wingys art

In preparation for my new stickers I’ve got in the works, I’ve collected my 4 main Strange Magic (OTP) prints together into a set!! Now available in my Etsy!

I’m stupid excited about these!!! Mostly because now I can put my favorite fairy/goblin pair WHERE EVER I WANT TO!!! *insert evil laugh here*

I am sorry,.. But not that sorry…

I will never get tired of this comic, i now i made one myself…  let’s face it we ALL fell in love with Bog King. Ooh bog!

And staff’ in case Marianne wanna fight later… ^^

This was just for fun, I am Working on another Strange Magic fanart, i’ll post it later as soon as me and my scanner had a Sirius talk.

“You’re walking meadows in my mind,
making waves across my time~”

Adorable dorks, my newest OTP~ I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ;U;  If you haven’t seen Strange Magic yet, GO SEE IT! I swear to goodness, you won’t regret it! 

( It wasn’t until I finished this that I realize how tiny she looks in comparison to him…but I think I’m okay with it. LOL xD It wasn’t on purpose, but I’m willing to call it an acceptable accident. lol )