cold hit you, and you heard him laughing in the background. You glared at him, and he was all smiles.

“You can’t just go halfway, Y/N. If you make the plunge, you have to give it all you’ve got.” You snorted at his inspirational phrase. He swam around you. Luckily, it was the middle of summer, so you two weren’t going to freeze to death. The water was still cool, but it was bearable after a few minutes.

You two laughed and joked around in the water. Hamilton didn’t seem as bad as they said: He was kind, funny, and he talked more than anyone else you knew (that part was actually true). When you guys walked out of the water, Hamilton’s hair was sticking to his face. He shook his head quickly, and you yelled at him for getting it on you, a huge grin on your face. He laughed, pushing his hair away from his face.

“You know, now that I’m thinking about it, whose lake is this?” You asked, looking out past the river. You saw a house in the distance, luckily, there wasn’t a source of light that you could spot. This place seemed familiar, but you just couldn’t put your finger on it.

“James Madison.” He whispered, and you gasped.

“Madison? My boss, Madison?” He nodded, giving you a wryly smile. You quickly squeezed the water out of your clothes, glaring at Hamilton. “You idiot, we have to get out of here before his guards come.” Hamilton laughed, waving a hand at you.

“It’s fine, I checked already, there’s no one h-“

“Hey! What do you two think you’re doing?” You both turned to the voice, you instantly recognizing one of James’s guards. You gave Hamilton a look, before turning back. The man eyes widened once he saw your face. “Y/N?” You smiled sheepishly. “You know, I would let you go, but you aren’t alone. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, just take us to Madison.” You grumbled. Of course, you weren’t going to put up a fight since he does know who you are. You two followed the guard back to Madison’s home. Hamilton was whispering ways that you two could run, but you ignored him. For sure the guard would tell Madison you were there, and there’s no way you could get out of it.

“I say we kill him.” Hamilton mumbled in your ear. You pushed him away. He must be joking.


You three made it to Madison’s home. James was still dressed in his outerwear, and he frowned when you appeared before his eyes. Hamilton and you were still soaked, so he asked that you stand on the porch, outside of his front door. The guard explained how he found you two, then walked away, patrolling the rest of the property. James glared at you, completely ignoring the man next to you.

“What the hell were you thinking, Y/N? Did Hamilton put you up to this?”

“Sir, I can explain…” Hamilton interrupted, standing in front of you.

“It was my fault, I brought Y/N out here for a date. You and me both know that Y/N is kind of a bore, so I thought bringing them out here would be a good idea.” You were ready to hit Hamilton, but you saw Madison’s gaze on you, crossing his arms. You smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of your head.

“Sir, I-“

“You like Hamilton? Since when were you two courting?” There was a small smirk on his lips as he looked at the two of you. You widened your eyes at the misunderstanding.

“No, we’re not-“

“I finally convinced Y/N to court me today, I guess they couldn’t help but like my moves.” You hit him on the arm, hard, and he winced, moving away from you.

“I went with him to shut him up. I didn’t know that he’d bring me here. After we were in the lake, he told me that this was your property. I’m so sorry, sir. I didn’t know.” Madison scanned you and Hamilton once over, then laughed loudly. You looked at him nervously, a small smile on your face.

“I’ll let you off with a warning this time, Y/N. There better not be a next time,” before he closed the door on the both of you, he looked back, “You’re getting extra work tomorrow. Understood?”

“Yes sir.” He closed the door on your faces, leaving you with a grinning Hamilton. You marched away, knowing how to get home from there. Hamilton caught up to you, walking next to you. He nudged your shoulder a couple of times, and you finally glanced over at him. His hair was nearly dry now, hanging in strands across his head. You wondered why he was so happy, since you two were almost killed by James. He wiggled his eyes at you, and you shook your head, a small smile on your face forming. His happiness was contagious. “Why are you smiling, Hamilton? We almost died back there.”

He shrugged his shoulders, walking backwards in front of you. “Maybe it’s because you like me.”

“I do not-“

“Yes you do.”



“No, I don’t.”

“Mhm, you do.”

You stopped walking, folding your arms across your chest. “Alexander, if you keep on saying that I like you, I’ll punch you in the face.” His smiled almost broke his face, and you were even more confused than before. “Really? I just threatened you, and you still have that stupid smile on your face.”

