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GUYS…I’m sorry, but did my husband read the books behind my back?!? 😍😍😍

Also…no judgement on the bikini wax. I’m a little bitch when it comes to pain of any kind haha.

Annnd tortilla chips is not code. I just really needed to know…

ID #92858

Name: Alejandra
Age: 18
Country: USA

I really like black eyed daisies, blue m&m’s, hot wings, the arctic monkeys, talking about terrible movies, talking about great movies, writing, astrology, i fucking love flowers, deep convos, philosophy, and the smell of rain

my dream is to learn french so i can make the ‘r’ sound with my throat because i feel like street cats would better understand me and Spanish so then my grandmother will stop talking shit about me when im in the room– its like,, super annoying

soo yeah, talk to me people– the anticipation is killing me

ohhh yea and ill give you my url so we can, youu know, follow eachother and stuff

Preferences: no preference– you can be weird… just not weirder than me pls


I had to go to an awards ceremony today so I pulled out that one skirt I always wear when I want to look vaguely girly. I am also pretty pleased with this light doing favors to my highlight.

  • Winter: You don't need that stuff. You'll have me
  • Qibli: Oh, will I?
  • Winter: I'm coming with you. To rescue your little SandWing friend or whatever
  • Qibli: Really? Why? Because you adore me and can't bear to see me leave?
  • Winter: Because I owe you for helping me find Hailstorm. And if we're even, maybe you'll stop bothering me all the time. And also because it'll be funny to be the one annoying YOUR tail for once
  • Qibli: So, basically you adore me
  • Winter: This is already backfiring

Cassian, Rhysand and Azriel at the gym

Cassian: I bet I could bench 100 kgs

Rhysand: I bet I could bench 150

Cassian: I could so do 200

*meanwhile Azriel is benching 300 kgs quietly in the corner*

Rhysand: ……..

Cassian: ……..

*Rhysand and Cassian both murmur*: show off


Hermes is skinny with a slight tan. He gets confused for Apollo a LOT. He also gets mistaken for a Millennial and his favourite retort is, “which one?” He has gold converse whose wings unfurl when he needs to go fast. His hat is a simple baseball hall with wings painted on the side. He wears his sunglasses a lot and loves to look over them sarcastically. His caduceus is tattooed on his forearm and glows when he has a job to do. He has a permanent smell of faint gasoline, strong coffee and oddly the howling wind. His blonde hair falls in curls just past ears. He’s a tricky god with a passion to have fun but knows when he down to earth. His whistle sounds like a bird and his laugh is like an engine revving.


On today’s Comedy Bang Bang with Tatiana Maslany, Kristian Bruun, Mary Holland & Lauren Lapkus, the subject of the “CJ Does ‘The Jackal’” scene from “The West Wing” came up in conversation, so we watched the clip during a break. See if you can spot the people who had never seen it before.