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Things that I love

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One song: Believer by Imagine Dragons

Two movies: Donnie Darko, A Nightmare on Elm Street

Three series: RICK AND MORTY OF COURSE, Mr.Robot, The Punisher series which comes out in November (can I say a series that will be coming out later in the year?)

Four people: Rami Malek (his jawline😱), Jake Gyllenhaal (or irl Rafe), Hugh Jackman (cuz he a real dad), Chris Pratt (cuz he funny af)

Five foods: Sushi, wings, waffles, cookies, pizza

Six people to tag even tho I don’t have 6: @crazy-rafe-madler (you’ve now been tagged twice officially) @thatoggchick @behold-the-ginger-goddess heheheh sorry if you don’t like being tagged but you are me only bbys 😂

The Signs as Things I’ve Done Today

Woke up at 2pm: Pisces, Taurus

Built A kickass blanket fort: Aquarius, Sagittarius

Made buffalo wings and waffles: Gemini, Aries

Ate a whole box of Cheez-Its with no shame: Leo, Libra 

Only came out of my room momentarily 3 times: Capricorn, Scorpio

Aced a Buzzfeed Period Test: Virgo, Cancer

caelitus mihi vires [x]

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22 Days Of Christmas - Part 1

Title: 22 Days Of Christmas - Part 1

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Author: fvckingbuckyandsteve

22 Days Of Christmas Masterlist

Summary:This 22 Days Of Christmas is a new Drabble series, it’s made out of 22 Drabbles, a new one each day for Either Bucky or Steve.

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“Sweetheart, what will we be getting?” Bucky asked casually as I pushed the trolley pass the lanes of the grocery store, my messy hair in a ponytail as I scanned the aisle of food when Bucky tapped my shoulder, a small smirk on his face.

“Allow me doll,” he said and I shoved him playfully, stepping aside watching as he took over the annoyingly noisy trolley, pushing it forward as I moved, keeping my eyes on the Basil I needed to perfect my turkey that did I mention I haven’t even bought yet.

“What’s on the list Buck?” I asked, grabbing a few glass bottles of beer and loading them into the trolley knowing Tony would make a fuss if beer wasn’t a guest at his Christmas Party next week.

“Let’s see doll, I’ll gladly only have you on my list” he said chuckling as he allowed his striking blue eyes to take in my form. “Buck!” I said trying to stifle my laughter, punching his shoulder lightly as we both giggled like two high school kids.

“Young love, beautiful isn’t it” Bucky and I turned to see an old couple, their eyes fixed on us and serene smiles on their faces.

“Is he your husband sweetie?” The old lady asked, as she picked up her jar of mayonnaise.

“No, he’s my boyfriend” I said smiling as Bucky wrapped his arm around my waist. “I’d like to be your husband (y/n)” Bucky said pressing a kiss to my temple as he shot the older man a bright smile.

I smiled up at him, Bucky wasn’t perfect in the eyes of the world, but he was in mine. He was everything I wanted, everything I had been searching for, he is my comfort, love and most importantly he is my home.

“Well, we have to go” The man who had introduced himself as Jeremy said as he held his wife’s hand, walking past the aisle of food.

“Do you think we’ll be like them? Growing old together?” I asked, as Bucky pressed a soft kiss to my forehead.

“There’s no one I rather spent my life with doll” Bucky replied, smiling.

I grabbed the flour and sugar, damn those gingerbread men that Natasha loves so much.

“Okay doll! We have chicken wings, waffles, twenty packs of beer, five boxes of shawarma,” Bucky started and I rolled my eyes, typical Tony. I made a turn, grabbing every item he had just listed off and dropped them into the trolley.

“Next, endless boxes of pop tarts” Bucky said cocking an eyebrow as he glanced at me. We both sighed and said at the same time.


I dropped almost what seemed like half of all the pop tart boxes into the now heaving trolley, watching as Bucky had his bionic arm on the trolley and his other hand clutching the never ending list.

“And preferably my girlfriend in new lingerie” Bucky teased and I bit my lip turning to face the man who had a smirk etched on his handsome face.

“What? Can’t a guy admire his best girl?” He asked innocently. I shook my head, moving forwards, and pressing my lips onto Bucky’s plump ones, nearly moaning as he dropped the list, his now free hand wrapping around my waist pulling my closer to his chest.

I smiled into the kiss, feeling his tongue swipe across my bottom lip and teasingly, I pulled away. “Sweetheart,” Bucky said almost pleading as I shook my head.

I had an idea and I smiled coyly knowing Bucky would definitely give in to this one.

“Bucky, once we finish shopping, I promise when we get back, you can do whatever is it you want to me” I said, smirking as his eyes lit up to match the season.

“I can tie you up?” He asked, licking his lips as I picked up a can of whipped cream dropping into the trolley, my eyes fixated on his blue ones.

“Anything you want James” I said softly, grinning as Bucky sped through the list, filling our trolley with all of the necessities, the two us eager for what was waiting for us when we got back.

God I hope you guys like this one.

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What would you want the rest of the world to do if and when US wins the World Cup?

First and foremost, they’re gonna have to call it soccer.

They gon call it soccer. For, at minimum, four years. No more of this “Football Club”; they gonna call it “Soccer Club”.

Secondly, they gon put cheese and bacon on everything.

“Everything?” Ev-er-y-thing! Even in the most unnecessary of cases.

Thirdly, we get to bitchslap the fuck out the French just because. They stay beefing with us on some “stupid Americans” bullshit, and it’ll be time for us to drag ‘em through the streets like Qaddafi.

Fourthly, they gon build American shit. I’m talkin’ WalMarts. I don’t know if anywhere else has WalMarts but even if they did, they’re gonna have to build new ones. Golden Corrals, Buffalo Wild Wings, Cracker Barrel, Waffle Houses, KFCs and Popeyes. And all that money they make? Comes to us.

Oh, and the last thing: Change every national anthem to the most patriotic song every - “Real American” by Rick Derringer.

And this whole movement will be called: “They Gon Call It Soccer”.

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