Forget Me Not - 8

Chapter 8

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“Madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push.” – The Joker

For all of my angsty Cas girls out there in hiding, this one’s for you.

Warning: ANGST. This is my break from fluff. There will be blood, gore, nightmares, mental illness, swearing, physical violence and pain. If any of this would be triggering for you, please do not read this. If you would prefer something lighter I have a few slightly less angsty fics on my masterlist that you may enjoy instead.

Word Count: 5,427

Ok, I sped it up a little bit in this chapter. The story pretty much hits its climax in chapter 9. I hope you enjoy it!

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You made your way down the long hall, looking for the room that Dean had first brought you to. The bunker was quiet as you counted the doors, trying to remember which one it was. But something was different now. There was a presence there that you had missed before; something akin to a heartbeat that was too soft to hear, a source of life that lived and breathed and thrummed just under consciousness.

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Heavenfell Frisk.
I love the blog author of this Au and story Their Wings.
And that recently often I go on this blog, I found this great animation, with a great background music, now I listen it over and over again. And so, one great day when I was listening: Alan Walker - Sing me to sleep, I decided to draw Frisk.
So, with a dedication to the author. <3
Link to blog:
Link to Their Wings:

genjishimadainpajamas  asked:

Can we get some lord snippets of Gabo and Jack with Gabo's family??? I feel like Jack needs some good old motherly love and all that shit. Like think of all the situations he's never encountered, like breakfast with the family, random hugs, motherly affection. I'm just so thirsty for a family structure for my sweet black bird. Please

HAVE IT AT YA!!! Hope you like it <3

The few days spent with Gabriel’s family had been…pleasant. Jack was a bit hesitating of his observation because, quite frankly, he didn’t know how to deal with all this affections. They flustered him terribly, from the warm hugs to general fussing about his well-being. He couldn’t say he didn’t like it however, for once in his life knowing what a proper, happy family was supposed to be. He especially enjoyed the banters over yard work with Gabriel’s dad, the curious sisters (he was pretty sure Gabriel’s youngest sibling had a bit of a crush on him, which was quite adorable, since she was little older than twelve), and Ma’s wonderful cooking.

It was a bit embarrassing, but he blurted out one sleepy morning, calling Gabriel’s mother “Ma” instead of “Mrs. Reyes”. There was simply no stopping her cooing and hugging afterwards or even avoiding Gabriel’s shit-eating, extremely prideful grins. 

The funny thing was, they didn’t even try too hard to make him feel fit in. Jack just did, naturally, without even remotely feeling like an outcast he always was. The offers to fix the fence, a simple trip to the supermarket, to lounge around and laugh at a silly old sitcom…they all came out as if Jack was already part of the family, long before he came. They made room for him and included him in the most mundane of activities, without being forced and were genuinely loving towards him unconditionally.

Jack wasn’t going to lie, it was overwhelming, but in a good sense. Listening to Ma’s descriptions and tales about the misadventures Gabriel got into when he was a child certainly was the highlight of Jack’s stay. He could never in his life remember a time when he laughed so much, not only because the story of little Gabe hiding under a Priest’s robes for an entire ceremony was hilarious, but also because he was safe, warm and all around content. Even when, especially when, Gabriel whined at Ma and pinched Jack’s sides until he was breathless, and they all laughed together just for the silliness of it all.

And when Gabriel asked him to visit his family again the next time, Jack couldn’t help but eagerly nod immediately, much to his mate’s amusement and happiness. Perhaps this time, Jack might just had the courage to show them his wings on his own accord.

August 12, 2016 - Black-winged Kite (Elanus caeruleus)

These kites are found in much of sub-Saharan Africa, South and Southeast Asia, southwest China, and southwestern Europe. Preying on a variety of animals, including rodents, birds, lizards, snakes, frogs, bats, and large insects, they swoop down on them from a perch or a hover, or catch them in flight. During courtship, pairs chase each other and soar together in the air, sometimes grasping each other’s talons and spiraling downward briefly. They build flat twig nests where females incubate the eggs while males bring them food.


Donnie Yen vs Max Zhang - Butterfly Knives fight form Ip Man 3

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