“You never called me Alexander before. Now I know we are on a first name basis.” Oh hell, you did call him by his first name. You knew you were beginning to like him, and you hated that he suspected you already.

“I really hate, you, you know that right?” He shook his head, his face moving closer to yours. He was inches apart, and you felt your skin turn a bright red. He laughed, backing away.

“You’re blushing.”  

“It’s dark, you cannot see if I’m blushing or not. And I’m not, by the way.”

“You could see those red cheeks houses away from here.”

“You’re going to make me quit my job.” He shook his head at you.

“You wouldn’t.”

“I would.”




“I’m not starting this again.”

You had to admit, Hamilton grew on you. Every day after that, he would stay at your desk longer, and you didn’t mind. He was charming and smart. Whenever another congressman walked up to you, he would glare, saying vulgar things behind their back and making obscene gestures. You scowled him for it constantly, but he always shrugged his shoulders. Whenever Madison or Jefferson would appear during one of these incidents, they would wink at you. You frowned always, ignoring their teases.

You didn’t know that Hamilton wanted you to only look at him, to keep you to himself. Any one that was a danger of taking you away from him, would have had to deal with his arguing and insults. After you noticed that barely anyone would come up to talk to you, you confronted Hamilton about it.

“Alex, I need to talk with you.” He quickly put down his papers, walking over to you. You sighed, holding your forehead.

“No one is talking to me anymore because they’re afraid you might end their career.” He looked at you innocently, glancing around.

“I would never do such a thing.”

“Alexander, stop threatening people. Let them talk to me. If someone talks to me, I better not see you in the background insulting them. I will hit you. I’m not going to fall in love with any of these men around here.”

For the first time, you saw Hamilton stutter, and it amused you. You knew that he was driving the men away for a reason, and it made you laugh. You knew you liked him (you did not admit it to him yet) and it was funny to see him so flustered. You walked back to your desk, sitting down.

“Y/N, I, I was not doing this. I just…”

“I like you, Alex, I do. But let me get my work done, let people talk to me, okay?” You grumbled, organizing your papers. Hamilton stood there, frozen. You raised an eyebrow, puzzled.


“You said it, you said that you liked me. You like me?” He blurted out quickly, you barely heard what he was saying. After a few seconds of staring at him, you blinked.


You just confessed to him, without even meaning to. You gazed into his eyes, and he was elated, the warmth coming from them. You blushed, putting your face into your hands. You felt his touch yours, pulling them away from your face.

“You can’t just confess your undying love for me and not allow me to react.” Hamilton chuckled, tilting your face up to his. “I’ve been waiting for this for a while, Y/N. Let me look at you.” His eyes went to your lips, and he moved his face closer. You closed your eyes, and before his lips touched yours, he whispered softly. “I love you, and I’m never going to let anyone else have you.”

The 100th | Wonho

Characters: Police officer Wonho x reader

Genre: Mystery/thriller

Length: 2286 words

A/N: South Korea’s notorious serial killer has you on his list next and the police only has 10 days to find and stop him before he finds you.

part two | part three

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So, this lovely person wrote this beautiful fic for my fluffy birthday month (◕‿◕✿)  and I loooved it, I love the way Stiles know so much about Derek and how everything evolves :3 it’s just SO SWEET!!, so I did some drawings ;) hope you like this!! :D 

You, Me, Curly Fries & The Breakfast Club (AO3) by the lovely sterekfluffer

Words: 2.253 Summary: The pack tries to set up a dating profile for Derek but Stiles kind of messes things up  (read here ↓ :D)

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Despacito ~ Jim Kirk x Reader

Thanks to @mccoymostly and her HC about me I wanted to kiss someone so I decided to write out my own sexual frustration… Also, know that Laura likes to dance in clubs sometimes exactly for the below reasons, it’s so liberating every now and then!

Despacito is such a great song, by the way, I totally suggest listening to it while reading this…

Jim Kirk x Reader (1.141 words)


The club is warm despite the black tank you’re wearing. Your skinnies feel even tighter and you’ve put your hair up into a bun at least half an hour ago to avoid it sticking to your neck as you dance on the dance floor.

