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Name: Alejandra
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I really like black eyed daisies, blue m&m’s, hot wings, the arctic monkeys, talking about terrible movies, talking about great movies, writing, astrology, i fucking love flowers, deep convos, philosophy, and the smell of rain

my dream is to learn french so i can make the ‘r’ sound with my throat because i feel like street cats would better understand me and Spanish so then my grandmother will stop talking shit about me when im in the room– its like,, super annoying

soo yeah, talk to me people– the anticipation is killing me

ohhh yea and ill give you my url so we can, youu know, follow eachother and stuff

Preferences: no preference– you can be weird… just not weirder than me pls


I had to go to an awards ceremony today so I pulled out that one skirt I always wear when I want to look vaguely girly. I am also pretty pleased with this light doing favors to my highlight.


On today’s Comedy Bang Bang with Tatiana Maslany, Kristian Bruun, Mary Holland & Lauren Lapkus, the subject of the “CJ Does ‘The Jackal’” scene from “The West Wing” came up in conversation, so we watched the clip during a break. See if you can spot the people who had never seen it before.

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Chapter 48: The Inn (Rhys POV)

I take zero credit for the dialogue or characters behind this fic. They belong 100% to Sarah J. Maas.

I’m kind of sad right now. I think this is the last Rhys POV I have in me for the first two books. Everything I wanted to write, I’ve written! I will still continue to write other fics, but I think of canon Rhys POV re-writes, this is the last one for a while. So here it is - the Inn scene taken from Chapter 48 of ACOMAF. Thank you to the many, many people who asked for this and sat by patiently waiting for me to write it. I know it took me a while and I appreciate you all waiting on me.

And for @feysand16 who, I think, has waited the longest and most patiently for this fic. <3

Out of the Shadows

To say the inn where we were staying was cramped would have been an understatement, but there it was. The attic room given us was tiny, Feyre was grumpy as hell from training, and I was horny as fuck from flying her here against my chest through the wind and rain.

The encounter with Lucien seemed to have triggered something in us both that even the Court of Nightmares and Starfall had not managed. I thought about how Feyre had looked with those powerful wings gliding out of her back the entire flight to the inn, trying not to drop in my anxiety her as we flew.

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“It’s hard to be high profile and young. I wasn’t very confident; I was cripplingly shy. And at the age of 19, you are all too aware of how people are perceiving you. I remember reading the first profile of me that was printed in a magazine and thinking, ‘Oh, good, now I’m going to find out what I’m really like.’ But no. That’s not the best way of judging yourself.”

Helena Bonham Carter (May 26th, 1966) through the decades.