MERLEX || Meredith x Alex || GREY’S ANATOMY || S08E08  || That awkward moment when Grey’s Anatomy cast a fictional character™ they invented, and then semi-reenacted that love story throughout S12-S14 with the main character. “Adorable American GI” = Nathan Riggs. “Ocean blue eyes” = Nathan Riggs. “Handsome & good” = Nathan Riggs. “Kind, funny, honest” = Nathan Riggs. (x) (x)

Tom 10 TV Shows In Gifs... Not Necessarily In Order

Thanks for tagging me in this one @mamabearsdontthink I do love my tv shows. Sorry I couldn’t limit it to only 10. Happy watching y’all.

#1)Buffy because it’s where my love for baddass female heroines who turn badboys to teddy bears first started…Spuffy.

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#2)Roswell…Hot aliens and epic love…need I say more.

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#3)Veronica Mars…again with the female baddass leads and the otp that literally spells LOvE.

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#4)From Dusk Till Dawn...way better than the movie…hot brother duo….vampire Richie actually likable, unlike his movie counterpart…also Kate is adorable and has fire with both brothers…but I’m Kichie all the way.

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5)Prison break...this show is crazy about the details and has one of my favorite brother duos. Also Misa…never fall in love with an inmate.

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#6)The Vampire Diaries... Female herione torn between two vampire brothers.

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#7)The Originals…two words Klaus Mikaelson…also hang in there for Klaroline…it’s worth it.

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#8)StarCrossed…Again with the hot aliens and epic love, but this one was gone too soon.

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#9)Hemlock Grove…3 words…Vampire Bill Skarsgard.

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#10)Teen Wolf...Stydia is epic, but prepare for the slowest burn ever.

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#11)The 100...Amazing Dystopian book series brought to life and again the slowest burn ever, but so worth it…Bellarke


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#13)Shadowhunters…Amazing book series brought to life…starcrossed Clace.

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#14)The Fosters…Awesome mamas who grow a foster family and Bralliewarning this one is going to hurt and their are no happy endings.

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Under the cut there areย ###ย medium HQ Gifs of the Supergirl ship Karamel, None of the following gifs are mine, full credit goes to their makers. I just hoard them. Please reblog and/or like this post if you use any..Sorry for any repeats! Also this gif hunt will be updated after every episode if they have scenes together. Edit: Special thanks and credit goes to @winifredwevansedits some of these amazing gifs are made by her. Bless your soul for making us some Karamel gifs so we all can fangirl over them. :)โ™ฅ

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Romanogers smut drabble

51: โ€œ I want to take care of you. โ€

97: โ€œ Donโ€™t touch me. โ€œ

A/n please request more romanogers. I love this ship with all my heart and I love writing about them. Here is the link to the romanogers drabble list. Please take a look and request away. (These drabble are solely for romanogers)

Steve Rogers is not weak. He has spent years proving that to everyone. Yet he felt helpless and weak when Natasha helped him back to the jet because he got shot in the leg. "Donโ€™t touch me Iโ€™ve got this !โ€ Steve growled at Natasha but immediately regretted it the minute he noticed the sad expression on her face.

โ€œI donโ€™t care if you โ€˜got thisโ€™โ€ Natasha placed Steveโ€™s arm around her shoulder while she wrapped her arm around his waist โ€œIโ€™m going to help youโ€. Steve knew better than to argue with Natasha so he let her help him before she flew them to the closest safe house.

When they got to the safe house Natasha went straight for the first aid kit in the bathroom so she could fix Steveโ€™s leg. Halfway done with stitching Steve up Steve kept moving his leg up and down โ€œSteve stop moving! Iโ€™m going to stab you if you keep movingโ€ Natasha scolded him and Steve finally settled down.

After he was bandaged up Steve decided to apologize for losing his cool earlier โ€œIโ€™m sorry for snapping at you back there.โ€œ

"Itโ€™s ok you were in pain,โ€ Natasha replied. They stayed staring at each other for several seconds before Natasha leaned in and kissed Steve. They had always been sexually attracted to one another but they never acted on it, until now.

With every minute that passed, the kiss grew heated. โ€œWhat are you doing?โ€ Steve asked when felt Natasha reaching into his underwear and pulled out his cock.

โ€œI want to take care of youโ€ Natasha replied while she pumped his cock before wrapping her lips around it.

Steve sighed at Natashaโ€™s action and started thrusting his cock into her mouth. โ€œOh, dollโ€ Steve cradled Natashaโ€™s head as she bobbed her head.

โ€œYou enjoying yourself Steve?โ€ Natasha asked while she unzipped her catsuit and managed the pull it down enough that her covered breast popped out.

โ€œCan you remove your bra? Iโ€™ve been dying to know what they looked like since we metโ€ Steve requested and Natasha happily obliged.

Reaching behind her Natasha unclasped her bra and let it slip off her body โ€œlike what you see? ? ?โ€ Natasha asked. Steveโ€™s eyes were glue on Natashaโ€™s beautiful big breast as he nodded his head.

Taking Steveโ€™s cock back in her hand and slapped her breasts with it before she took his cock back in her mouth. Unlike before Natasha started sucking Steveโ€™s cock fast and sloppy. โ€œJesus fucking Christ this feels amazingโ€ Steve moaned when he felt the head of his cock hitting the back of Natashaโ€™s throat.

โ€œLanguageโ€ Natasha teased before she continued what she was doing before.

With a few more thrusts steve let out an โ€œOohhhh god yes ! ! !โ€ and came inside Natashaโ€™s mouth.

โ€œMmmmmโ€ Natasha moaned as she happily swallowed everything Steve gave her.

Once she swallowed everything Steve gave her Natasha pulled his cock out of her mouth and stood up. โ€œDo you want me to return the favor?โ€ Steve asked.

โ€œThatโ€™s ok. You can repay me when youโ€™re leg healsโ€ Natasha replied while she tucked Steveโ€™s cock back into pants. โ€œPlus I like to fuck after I get eaten out.โ€ Steve let out a groan at Natashaโ€™s words and prayed his legged healed fast.

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“Can’t Let You Go” Part 2- Kelly Severide x Reader Imagine

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Prompt: Can your write a part 2 to your Severide imagine โ€œCanโ€™t Let You Goโ€? Iโ€™d really love to see them have a happily ever after! Your writing is amazing!!!!

A/N: SO GLAD that you liked it!! I was a little worried about that so Iโ€™m happy to write a part to for โ€œCanโ€™t Let You Goโ€. Hereโ€™s their happily ever after! This is set after they rekindled their previous relationship- about a year later.

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THIAM || Theo x Liam || TEEN WOLF || S06E09 || Look at their hands. All of them. All over each other. Liam gets to feel him up while Theo totally massages his shoulder for no reason whatsoever. Also, the fact that this scene, completely out of context, looks like somebody just insulted/messed with Liam and Theo is about to rip their heads off. “You wanna say that again?!” he yells at the bitches already leaving the place. (x)


THIAM || Theo x Liam || TEEN WOLF || S06E16 vs S06E20 || Canon is Canon.

  • Person A (Scott / Theo)
  • Person B (Malia / Liam)

Person A grabs person B from behind and pulls them back -away from danger. Person A & B stay close together for a few seconds. Person B turns to look at Person A with shock / horror / surprise in their face. Person A stares at the source of danger. Person B turns to stare at the source of danger too. Then there’s also the whole camera angle thing, too. The scenes looking upward from the ground, mirroring each other, taking place under a couple of door thresholds… Coincidence? I think not! Thiam is canon. I know it. You know it. It’s known.