Swinging, shaking, swaying to the bass of the music with fluent movements that make you feel alive.

Shore leave is such a blessing and after spending so long confined to the Enterprise it’s so liberating. To be among strangers, to feel the music thrumming through your body, the sheen of sweat from dancing for what feels like hours and just letting go. To be one with the music, to feel the tug and grind of the crowd and for a moment forget the responsibilities of work and life.

At the change of songs you still for a moment, turning to look at the group of five at the bar that have left you alone on the dancefloor in favor of some drinks. You catch the eye of one of your friends who raises a glass with a smirk and a wink. You frown, lean your head to the side questioningly but then the tunes of despacito pick up and eye-contact is lost in favor of the crowd swaying with the tunes of the song.

Just as you’re about to turn there’s a pair of hands on your hips, a soft breath over your ear and a low voice murmurs: “Do you know what despacito means?”

A soft gasp passes your lips, a thrill shooting down your spine because oh, that’s why your friend had looked so pleased. Because you know that voice, dream of that voice, but it still catches you by surprise.

Sure, you’ve been flirting and you’ve hoped – oh how you’ve hoped – he’d ask you out properly but it hasn’t gone beyond longing looks and lingering touches.

But now, oh now your skin feels on fire underneath his hands and you can’t help but lean back, into his chest and turn your head to look into the stunning blue eyes of none other than Jim Kirk. “I suppose you do.”

The grin that spreads over Jim’s face is sexy, dangerous and he sways his hips, gently pushes at yours and you’re moving together to the almost sensual tunes of the song as he whispers in your ear: “Slowly.”

You reach out your hands, place them atop of Jim’s and intertwine your fingers and for a moment you revel in the feeling of the two of you dancing together. Your closeness, his chest against your back, his hair tickling your cheek as he dips his head and it’s like the club’s disappeared and all that remains is you, Jim and the music. “Is that why you came to dance with me now?” You tease.

Jim chuckles and pulls back his hands, pulls at your hips to make you turn around. When you do, it’s his hands on your hips again, your arms around his shoulders as you move together as one. He leans in closer and for a moment you think he’s going to kiss you with his breath ghosting over your lips.

But he turns his head to the side instead, whispering in your ear: “It sounds beautiful in Spanish, doesn’t it? The song. So sensual, you don’t have to speak Spanish to understand he wants the woman he’s singing about.”

There’s a swirl of arousal in your gut, a warmth through your body but despite that you say: “You’re going to have to take me out for more than a dance if that’s what you want.”

You’re not looking for one night and while you know Jim isn’t either, it feels important to point it out.

“And I will.” Jim leans back a bit and the teasing is gone, has made place for an earnest and determined expression. He catches your eyes and smiles. “Tomorrow, if you want.” Then he lowers his eyes and chuckles to himself, gives an awkward shrug. “I just thought a dance would be a good start.”

“It is,” you tell him with a smile and a slow, sweet kiss against his cheek. You start moving again, pace picking up and it only takes a few seconds for your bodies to catch on to the music again. You grin at Jim. “And who knows, you might get a kiss at the end of the night.”

He walks you to your hotel room an hour later, the both of you tired but laughing. He’s got your hand in his and there’s nothing you can do to stop the butterflies in your stomach.

When you’re at your hotel room Jim raises your hand and kisses the back of it with a smile. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He says and there’s obvious excitement in his voice. He releases your hand and is about to step back when you move forward.

You place your arms around his shoulder and lean your head to the side, asking: “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Jim bites his lip quickly, harsh breath passing his lips and his eyes search yours. “I only take what I’m given.”

“Well then,” you laugh and with an excited flutter in your chest lean in to kiss Jim.

Jim gasps softly against your lips before he tilts his head slightly to slot your lips together perfectly. His hands find your hips, fingers digging just slightly into your jeans and lips moving sensually against yours, slowly, despacito.

It’s soft and slow at first with lips pressing lightly, tongues meeting fleetingly but it doesn’t take long before there’s fire in-between the two of you. When your bodies seem to gravitate closer together and your hands pull and his fingers slide into your hair, turning your head just so he has better access. So that his tongue can slip in-between your lips and then it’s soft gasps and moans, heat in your gut and oh this is everything you’d hoped for.

