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Hey what's your thoughts on japhet I'm kinda curious on how you perceive him like what do u think about his personality?head cannons? dislikes about him? Also I really like your OFF drawings they are really cool and interesting and unique and I like how you draw some of the characters from OFF I hope you have a nice day or night

Thank you!  I don’t think about Japhet that much but I’ve got some stuff.

He’s a very smart bird!  That’s why he enjoys books so much.  It would be kind of weird to own a library if he couldn’t read.  He’s wise, so he knew that preserving books was important in the long run; but he also seems a bit cold, since he demanded a book that belonged to a small child just so he’d do something decent like help Enoch out of the hole (bird morals, maybe?).

I like the headcanon where he’s got weird hoof feet instead of bird claws, it makes him more fantastical.  I also like imagining him as being light-colored, with bright fiery tones thrown into his feathers (a lot like these), since he is supposedly a phoenix.

I really don’t know if he could control the spectres like he said he could or not.  Sure, he’d sort of lost his marbles, but it all seems kind of fishy.  He really wants to care for his citizens again, but is just so angry that, despite everything he’s done for them, they’re still dissatisfied and can’t even be bothered to remember who he is.

All that stewing in his anger probably contributed in making him so quick and sharp with his insults towards the Batter, too.

I’m not sure what I dislike about him; mostly because I see very little exploring of his character, even though he’s one with one of the most clear backstories in the game.  His story is sad and frustrating, and you can definitely see why he got so upset.

Also not really a headcanon but what is UP with all that concept art where Japhet’s a vaguely-birdlike grotesque mass with nipples and stumpy limbs??

If Zacharie with wings can be a thing then so can this.