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The 2nd Episode is out! Come give it a gander!


3rd episode is out! I won’t be posting anymore after today, but if you’d like to stay updated just subscribe!

Starcraft 2's writing is trash

Brood War Jim Raynor: Don’t I? I’ll see you dead for this, Kerrigan. For Fenix and all the others who got caught between you and your mad quest for power! It may not be tomorrow, darlin’. It may not even happen with an army at my back. But rest assured: I’m the man who’s going to kill you some day. I’ll be seein’ you.

Starcraft 2 Jim Raynor: uwu im gonna risk all my raiders AGAIN to save my girlfriend uwu I’ve got to cure Kerrigan so I can stick my dick back in her uwu I’ll trust Kerrigan completely even after the last time I did she murdered the vast majority of my friends and allies uwu uwu