wings of plague

Let’s talk dark children of Apollo. There are a lot of things about the “god of the arts, medicine, sun, etc.” that are dark, or can be interpreted AS dark. Lately I’ve been thinking about the characters in the PJO series that are atypical, or don’t match up to their parent gods’ steryotypes: Nico, child of Hades, being afraid of the dark; Piper, child of Aphrodite, doesn’t want to be a gossipy supermodel, etc. But what about going in the completely opposite direction?

 Here are some dark things associated with and/or relative to the various symbols of “sunny” Apollo:

-crows (summoning murders of crows, black wings/feathers, talons)


-music (death metal, sad music)

-sunsets (the END of light, or absorbing it to cause darkness)

-truth, which doesn’t have to be accuired peacefully (i.e. torture)

-silver (blades, moon, etc.)

-arrows (and by default the blood drawn by a bow)

-prophecy (a negative outcome, or fortune telling by other means such as: tarot cards, bone reading, scary drawings, etc.)

-dark poetry/”disturbed” art (could bring art to life??)

-shepards/herding (not just sheep/goats, but what about wolves that try to attack? Weapons made from wolf bones/fur?)

-magic (deadly magic tricks, illusions, trickery)

So, I mean…if we want a badass who doesn’t have to be a good guy…but that would be a pretty great protagonist/side character js


i lean, sitting, headbig swellhead
hitting all walls

no amount of diphenhydraminelevocetirizinedihydrochloridefluticasonepropionatecetirizinehydrochlorideloratadinepseudoephedrinefexofenadine will help so i lean, & sneeze–

they say when it rains it means god (which one and why) is crying but this isn’t that please

because out of my headbig swellhead comes a torrent of planets dice tables trees fans tea leaves churches (steeples steeples steeples) people teeth peaches beaches dragons pencils persian rugs roses hats televisions glaciers carnivals sleeves fire dogs ants luggage tags boats flags vision boards masks winged androids plague doctors marbles ice cubes mice water bottles hang gliders shoehorns chickens nachos sugar skulls music boxes doors ties telephones trains electric guitars volcanoes rivers & rivers & rivers & rivers all connected by thick sticky headglue–

now i think my eyeballs are on the other side of the room so one of the people that i sneezed out tries to go & grab them but she’s sticking to a slimey planet & it’s not letting go easy (do they ever) & her head is getting


leaning further i fall over
well swole oh hell

jykinturah  asked:

Actually a question that I've been dwelling on considering clothing winged anthros... How do you work with it? (Especially if we give them tails and tailfeathers or the like for membranous wings)

This has literally plagued me for years and still is haunting me, so I went ahead and took a crack at it. Given the way the wings actually attach to the body I’d assume they’re have clothing that go completely around the wings or slots for the wings to fit through. I’d imagine putting clothes on could be annoying since they’d be caught on the wings, so I think the best solution would probably be clasps or buttons.

Ignoring the fact that I might need to extend the area of which the wing attaches to the back, these are two of the few solutions I came up with, with the first one being I think the best possible solution. Slots designed for the wing to comfortably fit through without hindering flight, and so the trouble of actually getting it on is also taken care of by the use of an open flap that fits around the wing with buttons/claps that’ll vary in slot-size depending on the size of the wings, if that makes any sense. I might draw more very quick sketches to illustrate it, though. o: