Holiday AUs

- the “My refrigerator pie melted on the way to your house and I’m so embarrassed what the fuck should I do with- did you just make it into a fancy fucking desert” AU

- the “The plan is that we take leftovers and see who can make them the most edible/appetizing for dinner since the oven repairman still hasn’t shown up” AU

- the “The snow storm has gotten so bad that the repairman is staying for dinner, and DAMN they’re hot” AU

- the “Mom and dad this is my partner, I just realized how much they’re like my father, oh my god I’m dating my father, what the fuck is happening, this is some fucking Freudian shit” AU

- the “I’m sorry that we ran out of coffee, honey, the snow has made it impossible to get to the grocery store, are you really not going to talk to me at all, TALK TO ME, PLEASE” AU

- the “So, you got me an amazing present and I didn’t get you anything because I didn’t know that we were doing presents because you’re just a close friend (who I happen to be in love with) and, oh, this is supposed to be a declaration of love, oh well in that case, come to the bedroom, I’ve got a great last minute gift idea” AU

- the “I bought you the perfect gift but I didn’t realize that you’d be opening it in front of your entire extended family and it’s definitely not something you should open in front of your little nieces” AU

- the “I didn’t realize you’re family used so much mistletoe, it’s like I’m walKING THROUGH A FUCKING MINEFIELD” AU

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I’ll be making “Dean is bi” and “Destiel exists” hats very soon.

so, my girlfriend and i are coming back from a google maps misadventure turned lovely date. we got out of the store and we’re finally headed back to my house. i live in the country. my nearest neighbor is a cornfield/soy field depending on the year, the country ass road that leads to my house has a speed limit of 55mph and i’m going about 60mph. well, it’s an unusually warm night for november and the windshield was fogging up. 

my girlfriend, lovely and kind, decided to look down and turn the vents on to get the windshield cleared up. what she didn’t know was that as she had looked down, a fully grown doe began to scamper across the road. i immediately took my foot off the gas because when i’m in a panic i try to escape as quickly as possible. within a second i knew we wouldn’t hit the deer, she was running fast enough and we were far enough back that we weren’t in danger. 

all of this transpired in my head in silence. i didn’t even so much as utter the word “deer” in warning to my beautiful girlfriend, who was still looking down at the a/c and heat controls. 

so. she looks back up. and the sees the deer. in the middle of the road, right in front of the car. 

imagine, if you will, that a pubescent orc has just been kicked in his recently-descended testicles. a hoarse, high-pitched shriek of surprise. 

this is the sound my girlfriend made. not just because there was a deer within a few feet of her car as we’re travelling down a dark ass country road at night, but because she didn’t see this doe actually run onto the road. she looked up when it was already directly in front of us, so all she could see what the brown-grey shape of some monstrous hell creature cryptid backwood nightmare that was about to wreck her g6

and thus, she shrieked

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Summary: After the events of I’m No Angel, Castiel finds himself exiled from the safety of the bunker. He takes to wandering, but the money Dean gives him runs out all too soon. Luck, or perhaps divine providence, lands him on the Amish farm of Jacob and Lydia Beiler. 

The Beilers take Cas in, and he learns to do farm chores and care for the Beilers’ apiary. Despite the Amish’s general distrust of outsiders - Englischers - the strange man who can understand their language and isn’t afraid of hard work seems a natural fit amongst them. Castiel thinks he might just go ahead and stay - the placid farmland seems like a good place to heal his broken heart, and maybe forget the man who broke it.

Meanwhile, Dean finds himself so wracked with guilt, he can barely sleep, has no appetite, and can’t stand to see his own face in the mirror. He can’t decide which transgression is worse; the fact that he threw Cas away or that Sam’s unwillingly - and unwittingly - possessed by an angel. Charlie comes for a visit and decides to stay, and it takes her no time at all to call Dean on his bullshit. 

With her help and encouragement and a plan to deal with the angel in Sam later, Dean and Charlie set out to find Cas and bring him home. But when they find him, Dean’s surprised that Cas doesn’t want to come home, leaving Dean to face some difficult truths about himself - and how he feels about Castiel. 

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Because I am crazy and I am super inspired for this ‘verse. DeanCas Jurassic Park!AU (the beginning)

“Look at you, all cute and covered in dirt.”

Dr. Castiel Novak reaches for the water bottle in the other man’s hands, blue eyes stark against his dusty, tanned skin. He pulls off his hat to reveal the messy hair underneath; dark, sweat-soaked stuff starting to curl behind his ears. The top of his chest is exposed thanks to unbuttoned part of his blue shirt, exposing a silver band on a chain around his neck. He, unsuccessfully, tries to hide his smile. “You do realize I’m engaged?”

From where he’s seated, looking through his notes, palaeontologist Dean Winchester raises a brow, leaning back on his hands. He smirks, chin tilted up to reveal the column of his neck. He knows he’s freckled beyond belief at this point—his skin a mess of teeny tiny melanin deposits that bother him to no end, but that Cas, for whatever reason, seems to adore. He shows them off, now. “Yeah,” he sighs. “What a shame; that fiancée of yours, he’s a lucky guy.”

Castiel hums, taking a drink in a decidedly unaffected way despite the blush of his cheeks. When he’s finished, the paleobotanist seats himself beside Dean, handing the bottle over with a sigh. They’re in the shade of one of the tents near the trailer—out in the open with regards to the dig site, but everyone has taken a break for lunch and is at the mess tent. Still, Cas is cautious. He scoots in when Dean’s arm drops around his waist, the other’s free hand picking up a random sheet and squinting at it. “So, what are we doin’; we getting lunch?”

