wings of a mockingjay

Gradually, I’m forced to accept who I am. A badly burned girl with no wings.

has anyone else noticed this before?

that white patch in rue’s hair. at first i thought it was sunlight, but it’s not – there’s very clear definition of certain curls, and they’re not shiny.

they’re actually white.

And here and there, the black-and-white flash of a mockingjay wing in the branches high over my head.

(from the hunger games, chapter 16)

all those theories about rue being the mockingjay – it’s right here.

a book a day keeps the terrible reality away

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All pregnancy Fics

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If anyone knows of any others, please tell us!

The smell’s very faint but still laces the air. It’s there. The white rose among the dried flowers in the vase. Shriveled and fragile, but holding on to that unnatural perfection cultivated in Snow’s greenhouse. I grab the vase, stumble down to the kitchen, and throw its contents into the embers. As the flowers flare up, a burst of blue flame envelops the rose and devours it. Fire beats roses again. I smash the vase on the floor for good measure.

Peeta has something heavy weighing on his shoulders...

To be exact, he has wings on his right shoulder. And a cage on his left. 

Something was really bothering me about this scene being cut from Mockingjay. It wasn’t just that the acting was wonderful and that we got a few more precious minutes of pre-hijacked Peeta and that we got a glimpse of the proverbial sword hanging over his head. I noticed right away- as I’m sure we all did- that he has this pair of (distracting-as-hell) wings on his right shoulder from some object behind him. That made me think of the whole angel/devil shoulder trope, but the object that appears over his left shoulder didn’t really serve as a direct analogue to the devil. So I dropped it. Maybe it was just sloppy cinematography. These distracting background objects are things that happen to photographers all the time. But no. Francis is much better than that.  

I realized earlier today- it’s a cage. On his left shoulder sits a cage. It’s an object that looks decidedly like a birdcage that had been forged in the fires of Mount Doom.  

And then it all unraveled for me. There’s the Mockingjay on his right shoulder. Katniss. His angel and most beloved. She’s a symbol of revolution and freedom and hope and comfort. As much as Peeta represents hope to Katniss- as much as he is that voice in her ear that serves as a moral compass- so too is Katniss to him.

And then there’s the cage. It’s repression and fear and doubt. It’s Snow’s power over him and the people of Panem. It’s the niggling voice in his ear that no one, not even Katniss, loves him or needs him. It’s the prison of the mind. 

And we see all of this from Snow’s vantage, from a front row seat on his left shoulder. So Snow must have seen it, too. And maybe, just maybe, that’s where he concocted his nefarious plan for the Boy with the Bread.

Because how do you break the spirit of a free bird? You cage it. And if Snow can’t get to Katniss, then the boy sitting in front of him can. 

“People don’t need wings to survive"
“Mockingjays do.”