Bobbi is a horrid makeup fascist with no skill. She didn’t let her artists do smoky eyes, contour, apply false lashes or draw winged-out liner because she admittedly couldn’t do any of those things. She has literally been notorious in the industry since the 80s for having no talent with makeup.



  1. Begin with a fresh clean face, apply your favorite foundation evenly on the face making sure to blend harsh edges 
  2. Conceal any dark circles or blemishes with a concealer matching you skin tone patting in lightly 
  3. With a translucent powder brush across face, add a light blush to the cheeks 
  4. Pat a light brown eye shadow over the top of the lid, with a fluffy eye shadow brush blend a darker brown in the outer v and work up wards, with a clean brush make sure hard edges are blended 
  5. Run a liquid eye liner on the top lash line,winging it out at the end 
  6. Finish off with a deep mascara (falsies if desired) and a light pink lip stain

How to get Constance Jablonski’s look from our Paris dinner to celebrate our limited-edition Courrèges collection.

1. Using Double Wear Eyeliner in Onyx, apply four upside down crescent moon shapes under the eye.
2. Using Ultra White Liner, fill in between moons close to lash line and extend into a wing.
3. Using Double Wear Eyeliner in Onyx, line the top lash line under lashes, in between, and on top of lashes from the inner to outer corner of eye, extending out and on top of white winged liner.
4. Apply a coat of Little Black Primer™, then apply Super Lashes. Fuse natural and false lashes together with Sumptuous Infinite Mascara in Black.
5. Fill in exposed eyelid using Eye Amplifier in Aqua Silver and use the Illuminations Highlighting Powder under brow.
6. Create a small *asterisk just under the brow to look like a little star.
7. Repeat steps 3-6 on other eye and smudge black liner under bottom lashes to even out and balance the look.

?? stop ? telling ??? people ???? how ? to ?? wing ? their ?????? eye liner ???????????

eyes are different shapes.

some are easier to line than others.

some you can line and wing straight off.

some you cant wing.

some you have to dip the wing.

stop fucking telling people how to wing their eyeliner just because it looks weird to you. not everyone has rounded wide eyes.

anonymous asked:

this is just a suggestion and you're free to ignore it - i think your eyes would pop more if you put on a thinner line and wing it out a bit :) you have pretty wide eyes and the thick liner looks a bit heavy

TOTALLY OKAY! actually my sister thinks the same way haha ;w; i tried that out but i madea mistake so i just glopped on more to pretend i didn’t mean to do it LIKE THE REST OF MY LIFE

but thank you!! i need to practice how to do wings uwu & makeup in general

glitchbunny asked:

i saw ur pic on nbjews and i just want to give u a winged eye liner tip!!! follow your lower lash line out and it will create an easy and perfect wing! and then do your lids and fill in anything that needs to be filled in!! you can also do this with a pencil first and then go over it with a liquid or gel liner once you have the shape you want!! and ofc do your non-dominate eye first! it's much easier to match your dominate eye to your non-dominate eye then the other way around!! good luck!!

Thanks so much for your advice :D (Hey followers, here’s your new resource for makeup tips!) I’ll see if that works better than using tape to guide like I was just doing…

Also, rock on what a champion of a blog. Daily validation as a queer Jew. ( is also helpful seeing as androgyny is not really feasible for me, just doesn’t have that Jewish element.)