wingys art

Roy Koopa

A valiant knight in every sense of the word, Roy works as the muscle of the Battalion, leading the charge and protecting his troops from any harm with his wits, strength… and a big, spiked hammer doesn’t hurt either. Even losing his right eye doesn’t deter him from his duties (and that in itself is a long story).

He done, finally. I dragged my feet on this due to university, but I’m glad I could finally get this done. Another unoriginal pose.

I got bored and drew up a fetch modus!

its a gray wallet (probably fake leather) with a clear plastic film on top to add images and make it any kind of fetch modus you want. the back contains 2 more pockets to place words for buttons and such 

the wallet opens up into 3 parts, the first containing pockets for cards, the second one having a removable coin purse, and the third having another plastic film to place your ID inside.

since its a reasonably large wallet, dollar bills can be placed perfectly into side 2-3 of the wallet while the top of 1 is sown up.


“You’re walking meadows in my mind,
making waves across my time~”

Adorable dorks, my newest OTP~ I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ;U;  If you haven’t seen Strange Magic yet, GO SEE IT! I swear to goodness, you won’t regret it! 

( It wasn’t until I finished this that I realize how tiny she looks in comparison to him…but I think I’m okay with it. LOL xD It wasn’t on purpose, but I’m willing to call it an acceptable accident. lol )