Sungsook : I feel like no one loves me.
Jayoung : Hey. Your husband liked you more than me. He wasn’t like that at first, but he always compared me to you, saying it was better when he lived with you and that you were better. I wanted to tear his mouth out. […] When we got divorced, I almost grabbed a knife… because he said he regretted divorcing you.

red neon flickers on the other side of the boarded up window. through the broken glass a dry wind whistles, though it carries the scent of a summer thunderstorm. petrichor and desert pine. the folks in the room next door are fucking, the bed scraping against the shared wall.

thwack. thwack. thwack. perched on the edge of the stained single mattress, Leo smacks a pack of cigarettes against his bony palm. an already lit one sends ash into the filthy worn carpet, smoke wisping from one corner of his mouth with each hit. his neighbors seem to have stopped, and he breathes a sigh of relief, smoke catching in his throat.

reaching over to the windowsill he crushes out his cigarette into an overflowing ash tray and, almost simultaneously, lights another. his movement jostles the body sleeping next to him and Jimmy sits up, slipping an arm around Leo’s waist.

“Those things’ll kill you,” he says softly. his jaw rasps against the fabric of Leo’s shirt, stubble catching on his sleeve. nevertheless, he motions with his hand for the cigarette. begrudgingly, Leo passes it over.

he waits until Jimmy’s finished before snatching it back, setting the cigarette angrily between his lips. “Shut up.”

“Whatever you say, hon.”

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I find it hard to believe it was only one time with your vampire friend there, pal. /eyebrow wiggles into oblivion

     “Figure a man who could keep a succubus satisfied single-handedly could do it for just about anybody.” He’s not confirming or denying a thing - alas, just one more thing that will remain a grand cosmic mystery. 


I finished the set of V emoji’s I wanted to do!!! The one of V crying is just because I like to see my favs in pain.