wings are made to fly

[LYRICS] Outro: Wings by BTS


Take me to the sky
어릴 적의 날 기억해
큰 걱정이 없었기에
이 작은 깃털이 날개가 될 것이고
그 날개로 날아보게 해줄 거란
믿음, 신념 가득 차 있었어
웃음소리와 함께

가지 말라는 길을 가고
하지 말라는 일을 하고
원해선 안 될 걸 원하고
또 상처받고, 상처받고
You can call me stupid
그럼 난 그냥 씩 하고 웃지
난 내가 하기 싫은 일로
성공하긴 싫어
난 날 밀어

난 날 믿어 내 등이 아픈 건
날개가 돋기 위함인 걸
날 널 믿어 지금은 미약할지언정
끝은 창대한 비약일 걸
Fly, fly up in the sky
Fly, fly get ’em up high
니가 택한 길이야 새꺄 쫄지 말어
이제 고작 첫 비행인 걸 uh

Take me to the sky
훨훨 날아갈 수 있다면
영영 달아날 수 있다면
If my wings could fly
점점 무거워지는 공기를 뚫고 날아

날아 나 날아 난 날아가
Higher than higher than
Higher than the sky
날아 나 날아 난 날아가
붉게 물든 날개를 힘껏

Spread spread spread my wings
Spread spread spread my wings
Wings are made to fly fly fly
Fly fly fly
If my wings could fly

이제 알겠어
후회하며 늙어 가는 건 break up
나는 택했어
조건 없는 믿음을 가지겠어
it’s time to be brave
i’m not afraid
날 믿기에
나 예전과는 다르기에
내가 가는 길에 울지 않고
고개 숙이지 않어
거긴 하늘일 테고
날고 있을 테니까 fly

Spread spread spread my wings
Spread spread spread my wings
Wings are made to fly fly fly
Fly fly fly
If my wings could fly


Take me to the sky
I remember the young me
Probably because I didn’t have any big worries
These small feathers became wings
Because I was full of faith
That those wings would allow me to fly
With the sound of laughter
Like a bird

I go places they tell me not to,
Do things they tell me not to do,
Want things I shouldn’t,
Get wounded again and again
You can call me stupid
Then I’ll just crack a smile
I don’t want to succeed
With work I don’t like
I push myself

I trust myself, Since the reason why my back hurts
Is so that wings can sprout
I believe me, you, though the beginning may be humble,
The future will be prosperous
Fly, fly up in the sky
Fly, fly get ‘em up high
This is the path you’ve chosen kid, don’t chicken out
This is only the first flight after all uh

Take me to the sky
If only I could fly freely freely
If only I could escape forever ever
If my wings could fly
I penetrate through the air that gets heavier and heavier, and fly

Fly I I fly I fly away
Higher than higher than
Higher than the sky
Fly I I fly I fly away
With all my strength, my rosy* wings

Spread spread spread my wings
Spread spread spread my wings
Wings are made to fly fly fly
Fly fly fly
If my wings could fly

Now I know to
Break up with the idea of growing older while having regrets
And I’ve decided to
Have unconditional faith
It’s time to be brave
I’m not afraid
Because I believe myself
Because I’m different than before
I don’t cry on my way,
Don’t bow my head
Because it will be sky where I’m going
And I will be flying fly

Spread spread spread my wings
Spread spread spread my wings
Wings are made to fly fly fly
Fly fly fly
If my wings could fly

(T/N: * Referring to the rosy sunset light on their wings and also mean blood-stained wings.)

Trans cr; Julietq01 & Joyce @ bts-trans

The Peculiar Children as Things That I've Said in the Past 6 Months

Jacob: Nut allergies are only nut allergies because people have them.

Hugh: I have three goldfish named Gordon.

Enoch: How likely would it be that you could just… you know… go away…?

Bronwyn: You don’t need to be strong to protect people, you just need to be small enough to kick them in the nuts.

Millard: Jigglybits is a very scientific term. I should know, I took a biology class for a day.

Horace: Does this sweater make me look like a walking trash bag? Because that’s the look I was going for.

Olive: If people were made to fly, they would have wings. Like flying squirrels; such majestic creatures…

Emma: If I set fire to this piece of paper, how fast would the school burn?

Fiona: When did spring come? I was uninformed about this.

Claire: [when asked for a number between 1 and 10] Triangle.


Miss P: I don’t care if you haven’t come out of my womb; I am your mother and you will listen to me or you will be standing in the rain for the rest of the night. Do you understand me?


Kurogane immediately tries to recover his reputation by sounding mad and using angry speech but it has no effect on anyone whatsoever and I’m thrilled to bits. 


But I’m endlessly amused that Mokona’s Empathy Radar is so effective that it even hones in on HUNGER. 

I know that feeling. ‘Almost unbearable’ is absolutely correct. 

I will never recover from Mokona’s fountain of hearts while physically attached to the front of Kurogane’s face. 



Commission! Toothless was really fun to make and, I have to say, quite a small challenge.

I’m pretty used to drawing dragons and animals in general, but Toothless was kinda hard because his design is so… consistent. His anatomy is really round, his wings and tail are really made so you can believe he’s able to fly. Before making the final picture I had to do a lot of studies (you can see some of them there) to understand how he moves and behaves.

I could spend days staring at his eyes. I loved how they turned out.

This isn’t just a child’s drawing of a made up animal, it’s the creature that was seen by Jacki Hartley of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, in 1969. Jacki was only 4 years old when she saw the creature for the first time but it stuck with her throughout her life.  She claims “It had bat wings which it unfolded and stretched out before folding back up again, red eyes and a kind of monster monkey face with a parrot’s beak and was about 3 feet in height.” She called it The Bat Winged Monkey Bird because of the weird combination of animals it looked like. She saw it again when she was 11 and can vividly remember the loud screeching sound that the creature made.


revised(ish) tsunami! revisions include: 

  1. 64% less wing
  2. 45% more fin
  3. a 38% more thirst for water
  4. and finally, the rest of the dragonets of destiny have no choice but to make a little hammock for tsunami to carry her, since she can’t fly. 

 mainly based off of @amearu ‘s post. hopefully i’ll get around to drawing the other dragonets with the revisions!

This is Omar, a fusion between Marik and Odion!

His weapon is a Sword AND a Scabbard. The Rod itself has a sheath to hide the sharp end. But for this fusion, the Scabbard is to symbolize the protectiveness of Odion, and the Sword for Marik’s strength. This fusion also has a Light theme: He makes traps and can make them invisible, as well as create small illusions. He stands for Justice, but that can lead to an extreme whenever for good or bad. He can make wings made of light and fly.

Omar is mostly quiet, but don’t test him, he’ll reply to you with a witty remark.