ok so last night i had a dream that dean winchester was bitten by….

a wereduck.

yes, a wereduck. and it didn’t give him any kind of special powers or bloodlust or other murderous compulsions. he literally just remained the exact same dean because there really isn’t anything special about wereducks, apparently.


every month for a week he had to turn into a duck.

and like. when the duck bit him he had no idea it was wereduck. he just. turned into a duck for a full week. and sam was panicking and frantically looking for him until a week later this fuckin. duck. just waddles into the bunker. and sam is like, “how did a DUCK get in here?” and then right before his eyes the duck transforms back into dean. and dean is just like “dude, i got bitten by a wereduck.” and sam was like, “what. the. FUCK.” 

and then my dream ended.

Castiel drowns himself over and over every night and then again every morning. He holds himself under water and breathes in deep so his lungs are filled with the only thing he thinks can kill him now. A flood of warmth washes over him as he embraces the call of the light. There is no pain, no worry, no strife. All he longs for is peace. 

This is dramatic, perhaps. But, after several millennia he is entitled to a bit of self indulgence. 

Dean rolls over, sound asleep, and presses his face into Castiel’s shoulder. Several billion years watching the Earth reach the state of human domination and this is what slows him down and forces him to pay absolute attention. 

He has always been a glorious soldier of god, there can be no doubt. After all, his sin has never been from his service. His sin is Dean. Heaven has declared Dean a distraction from the glory of God’s mission and the true purpose of Heaven. 

That doesn’t make sense. Humans are the mission. They always have been. If God had truly wanted the apocalypse in all its drama and splendor He would have had it years ago at Stull. The creator of Heaven and Earth couldn’t be stopped by a handful of stubborn creations. He has humored them. God wants angels to ascend to a higher state of being and understanding. Their father does want them to have free will. He just hasn’t felt the need to tell them that. 

No matter. Castiel chose years ago. Barely a second within the timeline of his own existence. He can recall every second of his life up to the point that he rescued Dean Winchester from hell. Yet, miraculously, every second thereafter has ticked slower than the ones before. 

Castiel smiles and rubs his knuckles against Dean’s stomach. “I love you.”

Dean’s brow furrows. He can hear Castiel. No smile comes, but Dean moves closer and throws a leg over Castiel’s body. 

“Mm. Love you, too, Cas.” Dean sighs and settles back into deep sleep. 

He dreams of a child’s laugh. Sam’s maybe… or his own not often enough heard. Castiel smiles and pets Dean’s hair, but doesn’t dare disturb such a beautiful dream.

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Posts on: February 28th

Summary: After the events of I’m No Angel, Castiel finds himself exiled from the safety of the bunker. He takes to wandering, but the money Dean gives him runs out all too soon. Luck, or perhaps divine providence, lands him on the Amish farm of Jacob and Lydia Beiler. 

The Beilers take Cas in, and he learns to do farm chores and care for the Beilers’ apiary. Despite the Amish’s general distrust of outsiders - Englischers - the strange man who can understand their language and isn’t afraid of hard work seems a natural fit amongst them. Castiel thinks he might just go ahead and stay - the placid farmland seems like a good place to heal his broken heart, and maybe forget the man who broke it.

Meanwhile, Dean finds himself so wracked with guilt, he can barely sleep, has no appetite, and can’t stand to see his own face in the mirror. He can’t decide which transgression is worse; the fact that he threw Cas away or that Sam’s unwillingly - and unwittingly - possessed by an angel. Charlie comes for a visit and decides to stay, and it takes her no time at all to call Dean on his bullshit. 

With her help and encouragement and a plan to deal with the angel in Sam later, Dean and Charlie set out to find Cas and bring him home. But when they find him, Dean’s surprised that Cas doesn’t want to come home, leaving Dean to face some difficult truths about himself - and how he feels about Castiel. 

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Painted Angels by WinJennster

Summary: Author Castiel Novak has finally hit the big time, with a book based on his failed college relationship with a brilliant painter. He’s put all his pain behind him, but at a book signing, he comes face to face with Dean Winchester for the first time in twelve years, and the reunion doesn’t go like Cas hoped. Dean’s a broken man, with a lot of scars and secrets, shoulders weighed down by his demons and self loathing.

Cas sees a second chance with the man he’s never stopped loving, but Dean’s moved on, and is about to get married. Sam launches a “brilliant” plan to reunite his brother and his best friend, but Cas is worried it will all blow up in their faces, and he’ll go through the agony of losing Dean a second time.

Comments: 10/10. This is so angsty but also so fluffy and it’s so good. The emotions are so real and so raw, you can feel what the characters are feeling, it’s incredible. It’s really angsty in some places though, John is an abusive asshole and hurts Dean more than anyone should hurt anyone, let alone their own child. Dean is messed up, has a huge gay panic, and should really go to therapy. This is great story though, they are so fluffy and domestic sometimes. I love how their past is slowly revealed through flashbacks and memories, they’re beautiful and fit in with the story seamlessly. WARNINGS: Child abuse, suicide attempt, unhealthy coping mechanisms. HEED THE TAGS PEOPLE.

purgatory-maybe86  asked:

Hello please, can you tell me any destiel fanfics suggestions on ao3?

Ooh I suppose I could send you a few.

My favorite of all time is “Feast of Assumptions” by Amazonia_8. Also “It’s a Hell of a Town” fulfills all my kinks.

“Painted Angels” and all its continuations are truly superb. Then again, everything by @winjennster is.

@tfw-destiel-cockles-misha just wrote a very sweet one shot called “Life, Death, and the Sweet Taste of Honey”.

Same with anything by @destieldrabblesdaily , @whelvenwings and @almaasi​. You can find their Ao3’s here and here and here.

