winged twilight


Owl City ~Ocean Eyes album~

Lyric with the title of the song + amazing Monet art in the background

(my edit)

Demon Sunset Shimmer & Midnight Sparkle

In their pony forms! At some point I might draw them as Morrigan and Lilith from Darkstalkers…This is one of my top 5 that I drew for Inktober.

I know we have been very busy this and previous year and we both apologize sincerely. Dash was helping me in my Library and there’s still a LOT to sift through. We only post when we have time, so, sorry about that, everypony.

We hope we can do more things on Tumblr soon.

Until then; Happy hearts and hooves, everypony. And remember to take care of your special somepony. We love you all~



Soooooooo…. I’ve been looking for Winged Twi for quite some time… And I’ve found this today…

Not only that I’ve found her; I’ve found a package that I’ve never expected. She was packaged with Rainbow Dash. Not only that that made me all warm and fuzzy inside; that also means, that Hasbro supports my fav ship. They’re even anxious to fly together… Subtle, Hasbro. Subtle.

I approve.

And I couldn’t resist to buy two sets.


(Had an awesome time at Ciderfest this year! 

Met a bunch of fun people and I was even able to get an autograph from Shining Armor’s voice actor, Andrew Francis! Rarity’s Voice Actor, Tabitha St. Germain,  gave me some candy when I was drawing! :D Was also fun watching Celestia’s voice actor, Nicole Oliver running around the crowd to bidders during the Charity Auction, she sat on their laps. lol

I also wanted to thank everyone who got a sketch commission from me, it helped with getting the autograph and food. Till next year! ^^)