It’s him backing you up until your back hits the wall and you pulling him closer so you feel his chest against yours and your lips never leaving each other. It’s want, it’s need, it’s longing and there’s nothing slow about it now.

Not anymore.

Not when he strokes his fingers down your neck teasingly, strokes your hair just a tad bit roughly.

By the time you part you’re both out of breath and he leans his forehead against yours with a look of lust and wonder in his eyes.

“That was,” he starts.

“Yea,” you murmur, completely swept off of your feet by the intensity of your first kiss together.

He takes a long, shuddering breath and presses a lingering kiss against your lips. “Tomorrow,” he murmurs and steps away.

You nod, breathe “tomorrow,” in return and watch breathlessly as he walks away.

Despacito indeed.

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. I’ve Got You .

Full Summary: “‘You’re safe now, Luce,’ Natsu said softly, pressing his face into her hair as she buried her own in his shoulder and cried. His voice was a soothing rumble. 'I’ve got you.’” Upon leaving the building in which she and her friends were working for the night,  Lucy finds herself in serious trouble.

Author’s Note: This is based off of a nightmare I had last night.  It freaked me out and scared me half to death, so.  I wrote it out.  It actually ended half-way through the one-shot, but I continued it rather than stopping. ;)  The * marks where the nightmare ended.

“Come on, Luce,” the voice that belonged to her closest companion urged, “give me like five more minutes and I’ll be done.” Beside her, his onyx eyes blazed with a hopeful look, yet there was a hint of seriousness in the back of them as he ran a hand through his pink hair.

Lucy’s lips quirked with amusement, knowing that “five minutes” in Natsu Dragneel’s terms really meant something along the lines of “another few hours”. Shaking her head, she told him, “Really, Natsu, I’ll be fine. I promise.” She smiled encouragingly and gave him a playful wink. He frowned, not looking convinced, and she held up her phone, wiggling it in his face. “See? I’ll call you when I get home.”

She could understand his concern, of course. It was nearing ten at night. It was dark enough to not notice shadows that shouldn’t be there, and with the strange disappearances going on, it would have been smarter on her behalf to wait for at least the petite Levy McGarden to get done so that they could walk to their cars together.

But Lucy had promised to be home hours ago, and her father was all ready getting irritable about the matter. So she gave Natsu a firm look and poked his arm. “I’ll be fine, Natsu.”

He looked unsure, but nodded. “I guess if you’re sure…” He ruffled her blonde hair, earning himself an agitated look. He only laughed and then pressed his forehead to hers in a brief touch. She softened. “Be careful, okay?”

“Okay,” she murmured, reaching up to touch his cheek for a moment before turning away.

“Don’t forget to call me when you get home!”

