How To:

Bright Pink / Coral Lip 

Coral lips are a fun, flirty, bright shade for the summer time. However, they aren’t always the easiest to rock. But rest a sure that with these few tips, you will be able to sport a fun coral lip all summer! 

1. Keep the face simple. Too many colors on the face are what turns us from a glam beauty to a high class, low key clown. To prevent this disaster, stick with your strong contour and skip out on the bright blushes and highlighters. Blushes can still be used in this look, but keep them natural. 

2. Natural, Matte Shadows. Days when you are feeling flirty and want to wear a fun, bright lip; opt for matte shadows that will carve out your eye shape with natural shadows. 

3. Bold Liner. To make the eyes pop without the use of color, draw out your best winged eye. This bold, black liner will make sure that the face is shaped nicely to create evenness. 

4. Strong Eyebrows. This is the day where natural eyebrows are laughed at and strong, perfectly shaped eyebrows are key. The black liner is going to focus in on your eyes, but we don’t want the focus there. To create an even look, carve out your strongest, fleekest eyebrows. 

5. Falsies. The bold liner is going to hide our natural lashes, but we still want full lashes to even the shape of our face. There’s no way around it, apply a pair of false lashes. 

6. Lip Liner. To keep our lips bright and pigmented for the whole day, we need to start with a liner that closely resembles the color we are using. Line the entire lip, not just the edges. 

Now is the time to apply your bright coral / pink lip. A touch of gloss will make the lips appear fuller and make your face look nice and fresh! 

I decided to recently wear this look and I loved it! I paired my coral lip with a flowy, paisley tank top and some white denim cropped boyfriend jeans. I think the look came together great and looked very summery. :) 

Have a wonderful week of beauty, fashion, and happiness! Xoxo