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At the beginning I wanted to thank all the people who following me (I never thought that I would have more than 100). And I want to thank all the people who make my dash beautiful. I’m very glad that I follow you. This follow forever doesn’t include all the people that I follow, but I love you all. Remember that.

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For Caro ~even though it sucks~

A loud growling noise made Castiel whip his head around expecting to find something which resembled a large dog, only to find Sam sprawled on the tattered couch. The strange sound seemed to be emanating from Sam himself. He heard the noise again, only coming from his left this time. He whipped his head back again only to see Dean raising a beer bottle to his lips and flicking absently through television channels. He didn’t understand where this sound was coming from.

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wingsexual replied to your post: everyone is so big on sub and doms and what not…

omfg all say this has literally been my dash and i just feel so… uninvolved a;lsdkfj like i just don’t care that much, i mean i have preferences but???? ahh everyone’s really into it and i feel like i should be too but


and I see people getting really offended and loads of wank and I am just sat here like wow it’s the same fandom and the same pairing I didn’t realize there was so much more to it bgvhbnjcdmxs

I feel boring for not having any opinions on it