wingys art

In preparation for my new stickers I’ve got in the works, I’ve collected my 4 main Strange Magic (OTP) prints together into a set!! Now available in my Etsy!

I’m stupid excited about these!!! Mostly because now I can put my favorite fairy/goblin pair WHERE EVER I WANT TO!!! *insert evil laugh here*


Happy Birthday, @cherrylilies !!!
Slend ( @homosexualmagicalboys ) drew this for you almost a month ahead of time to have it ready, and since I got the tablet only a couple of weeks ago I decided I could go over it and paint it.
We both love you SO MUCH and we hope this token of our appreciation resulting of both our efforts makes your day brighter! All our love to you, gorgeous Megan!

I am sorry,.. But not that sorry…

I will never get tired of this comic, i now i made one myself…  let’s face it we ALL fell in love with Bog King. Ooh bog!

And staff’ in case Marianne wanna fight later… ^^

This was just for fun, I am Working on another Strange Magic fanart, i’ll post it later as soon as me and my scanner had a Sirius talk.