Okay so I see a lot of people who look at this panel of Jason reading Pride and Prejudice in prison and coo over how cute it is (which I fully understand because yes, gigantic dude subverting hegemonic gender stereotypes by reading a book often dismissed as “chick lit” is adorable as all hell) but you guys.

You GUYS. 

You’re missing the best thing about this panel, which is that Winick wrote Jason reading that book in particular for a reason.

Let’s see, general summary of Pride and Prejudice: headstrong, brash, and rebellious second child refuses to follow in the footsteps of her perfect older sibling who is beloved by all that meet her, and instead enjoys a love/hate relationship with an aloof, prideful, brooding, wealthy gentleman.

Sound familiar?

Don’t tell me that Winick wasn’t trying to convey that Jason’s interested in men and crushin’ on the boss, not when a few pages earlier we get this:

There’s subtext, and then there’s Jason straight up hitting on Bruce and telling him he looks hot. I don’t really know what else to say, other than that I love Judd Winick and I’m so incredibly glad that he not only jumped in and rescued Jason from the fuckery that was Grant Morrison’s take on him in Batman and Robin v1, but also slyly incorporated more of his portrayal of Jason Todd as queer, despite DC editorial’s reluctance.

Jason Todd, actual feminist. Reading Pride and Prejudice in prison, as one does.

Batman and Robin v.1 (preboot) #23, by Judd Winick

Not a fan of ginger!Jason, tbh, but this is also the issue where he says “Death didn’t do anything but slow me down a little.” And as a general rule, any time Judd Winick writes Jason Todd it’s going to be good.