Of course, I wrote a bunch of destiel as well (and cockles, if you’re into that) which you can find here.

Happy Reading!!!


Chester by WinJennster

Summary: At the bottom of the box was a lumpy something wrapped in tissue. He frowned and pulled it out, turning it over in his hands before tearing the wrapping free.

It turned out to be a battered stuffed clown fish, orange and white, and a little dirty and ragged - obviously well loved. Dean sat down on his cot, unfolding the note carefully printed in blocky letters on My Little Pony stationery.

Dear Soldier, (he didn’t even correct it that time)

I’m sorry you have to miss Christmas with your family. This is Chester. He’s my best friend and he keeps me safe from monsters. But I think you need to be safe more, so I’m sending him to you. Please take good care of him. 


Claire Novak

Comments: 10/10. Extremely sweet and fluffy. The cutest thing ever and I love it so much. Inspired by a tumblr post and a true story of the marine who receives the same package.


Over 400 years old and he still hasn’t learnt to not lie out in the summer sun.

Based on @winjennster‘s comment: “Seriously imagine him showing up all miserable at Cas’s and burned red and whining. Cas knows plants and stuff, right? He could totally make some kind of salve to help his poor miserable God. All while trying not to laugh.”

winjennster  asked:

But the real question here - what did Mr. Mittens, a member of the mix tape generation, think about that scene?

I honestly don’t know how to ask him without being too obvious about it. And I’m kinda scared to at this point. I think we’re close to something here, some sort of using their words moment.

Seriously I feel like I’m on Willy Wonka’s terror boat approaching the end of s12.

I really hope they do something absolutely undeniable, but if not that’ll be my first question after he watches 12.23.

So why did Dean make Cas a mix tape, then?

At the beginning of the season, that was my deadline for the end of this little experiment, so saying something now with only three weeks to go after more than four years (almost five!) of this nonsense would be like Willy Wonka deliberately crashing the terror boat just before they arrived at the dock. I can’t bear it.


Shipping time is long, so the price is low. When shipping time is short, price will go up (in about a week).

If you want to order these in bulk (more than 5), let me know and I will give you a coupon code. 

I’ll be making “Dean is bi” and “Destiel exists” hats very soon.


Runnin’ - Dean Winchester

Please watch in 1080p! If the video is blocked in your region, you can watch it here!

A Supernatural music video I made about the wonderful, selfless, yet emotionally constipated Dean Winchester. <3

Credits in Youtube description.

okay but can season 12 have an amnesia episode? consider:

  • dean gets selective amnesia and forgets about hunting/the supernatural. maybe a spell. whatever
  • sam having to teach dean how to hunt, using all the techniques Dean used to teach him
  • all the meta. ( “do people really believe you’re an fbi agent with that hair?” “oh, yeah, this car is really inconspicuous. nice, though.” “you’re telling me the apocalypse happened… and no one on earth seems to care?”)
  • sam wistfully recalling some of the people they’ve loved and lost
  • dean being clumsy and fumbling with holy water
  • sam being the Big Protective Hero and Dean being all ‘man who taught you this stuff’
  • dean staring at castiel and being like ‘where are your wings’ and cas being like ‘boy is that a long story’
  • sam and cas sighing in unison while watching dean play with the men of letters scimitar like exhausted parents
  • dean’s faith in god restored, especially after meeting castiel, and sam not wanting to shatter the glass
  • sam asking cas if they have to restore dean’s memories - why can’t they just let him be happy - why can’t they set him free - but they both know they need dean in order to keep fighting 

This is old news actually that I commented on on Twitter when it blew up a few days ago. They reworded the vendor qualifications months ago because of an incident in Nashville where a vendor went berserk on several Creation employees when they asked the guy to take down his Supernatural Monopoly games which Creation sells also. The wording on what is allowed is now crap because of this one asshole who wasn’t used to selling at Creation. Basically, it boils down to this: Creation wants to be the only one selling licensed Supernatural merchandise (with the except of ConQuest Journals for reasons I won’t go into). This affects a few vendors that bring licensed Supernatural merch to sell, but they are mostly people that are not on what we affectionately call the #vendorsquad (the few of us that follow Creation to almost all Supernatural Creation shows).

Creation also doesn’t want unlicensed merch at their shows, meaning rip off merchandise with photorealistic faces on it. Again, at Nashville, there were several instances of vendors printing off fanart and other various images online and just slapping it on easily made merchandise. Other cons are FULL OF THIS STUFF even when they, too, have told their vendors not to bring it. Other con companies care less because they themselves generally aren’t licensed for direct sell like Creation is. Creation, to protect its license (because booths are sometimes checked by the studio), heavily screens and enforces their rules, which protect copyright infringement and Warner Brothers’ intellectual property.

I’m an independent artist. I technically fall under “unlicensed craft products”, but what they really mean is stuff with photorealistic images of the characters and their names. No one can put Dean, Sam, Cas, etc on their stuff in any way, shape, or form. This, however, leaves some leeway in the form of minimalism like with Atomic Bombshell’s pillows, or the Mad Hatter Designs’ posters. It also presents leeway on things that Supernatural itself has borrowed from like existing lore irl. Creation has the final say on these things tho. Normally, when something is questionable, Creation just asks you to remove it and there is usually no fuss. You are asking for a seat at their table and you must play by the rules.

My stuff is completely compliant. If it isn’t, then I don’t bring it and sell it online only instead. Independent artists are fine for the most part. I myself am booked up until Hawaii atm. My stuff has been fully inspected by almost every member of Creation and the studio. I don’t have any issues! Basically, Creation wants vendors that bring merchandise that isn’t in direct competition with theirs, that doesn’t violate copyright on the studio or other artists, and that these vendors stay at their booths for the entire course of the con. I hope this answers the questions and clears the confusion!