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Flower Boy Cafe!Seungcheol

Originally posted by pabospoiler

  • requested by anon: flower boy cafe au + aegyo + flower crown thrown in somewhere + him doing cliches to get you to like him
  • this was a nightmare
  • This was not what you wanted
  • You did not sign up to be volunteered to go to a cafe in which the boys practically served the girls in their fantasy
  • your friends were so persistent, they said you’d love it, and you really did not enjoy hearing your friend squeal and cry over these server boys
  • and they even had themes
  • ‘Here is your drink princess’
  • He winked at you, this server named Seungcheol, dressed in a blue blazer with gold frills on it, a crown rested on his head to signify that he was a prince
  • You barely looked at him as he handed you your drink
  • Your friends squealed, the tables nearby squealed also, it seemed as though this Seungcheol was a big shot in this business
  • Girls were literally throwing themselves at him, touching his arms, flipping their hair, batting their pretty fake eyelashes and puffing out their glossy lips
  • You wanted to groan and leave
  • but your friend insisted on staying
  • ‘Did you see how he looked at you, he totally likes you’
  • You take a sip of your drink, glancing at Seungcheol who’s caught your gaze, sending you a wink which makes you scrunch your nose, ‘he’s literally throwing the same look to every girl in this room.’
  • and you would agree, he was handsome, he had a nice jawline, a nice build, and maybe his personality was good too but at the same time, he just seemed so into his own looks
  • The so called ‘Flower Boy’ Cafe was now a regular for you and your friends, not so much you as you were more pulled into the shop with your friends begging
  • ‘Just one drink pleeaase’
  • And you give in
  • Each and every time, you run into Seungcheol, who shoots his signature smile, a wink and you continue to frown at him
  • ‘Why won’t she like me!’ Seungcheol groans in the back room where he’s waiting for the prepared drinks
  • Wonwoo shrugs as he waits also ‘maybe you’re not her type. She likes Chan’
  • Seungcheol looks through the kitchen window, he catches you happily chatting with Chan who’s jumping in excitement over something
  • Seungcheol grumbles, as he brings over your drink, he pulls an open chair, sliding it in with you and your friends
  • Your friend’s eyes are jumping out of their sockets and you pull your drink to get a sip as Seungcheol settles himself next to you
  • it was flower crown day, all the servers were wearing variously colored flower crowns, on top of Seungcheol’s head rested a pretty arrangement of white and pink flowers
  • Seungcheol tilts his head at you, staring into your eyes as you drank
  • ‘What’ you spit out and Seungcheol smiles
  • ‘Sorry, i got lost in your beautiful eyes’
  • Your friends squeal and you cringe at his words
  • ‘Please don’t’
  • Seungcheol’s smile slightly frowns but he picks himself up
  • He awaits your return with a new plan
  • When he sees you and your friends step through the door, he almost knocks Joshua on the ground when he races to serve your table
  • He leads you the way with a smile on his face, he opens your chair for you and you dodge, moving to the seat next to the one he grabbed while your friend quickly snags the one he pulled out
  • When you’re awaiting your drink, Seungcheol approaches you, a single rose in his head as he gets on his knee, offering the flower to you
  • ‘A rose, for the most beautiful girl whose beauty couldn’t compare to anything else’
  • You take the rose with an awkward ‘okay’ setting it in the middle of the table before turning back to your friends
  • His plan didn’t work that day
  • The next time he sees you, he actually did push Joshua to the ground, he was determined today, today was the day
  • you notice today, his name tag was different, it didn’t display his usual Seungcheol, but instead an S.coups
  • Seungcheol grins as you point it out
  • ‘Today we’re trying different names, to add a cute effect’
  • When he says the word cute, he places a V sign using his fingers to his eyes and you’re back to your deadpanned expression
  • When he brings you your drink, you notice the plate of macarons, he sets them down in front of you, ‘on the house’ he states
  • You’re taking a bite of one of them and you were just about thinking they were delicious when you hear Seungcheol’s shrill high toned voice
  • ‘S.coups wants to eat a macaron!’
  • You choke
  • And everyone is looking as you’re choking on a macaroon, the other servers coming over to help you calm down and seungcheol standing there awkwardly
  • As a sorry, the cafe gives you a drink for free
  • The next time Seungcheol sees you is early in the morning, there’s no customers and Seungcheol sees an unusual sight
  • You walked in alone, no friends to squeal or giggle with him around
  • ‘Is Chan here?’
  • “Chan?’ He grumbles ‘why do you like Chan and not me! You see him like five seconds every time you’re here’
  • You’re taken aback, he was usually so smiley and chipper but here he was, a little scowl on his face which you kind of couldn’t take seriously with the fluffy cat ears on his head
  • ‘um, Chan has my chem notes and I need it to study?’
  • ‘Oh’ it was a word that stretched out long out of his mouth
  • Chan’s shift was in an hour so you decided to sit and wait for him since he was mostly likely coming to work after class
  • You sat patiently as Seungcheol got you your drink
  • The place was slow in the morning, rarely any customers and if there were, other servers were quick to seat them
  • Seungcheol stood idly next to you, tapping his fingers on the table
  • And you got a good look at him, a look without him smiling and grinning with winks at the customers
  • Without them, he was seemingly more calm, more adult like
  • He stood tall with his shoulders back, his hands couldn’t keep still that he either kept tapping or played with something on his shirt
  • He was like a puppy, restless, needing attention, always wanting to move
  • ‘How’d you get this job?’
  • Seungcheol perked up, this was the first time you actually initiated conversation with him
  • ‘They gave me a job application while I was walking by, said I had the looks’ he shot a flashing smile
  • and for once your lips tugged up, a small laugh coming out and Seungcheol’s shoulders moved up at the sound of the tune
  • You two stayed like that, small talk as he leaned over the counter, the conversation ceased when Chan walked in, hair damp as you finally noticed it started to rain
  • ‘I didn’t bring an umbrella today’ you whispered but Seungcheol caught on
  • Seungcheol pulls Chan aside ‘cover my shift’
  • ‘What! I have my own shift to do.’
  • ‘There’s like no one here, i’ll be back in an hour, thirty minutes after an hour, at max. Please’
  • ‘Fiine’
  • and with much bickering, Seungcheol’s holding the umbrella over your head. Covering the both of your heads as you two take the short walk to the bus stop
  • you two are close, shoulders touching as the rain bounces off the umbrella, you push into him a couple of times when avoiding large puddles and Seungcheol can’t stop grinning at your cute actions
  • ‘We should do this again’
  • You look at him weird ‘walk in the rain together’
  • Seungcheol smiles, ‘talking. I liked talking to you’
  • You slowly nod your head ‘it was nice. Better than you pulling cheesy lines and trying to kill me that one time with the macaron’
  • Innocent laughs come out in unison, you board the bus and Seungcheol watches as you leave
  • The next time, you’re back with your friends
  • And there’s no cheesy lines
  • No plan
  • Nothing
  • Because he talks to you, casually, like you’ve known each other for years, and there’s sparks between you two, a slow flame building up every time he says the simplest things

