wings fashion

There is just something about Taehyung in beanies, he looks so beautiful. Oh and don’t think I forgot the blonde hair. Honestly, I’ve loved all the colours Tae has dyed his hair, but blonde would have to be my favourite. Who’s your ultimate bias from any group and what was your favourite hair colour on them?

  • Cassian: it's war
  • Azriel: *takes out his knife, let's go
  • Feyre: *straps on sword, let's go
  • Rhys: *runs into his walk in closet, comes out with two glittering shirts, which of these goes best with my shoes?
  • Everyone: *looks at Rhys with raised eyebrows
  • Rhys: what? I'll dazzle our enemies with my fantastic looks
  • Feyre: *sighs