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Jeremy Scott x Adidas JS Wings “Reflective Floral” Sneaks

moulting season (Bird Spirit! AU) [fic]

well, since my tablet pen’s broken, I figure the only thing I can do right now is write.. Here’s a lil piece from the Bird Spirit! AU! I say lil piece, but it somehow ended up being 950 words alkdhalkhshd.. treat it like an intro/prologue? there isnt any romance or whatever yet, more worldbuilding. I’m still a lil rusty with writing, o77 please bear with me

(P.S although it’s called bird spirit au, not everyone’s a bird spirit, rather it’s because You’s the bird spirit and she’s kinda the protag here bc I thirst)

Anyway, enjoy lil grumpy scruffy You!! (for clarity’s sake, she’s called Yo) I’ll write more if yall like it?

@hitomishiga ya wanted to be tagged? this is me yellin about it hehehe

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Yo feels the familiar shimmering sensation when she pulls in her wings as her sneakers touch the asphalt. It doesn’t quite get ‘pulled in’ rather than retreat to behind the Veil, seemingly disappearing from human eyes. It may be six in the morning on a weekend , but Yo figures she can’t be too safe.

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