fanboyingeveryday  asked:

So I've just gone through your entire fic list and your Laf/Alex one killed me ;-; I was wondering if you're still taking requests if you would do a fluffy one to heal my heart xD I don't even really ship it so much but I really need healing lol

This is so so so so so late I am so sorry my child! 

Hopefully I’ll still do well on this! Here we go!


Alex slammed his cup onto the bar, wincing at the dirty look the barista sent him. He sent her an apologetic look as she served out a few shots to a group of girls there for a bachlorette party before she walked over to him.

“You okay or do you just enjoy trying to break my glasses?” He crinkled his nose, forehead coming down to slam on the bar harshly.

The barista jumped, placing the glass she was cleaning down. “Woah buddy, you haven’t had that much to drink.”

Alex lifted his head up. “That’s the problem…”

She sent him a sympathetic look. “Break up?”

He shook his head, “No, my significant other is over there.” He pointed to where Laf was talking with several other people - all who were basically all over them.

Alex doesn’t blame them - it’s hard not to fall in love with the blind idiot. Their curly hair and eyes that sparkle when they smile, their teeth that are whiter than a suburban neighborhood, Laf’s accent made you weak at the knees.

“Your boyfriend - “

“Significant other.” Alex corrected, empty shot glass held to his cheek.

“Right. They just, leave you at bars and flirt with other people?”

“No.” Alex frowned, eyebrows furrowing, “They just don’t realize what they’re doing. Laf has always been a natural flirt, but when they’re actually flirting with someone they like?” Alex chuckled bitterly, “Laf all but knocks themself out…”

“So they’re - “

“Probably just trying to make friends…Tried going over there but everyone here thinks I’m some sixteen year old who snuck in.” She frowned with sympathy.

“Well, you do look quite young.”

Alex let his forehead fall to the bar. “Fuck my life…”

The barista laughed, watching as this man’s significant other tore themself away from the crowd and headed over to him. 

“Alexandre!” Laf cheered, kissing Alex’s cheek with such love in their eyes she felt like she was gonna get diabetes.

“Hey Laf.” Alex tried smiling but it appeared more forced than normal. 

She decided to try and help Alex show Laf what was happening. “So, Laf is it?” They nodded, “Which of those lucky people are you gonna take home?” She sent a wink at Alex’s confused face.

Laf frowned, eyes almost forming a glare. “With my love Alex here, isn’t that right mon petit lion?”

“Oh.” She shrugged, “Just they were all flirting with you, thought you were too. Guess looks can be deceiving.” She walked away, serving the others who had just arrived at the bar.

“Did it really look like I was flirting with them?” Laf’s voice held so much concern Alex wanted to lie, but the three shots basically made the truth spill from him.

“Yeah…” He rubbed the back of his neck, “I mean like, I knew you weren’t but my dumb ass couldn’t help but feel jealous…” He let out a nervous laugh.

