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Owl City ~Ocean Eyes album~

Lyric with the title of the song + amazing Monet art in the background

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Soooooooo…. I’ve been looking for Winged Twi for quite some time… And I’ve found this today…

Not only that I’ve found her; I’ve found a package that I’ve never expected. She was packaged with Rainbow Dash. Not only that that made me all warm and fuzzy inside; that also means, that Hasbro supports my fav ship. They’re even anxious to fly together… Subtle, Hasbro. Subtle.

I approve.

And I couldn’t resist to buy two sets.

Like a cupid (Demetri Volturi x Reader)

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You peered out of the small window below the clock tower of Volterra, eyeing the people below. You saw a couple arguing. You frowned, late twenties and they’re on their honeymoon. You poised your bow, aiming for the couple’s backs. This man was laid back, if this woman would drop the subject then it would blow over. You released the arrow and watched as it hit the womans back before turning into gold dust.
“Who-who are you?” 
You turned to see a male vampire eyeing your small wings. “Uhhhh…I’m (Y/N)…hi.”
“Uhhhm what are you-?”
“I’ll tell you what im doing here if you tell me who you are.”
“I’m Demetri…i live here.”
“Pleasure to meet you. This is my best shot, you know how it is,not being seen by humans blah blah blah.”
“Why do you have-?”
“I am fixing relationships Demetri, righting the wrongs that humans make.”
“Fixing their…like Cupid?” He said his eyes widened.
You made a face. “Uhh…yeah, like a cupid. Just not naked, or really sappy like that TV Show…and i’m real, cupids aren’t and neither is the toothfairy or the Easter bunny. Not to mention the job of a cupid is a very sugarcoated version of our job.”
“They got the small wings right…can you actually fly with those?”
“No, think of it like an evolution thing. Our wings are shrinking because we don’t really need them. We don’t really fly. I can hover?”
“So you’re going to fire that into someone?”
“…pretty much.” You shrugged. “I’ve spent a lot of time and effort on these two and i’ll be damned if they screw it all up on their honeymoon.”
“So that’s all you do.”
“Meh, sometimes i split people up.”
“What? That’s horrible!”
“Demetri, i just said that cupids sugarcoat our job. Humans think we make people fall in love and are all cuddly. No, we play God and decide what happens with each relationship. We bring people together, we tear them apart. It all really depends.” You said firing another arrow. “We break as much as we fix.”
Demetri moved to sit up across from you. “We smelled something odd up here. I think you’re pretty safe.”
“Oh, i’m harmless love.” You smiled, releasing yet another arrow. You sat up straighter in thought. “Funnily enough, your coven is my next set…and they’re below us.” You slid over and Demetri leaned over to see Afton and Chelsea below. “Afton and Chelsea.”
“Yup. Afton is getting a little bored of Chelsea’s crap and Chelsea…is Chelsea.” You aimed and fired. The two suddenly looked lovey dovey, like new lovers.
“Chelsea’s gift is very similar to your job.” Demetri noted.
“Chelsea’s gift is very condensed in comparison to our job.” You retorted with a slight attitude. “Okay so i gotta dash, still got a couple of hundred thousand people to deal with. I’ll see you around vampire.” You smiled before dropping down and apparently no one saw you as you lightly hit the ground, small wings extended.

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