Reader X Sam: siblings

Request: Hey can you do one where the reader is dean and sams little sister and she and (Sam are really close) she goes on a hunt and a skin walker tortures her as Sam and then when she gets rescued she has to learn to trust him again (and it’s ends with a fluffy family hug or something cute) thanks so much and I love your blog! (So I realized that I accidentally made it a demon possessing Sam, not a skin walker. I hope that’s okay!)

Request: You’re sam and dean’s little sister (14 or 15 years old) and you’re trying to do your homework but you’re dyslexic and dean and Sam know, and dean sees you struggling and tries to cheer you up and help with it but obviously isn’t very good at math, so then sam comes home and saves the day! I love your writing, thank you for always brightening up my day :)

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