winged twilight


Soooooooo…. I’ve been looking for Winged Twi for quite some time… And I’ve found this today…

Not only that I’ve found her; I’ve found a package that I’ve never expected. She was packaged with Rainbow Dash. Not only that that made me all warm and fuzzy inside; that also means, that Hasbro supports my fav ship. They’re even anxious to fly together… Subtle, Hasbro. Subtle.

I approve.

And I couldn’t resist to buy two sets.

twilight x west wing again

President Bartlet: I’m not comfortable with violence. [beat] I know this country has enemies, but I don’t feel violent toward any of them. I don’t know whether that’s a weakness or not, but I think I know how the Joint Chiefs would answer that question.

Carlisle: I’m not comfortable with violence. [beat] I know this family has enemies, but I don’t feel violent toward any of them. I don’t know whether that’s a weakness or not, but I think I know how Jasper (or Rosalie?) would answer that question. 

I know we have been very busy this and previous year and we both apologize sincerely. Dash was helping me in my Library and there’s still a LOT to sift through. We only post when we have time, so, sorry about that, everypony.

We hope we can do more things on Tumblr soon.

Until then; Happy hearts and hooves, everypony. And remember to take care of your special somepony. We love you all~



Long time coming but here it is at last folks. Hope it was worth it >3>’

Despite being gifted at a young age (something she would always gloat about over others) this version of Twilight was denied acceptance into Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns. Outraged, she set out to go do something that would PROVE that she was good enough. What followed was a lot of fire, a lot of scars, and one very large and very angry dragon. Her actions did not go unnoticed though, and in fact it was the Princess herself that found her.  The princess acknowledged that she was indeed talented, but had denied her into her school due to her arrogance. The princess did see potential in her though, and allowed her to attend under one condition: taking responsibility for her actions. Namely in the one lone egg left in the wake of her fight with the dragon…

This Twilight seeks mastery in all things magic, and constantly puts herself in life and death situations to do it. She was one the first to enlist in Celestia’s Monster Defense Force and excelled at it, putting quite a few feathers in her cap… as well as horns, fangs, scales and various jars of unidentifiable liquids (She eventually got rid of the cap.) She’s brash and at times quite a little full of herself (she’s improving) but that’s all hopefully going to change once she finally makes some proper friends.

Need to schedule a rain session? Flight routine? Just want to know how to fly properly? Then chances are this version of Dash will be involved somehow. There is not a drop of water that falls from the sky without her inspection, examination, and signed seal of approval. Though she keeps a firm grasp on all Equestrian weather her true passion comes from attending flight shows and choreographing flight routines. Quite a few teams have come to her looking for her to design unique flight routines for them, and quite a few of them have walked away with the gold. She’s met and designed routines for teams from all over… all but one. She aspires to design the ultimate flight routine for one of the most pristine and elite flying teams in all of Equestria: the Illustrious Wonderbolts.

She spends a lot of her time researching famous flyers and studying highly advanced flying maneuvers developing a keen wing-eye coordination. Many question why she herself does not  compete in flying shows, and while she tells them she is simply not interested, secretly her desire to fly is tethered by her anxiety. Besides, she’d much prefer to watch from the sidelines, knowing that at least some of her influence guides those flyers to glory.

Pheeeeew glad I’m done with all of them now, but chances are I’m going to do some tweaks and edits down the road. Also hopefully I’m going to be moving all this AU stuff to it’s own blog sometime soon so keep an eye out! This has been a pretty fun little project I have to say :)

Oh, and of course these two need names so feel free pitch in some suggestions!

Edit: Seems quite a few of you dialed in on ‘Prism Wing’ for this dash. I like it! Now we just need one for Twilight :v

Edit Edit: Hmmm, you guys made it tough but I quite like this name. So here they are, Prism Wing and Stardust Nova!

I forgot. This supposedly “positive fandom” is all about treating any kind of changing with extreme pessimism and negativity. I need to keep my enthusiasm about the movie on the down low or I’ll be getting strings of swear words and sarcastic, rude questions about how I’m stupid until it’s release. It was the same with Flurry Heart and Starlight Glimmer. Even Twilight’s wings.

SO sunset has short hair in my pony world and twilight loves it.

sunset is having one of those say, she is full of regret from actions long ago.
One day, when she was chillin with her girlfriend, she just wept. She has kept her regrets bottled up she couldn’t take it anymore.

With a comforting wing, twilight pulled her close and tried to comfort her.
I REALLY need to draw my little gays more. I finally learned an effective shading I’m really proud of this.

