Soooooooo…. I’ve been looking for Winged Twi for quite some time… And I’ve found this today…

Not only that I’ve found her; I’ve found a package that I’ve never expected. She was packaged with Rainbow Dash. Not only that that made me all warm and fuzzy inside; that also means, that Hasbro supports my fav ship. They’re even anxious to fly together… Subtle, Hasbro. Subtle.

I approve.

And I couldn’t resist to buy two sets.

This is the very last our picture in 2013.

So; we would both like to thank you for hanging with us this year, and we promise we’ll spend more time on Tumblr.

Dash: You still have that story to write…

Twi: Shush.

So; see ya next year, everypony! And remember: A warm cup of tea is the best if you can share it with a special somepony.

~Twilight and Dashie