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It sort of skeeves me out how people say Winter deserved Moon more because of what he went through for her. But like, Moon is her own person. It's her choice. She doesn't owe herself to Winter just because he grew as a result of his feelings for her, and it's really fucked up and toxic to suggest that she does.

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nothing pisses me off more than people saying that winter turning was 'useless' because winter didn't end up with moon. it completely negates all of winter's character development just because they're angry that their ship didn't turn out to be canon.

he’s doing his own thing and he’s happy!! he’s living his dream!!

I better not see any of you insisting cobra was innocent and deserved better like the way you did with arctic

Radium Wings of Fire Adopt

$30 / 3.000

Radium is a Seawing; his yellow markings glow brightly and his neon green parts glow to a degree as well. He’s described as toxic by others; physically and mentally, really. He has a way of looking into others and can read others like an open book.

Buyer is free to do with him as they please; once bought I’ll send you the full res image (about 3.400px long) No rules, I just ask that if you ever plan to get rid of him you let me know first; I might be interested in buying him back !!