 Laf frowned, watching as Alex turned back to his drink. “Baby…”

“It’s fine Laf,” Alex turned around, “D-Don’t worry about - mmm!” He nearly jumped back when he felt Laf crush their lips down on his, smiling as he felt Laf’s hand come and caress his cheek.

Laf pulled back and their foreheads leaned together, “M sorry you were jealous baby…” Laf frowned, “Wish my personality wasn’t so flirty…”

Alex laughed, “I love your flirty personality. It’s funny when someone actually hits on you and you don’t know how to respond but then you’re livid!” 

“I am more mad when someone flirts with you baby boy!”

Alex laughed, head falling to rest on Laf’s chest as he smiled to himself. “Mmmhmm….Let’s get one more drink than call a taxi.” Alex stiffled a yawn, “I’m getting tired…”

Laf nodded. “We can sleep in tomorrow or…” Laf checked the phone, “Today even, and call some delivery. I’m feeling Chinese.”

“M feeling burgers…”

“Both?” Alex nodded as the barista came back, placing down two beers for them.

anonymous asked:

Can you have 2D be jealous?

Y’all are so mean, wanting him to be jealous :( also try and guess which song inspired this, £5 to the first right answer

The bright lights and swinging rides and pounding music make your heart race with adrenaline. It’s the last night of the fun fair in the nearby rugby grounds, and all rides were half price. Naturally, stupid rides, expensive booze and tooth rotting candy floss had drawn you and 2D to it, and the two of you grin like little kids as you walk in, weaving in and out of the crowds, hand in hand.

“What do you wanna go on first?” 2D asks, looking around, “ghost train? Bumper cars? Ferris wheel?”

Your eyes are pulled to the massive, rough rides that throw you to and fro, their flashing lights and blaring music drawing your attention immediately.

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(Requested by Anon)

The scent of blood assaulted Rosalie’s nose, tearing her attention away from the deer carcass at her feet. She took off towards the scent, fueled by both curiosity and the thirst that started to flare up in her throat.

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Warm Love

On holiday with no laptop, but wanted to write… So here’s a short fic 🌟

When it’s at its darkest at night and the cold starts to creep in, Denmark tries to bundle up as much as possible and stay inside.

He doesn’t mind being alone. It’s fine once in a while to be alone with his own thoughts, but right now he wants nothing more than a warm fire and a warm meal.

With a sight he watches as his foggy breath swirls upwards towards the star filled night sky. 

He rubs his hands together and trudges on through the snow.

The trees are starting to thin out and if he squints he can make out a small light up the steep hillside.

“Where no one though anyone could live,” Denmark mutters with a frown to himself before starting the steep climb.

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Original Yuri birthday post!

so because tumblr likes to be a fucking BITCH, it restored the draft I lost. And here it is. Enjoy :-)

Yuri grunted as he felt small hands on his back, pushing at him. He wanted to be asleep, or continue sleeping really, but the hands were persistent. He opened his eyes just slightly and turned his head, finding dark brown eyes and a bright smile staring back at him. 

“Hey kiddo.” Yuri mumbled sleepily, reaching his hand up to card his hand through Nikolai’s mop of brown hair. It was shaggy and despite being a perfect mix of Otabek and Yuri, with his long hair he looked a lot like Yuuri. It disturbed Yuri sometimes but Otabek found it cute.

Nikolai was only two and there was no reason for him to be in his bed right now. Yuri sat up quickly and looked at his son, fully awake now.

“How did you get in here?” Yuri asked, lifting Nikolai into his lap. “How did you get up here?”

“Papa.” Nikolai answered, tilting his head back to look at Yuri.

Yuri furrowed his eyebrows in offense. “I’m not Papa, I’m dad-”

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Ekaterina, Katya for short, came bounding into the bedroom arms wide open and looking for a hug. She jumped up on the bed and slung her arms around Yuri’s neck. Otabek had come in behind her with a soft smile on his face and carrying a tray of food.

Yuri chuckled softly. “Thank you sweetie. What is all this?”

“We made you breakfast!!” Katya grinned happily.

Nikolai nodded and smiled up at him.

