My first writing prompt!

Oh man, I hope I did this right…

*A person notices a cup of tea on the tree stump that they like to sit on and relax. The tree stump is in the forest miles away from any other house.*

Picnic basket in hand and a book in the crook of her elbow, Midnight cocked her head at the still steaming cup of tea in her favorite spot. She looked around warily and ruffled her large wings, she chose this spot for it’s isolation and peace. She gave a thoughtful ‘hmmm’ and put down the basket and her book beside the stump, being careful not to crush the sprouting toadstool mushrooms. She carefully picked up delicate teacup from its saucer, noting the lovely handpainted flowers on its surface. The tea was a golden hue and gave off a fruity, flowery aroma. The woman took a tentative sip of the liquid and sighed, it was already sweetened to her liking. She placed it back down, 'Maybe whoever left this wants company.’  She thought to herself as she made herself comfortable and cracked open her book.