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Makeup Mondays:

Winged black eyeliner from the Dior Fall 2016 Couture Runway

Etruscan Bronze Cista Feet, 4th Century BC

Each in the form of a winged female deity, perhaps Lasa, standing on a beaded groundline with voluted ends, surmounting a lion paw, the deity depicted frontally with her feet turned out, pulling her tunic to the right with her right hand and up over her shoulder with her left hand, wearing a necklace and a beaded fillet in her hair, with her wings upraised, the details of the feathers incised, with two perforations and a tenon on the reverse for attachment.

In Etruscan mythology, Lasas were gods and goddesses who accompanied Turan, the goddess of love.


Okay, since I can’t show off ANY of what I’m working on right now, I decided to dig up some of my favorite graphite pieces - either due to composition or difficulty/detail (and because of a discussion i was JUST having, i think i shall tag @dmsilvisart in it :D) 

The first one you see is the oldest of the bunch. I did it 7 years ago now and it was THEN that i finally realized realistic graphite style portraits was something I was actually getting decent at (though i still had room for improvement) AND something I enjoyed…though the level of detail in some of those pictures sure drove me CRAZY!!!!

I’ve also leaned that texture is something i’m good at…flesh is something i still struggle with. You can see the difference in the arms between the top picture and the one in the middle…the second is a lot smoother (but could still use some work)

Graphite Work by Dragon Press Graphics - 2010 - 2017

Note - ALL Graphite portraits are done using photo references. All the above pictures were based off of photos I personally took.