Things my friends think I'll find amusing...because I do.
“an old euphemism for queer female relationships was
female adventurer
#it’s like you’re indiana jones but you’re searching for vagina”

tumblr insight I thought you would find amusing ♥

(a fb post from my friend Mollie <3)

iamyournymphetamine asked:

I'm not quite sure what all the messages about, I just noticed a meeting of Mollys well I'm Mollie haha, so nice to meet you ladies! XD

to be honest, i’m not quite sure whats going on either aha. 
i think it sorta went like this

  • my name is molly
  • molly#2 sent someone a lovely anon message
  • they thought it was sent by me (molly#1)
  • molly#2 messaged me on anon about it
  • now i’m getting odd messages from the goddess? idek where that came from.
  • and now you’re mollie#3 yay

nice to meet you by the way. aha <3