zackbilly  asked:

bucky and steve. enjoy!

oh yesssss. 

ima do pre-serum and post-winter  

who cooks normally?: Bucky Steve

how often do they fight? Maybe like once a couple weeks. Two times a week

what do they do when they’re away from each other? Steve does art and Bucky plays ball. Bucky broods over what he has done and Steve thinks about if Bucky is out trying to get into the world, get accustomed to it. 

nicknames for each other?:  Bucky calls Steve kiddo and Steve calls Bucky Buck. Bucky calls Steve by his name (he is still remembering things) and Steve calls Bucky Buck. 

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:  Bucky Steve

who steals the covers at night?: Steve Neither, they sleep with separate blankets.

what would they get each other for gifts?: Bucky would get Steve art supplies, Steve would probably buy Bucky some beer. Bucky remembers that Steve likes art, so art supplies. Steve does not know what to get Bucky now

who remembers things?:  Steve Steve

who cusses more? Bucky Bucky

who kissed who first?: Bucky kissed Steve first. Steve kisses Bucky first. 

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Pepper and natasha :D


Who would win in a fight

in a physical fight definitely nat

Who would be a better roommate


Who’s better in bed

pepper because she’s had sex with tony so many times haha kill me

Who I’d pick to be my presidential running mate

VIRGINIA PEPPER POTTS how amazing of vp would she be though

Whose shoulder I’d cry on

pepper againnn

Who would make a better parent

probably pepper i’m sorry tasha ily

Who I’d rather date

…natasha because i couldn’t break up my otp

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hi, sam over here, you two ladies are hella and i don't deserve to be on your team but i'll make it up for you. i can cook dinner. i'd be a good boy. just don't make me hang out with steve and bucky, they're being too emo for my liking.

You’re everything I could ever want. You’re def hella enough for me.