“We should,” Castiel sighs. “But I’m honestly not in the mood for chilli again.”

“Right; what’s up with that? We need to have words with Garth.”

“We do.” Leaning over, Cas rests his chin on Dean’s shoulder despite the heat. “What are you working on?”

“Flying wolf-raptors.”

Castiel rolls his eyes.

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winjennster replied to your post “boy do i love positivity police lol”

Yeah same. Esp if this is in regard to Timeless because I got people bitching at me cause I’m complained. I’m sorry, but why would you MISHAMISHAMISHA all over the Internet and barely give us anything we hadn’t seen in the previews?

Yes! I reblogged your post that people are telling you to lay off Kripke on lol. Someone on twitter spliced all of Misha’s scenes together in the ep. Its total time was just about 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Considering both previews we got were about a minute long…. yeah we got basically everything in the previews. That’s what really made me angry because what was the point in me watching the ep other than thinking I was going to get more than the previews lol.

An Ever-Fixed Mark

wishing a very happy birthday to @winjennster!!! a little college AU fluff for you. <3

If he was honest, Dean had no idea at all how to tell his college roommate that he was in love with him.

In fact, he wasn’t entirely sure that he wanted to - or rather, sure, he wanted to, but there was no way he had the courage to potentially spoil their whole friendship just because he had a major heart-on for the guy. But all that feeling had to go somewhere. 

So Dean started writing notes, and leaving them in places he knew Cas would find them. Places anyone could have reached, not just Dean.

Your smile lights up the whole room, in the shared kitchen, under Cas’ fruit bowl. Spending time with you is the best part of any day, in Cas’ bag. Reminds me of you, tucked into the page of Cas’ poetry book that had one which began, shall I compare thee to a summer’s day…

It was horrifically, disgustingly gross, and Dean knew it. But, hey, it was anonymous. Cas need never know the source of all the sappy, feelingsy notes in his life. Dean was safe.

One time, though, Cas almost caught him leaving a note - you make the world a better place, in his laptop case - and so Dean decided to dial it back. He wouldn’t leave any notes for a couple weeks.

It had been ten days when Cas, lying on his bed and reading while Dean typed at his laptop on the other bed, said absently, “Why did you stop leaving those notes?”

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Over 400 years old and he still hasn’t learnt to not lie out in the summer sun.

Based on @winjennster‘s comment: “Seriously imagine him showing up all miserable at Cas’s and burned red and whining. Cas knows plants and stuff, right? He could totally make some kind of salve to help his poor miserable God. All while trying not to laugh.”

writer gothic

you have another new character. you have three more new characters. you have seven new characters and no story line.

the blinking cursor watches you when you stop typing. it knows.

this new fantasy story you thought of is going to be great. you’ll have elves but they won’t be called elves. you’ll have dwarves but they won’t be called dwarves. you’ll burn a copy of the manuscript on a shrine to tolkien and beg for forgiveness. 

your daily goal is one thousand words. you try to fill it in a 1k1hr. you accidentally edit all of it into nothingness.

there sure are a lot of adverbs in this paragraph.

you remember telling yourself to fix a typo earlier, but the typo has disappeared. four paragraphs have disappeared. your villain is standing in your kitchen. it craves.

you bookmark another list of writing tips from writer’s digest that you’ll never use.

the world you’ve spent weeks creating is lush, diverse, realistic and fully developed and none of your characters live in it. it sits in your head like a terrarium; never to be opened or touched.

you bookmark another baby naming website.

“so, what do you write?” “when are you getting published?” “can i read some of your work?” where is your villain when you need them?

the more depth you add to your villain the more you wonder if this really is a villain. maybe the hero is the villain. maybe there is no villain. 

a famous author insults fanfiction again. you write fanfiction of them being beaten up by your favorite fictional characters.

you’ll never be able to describe the perfect red.

half of this paragraph is missing when you reread the draft. did you write it, or merely think it? or did you only think of it after you finished writing? how much will you be forced to rewrite?

your characters take control of your opinions again.

your writer friend says their writer friend found a list of open calls. you don’t have any practice writing the genres included. you didn’t even know half of these genres existed before today. gay steampunk werewolves.

you take a journal with you everywhere. it’s half-filled with micro fiction. you tell yourself you’ll transcribe it later. you’ll definitely transcribe it later. you’ll transcribe it. you’ll

will literary historians have trouble deciphering your handwriting?


Dear Mary,

Thank you for raising the man of my dreams. 

Dean told me to say that.

The thing is, I don’t really have dreams.  I have goals and I have ideas, but dreams don’t come easy for me.  Your son introduced me to them, an uncontrollable need for someone or someplace, a gut-wrenching hope for a specific outcome.

Humanity is truly strange, to grow and mature while still holding onto these strong ties to wishes.  I thought I understood humanity.  I studied it with great fervor; it was my father’s creation and it was made good and wonderfully.  I fear I had no idea what I was missing.

Dear Mary,

Thank you for raising the man of my dreams. 

Sam told me to say that.

You may not believe it, but you did raise this man.  For four years, you instilled the dichotomy of good and evil and the morals of a hero.  You taught him that family comes first, second, and third.  You made him strong and you showed him what it meant to be loved.

It took me a while to figure out what it meant to be loved.  My father taught us all to love everyone and everything, but it isn’t the same love.  This love is stronger than any prophecy, stronger than time, death, and even existence.

Dear Mary,

Thank you for raising the man of my dreams. 

I am so glad that I get to say it to you in person.