“Did you help?” Yuri tapped his nose and then yawned into his hand. He didn’t enjoy being woken up often.

Otabek placed the tray on the bed and sat beside Katya, leaning forward to meet Yuri halfway. They only stopped when Nikolai started squealing and squirming and Katya made gagging noises.

“Oh stop.” Yuri tugged playfully on her long braid and she pouted, looking much like Otabek when he didn’t get what she wanted.

Yuri looked at the breakfast they had made him. It was eggs and the Russian version of pancakes, which must have been a bitch to make. He smiled softly and moved Nikolai from his lap to Otabek’s, who happily too him.

“Wow, thank you guys.” Yuri felt incredibly grateful for his family and all the things he had done for them.

“That’s not all!” Katya exclaimed and wiggled her way out of the bed.

Yuri gave Otabek a sidelong glance, but all his husband did was smile gently.

“We’re going to go out when yo’re done. But take your time.”

Yuri was never one for patience and scarfed down the delicious breakfast in about six minutes. In that time Otabek just laughed and took Nikolai to his room to help him get dressed. Yuri knew Otabek would take care of the dishes later so he got dressed himself, finding Katya bouncing from foot to foot in the living room excitedly.

“Come oooon.” She took Yuri’s hand.

“Hold up.” Yuri laughed and pulled her to him, kissing the top of her head. Parenthood definitely mellowed him out but he still had a temper when he wanted to. He no longer only cared for himself and was able to open his heart to Otabek and their kids. It was the best decision he had ever made.

“Alright, let’s go.” Otabek said. He was like a flash from the past in his leather jacket and tight black jeans, holding Nikolai’s hand who was also dressed in all black. Yuri was reminded why he fell in love in the first place.

The trip to their destination was short and familiar. Yuri watched the trees and houses and buildings past, realizing the path they were taking.

“Are we going skating?” He asked excitedly. It was a rare instance when they got to go skating, especially since he had retired and became a model. A small smile appeared on Otabek’s face again and that was the only response. Yuri reached over and took his hand. 

They parked in front of the rink and got out, Yuri all but running. Otabek just laughed behind him and shook his head, hoisting Nikolai up on his hip and watching Katya run after Yuri giggling.

“Daddy wait!” Katya shouted and took his hand, swinging them together as they walked inside.  “Papa and I have a surprise for you!”

“Oh yeah?” Yuri’s eyes sparkled. Surprisingly, he loved surprises.

“Here.” Otabek handed him their son as he caught up to them and Yuri immediately put Nikolai on his feet. Toddlers deserved to run around. “Stay here, we’ll be back.” He winked and Yuri frowned into the kiss Otabek gave him, but obeyed anyway.

It was about ten minutes before he was called from inside the rink and he and Nikolai made his way over. He knew he would have to keep a tght grip on Nikolai or else he would wander onto the ice and hurt himself. He warned Nikolai beforehand, who only nodded and smiled at him.

Yuri walked into the rink and stopped, seeing Otabek in the middle of the ice with their daughter. When Katya was younger she had quite the fall on the ice and ended up cutting herself with the blade and she was scared of the ice ever since then. So this… this was incredible.

“Happy birthday daddy!” Katya exclaimed. Yuri didn’t miss the waver in her voice but she put on a brave face as the music began. Yuri didn’t recognize it but it had a certain quality that all of Otabek’s original songs had. Yuri’s eyes watered and he picked Nikolai up as he watched Otabek and Katya skate slowly around the ice. They were skating for him.

It was only a minute long but it felt like an eternity. They twirled slowly and did wide figure eights, Otabek even lifting her a little bit. By the end Katya looked eager to get off and Yuri was openly crying, never picturing he would even see her on the ice. And Otabek… he always looked so graceful. Yuri was always intrigued.

“Papa wrote the song!” Katya said breathlessly as she threw the skates off eagerly. Otabek had barely worked up a sweat. Yuri had to put Nikolai down so he could throw his arms around Otabek’s neck, hugging him tightly.

“I love you.” He mumbled into his neck. “You wrote me a song. And got Katya on the ice…”

Otabek wrapped his arms tight around him and kissed his head. This here was heaven. “You’re welcome, my love.”

Yuri laughed through his tears. He had never been happier.