Astrology thoughts

Aries: Strong winds that bite your face, dark red roses, thorns, laughing so hard it hurts, supernovas, bright light that blinds you when you step into a room and you have to wait for your eyes to adjust, dry lips, dry acrylic paint, peeling paint off of palettes, burgers, when a tooth is wobbly and it won’t come out, when your ears burn, loving a friend like they are your own child

Taurus: Soft skin, calm breezes, long walks, strolls, slow ambles through the forest, leaves that crunch under your feet, puddles, wearing an apron whilst baking, baking with your children, yellow roses, sleepy eyes, that yawn you do when you first wake up and you feel all refreshed by achy as well, coffee cups that have been forgotten and gone lukewarm, staying out in the garden for hours and going all red in the face from the cold, loving your someone comfortably, knowing they love you too

Gemini: Static from a TV, hurricanes, buttons, running, endurance, dirty coffee mugs, not leaving tea to brew for long enough, farms, takeaways, Starbucks frappuchinos, turtlenecks, grey skies, the calm before a storm, classical singing, choirs, organs, chipped cups, battery chargers, loose wiring, when a plug is right next to your bed in a hotel room, glossy magazines, waiting rooms, clear nights away from air pollution so you can see all the thousands of stars, gel pens, concerts, loving someone so much it hurts

Cancer: Sleeping, big jumpers, pulling the sleeves over your knuckles, grey, light rain, head colds, being comfortably sleepy, hot chocolate, marshmallows, barren trees, Winter, lips, collar bones, going running, getting damp from the rain, kissing in the rain, the click of keyboards, the feeling on your breath after drinking alcohol, homeopathy, when people smile with their whole face and their eyes light up and their cheeks dimple and all their teeth show and they just look like the embodiment of happiness, bright eyes when someone is working too hard, chewing on lips, competitive sports, loving someone unconditionally

Leo: The tingle on your lips after sipping a fizzy drink, sniffing your nose when you having a cold, duck taping wires, tearing off nails, all black outfits, aluminium cans, lingerie that doesn’t give you a visible panty line, watching someone from afar, gatherings with friends at home, board games, cracked phone screens, rose gold iphones, charcoal, smile lines, eyelashes, vases, skinny jeans, ugg boots, loving someone with all your heart but constantly guessing whether they love you back

Virgo: Big cardigans, nike lingerie, matte lipstick, eyeliner, trainers, studyspo worthy revision notes, lying on an armchair so that your feet are swung over one arm, and your back is against the other arm, twitter, watercolours, crowds, the underground, headphones, long hair, petals, marine life, vodka, parties in fields, social media, nutella, driving, foundation, children’s picture books, back ache, dependable friendships, when someone texts you exactly what you needed to hear that day, loving someone and being sure of their love for you

Libra: Glossy lipsticks, rolling up your sleeves, hoodies, licking your lips, that half smile people do when they’re out of breath, grunge aesthetics, comic books, dressing up, yoga pants, nike trainers, crop tops, perfect eyeshadow with a gradient, beer, angels, Jekyll and Hyde, wings, walking in the twilight, bluetooth, flicking through a book really quickly and you can feel all the pages slipping through your fingers, black leggings, sore feet after a long walk, loving someone and being angry with them

Scorpio: Dark lipsticks, strong winds, snuggling up with someone in a chair, friend the tv show, daydreaming, when you share a look with someone and they instantly get what you’re trying to tell them, secrets that are funny, deja vu, butt workouts, that shiver that runs down your spine but you have no idea why, a warm bed in a cold room, sweet potato fries, swimming pools at expensive hotels, mortages, lacy lingeries that’s actually way comfier than your other lingerie, the word lingeries because it’s pretty, the moment before you kiss somebody, loving somebody and knowing they love you and being tentatively close to being in a relationship

Sagittarius: Maths problem solving, when you really get on well with a teacher, when your laptp gets really hot in your lap, the feeling when a plane takes off, cold feet, not wanting to get up and change the channel, low necklines, pins and needles, ladybirds, youtube, accents, the excitement around elections, drawn blinds, being curled up with your cat when you’re in bed with a book or your phone, loving someone so much you think you’re going to burst, and then loving them some more

Capricorn: Trying to find the head hole in a jumper and getting lost and panicking a bit, university professors, blushing, handbooks, holding hands with somebody, macbooks, sucking your thumb, cooking and feeling really professional, making pancakes on pancake day, full on snogging somebody, dancing when you’re slightly drunk and just really into the music, dancing witha bottle in your hand, barely being able to keep your eyes open, working on something until really late, loving somebody but keeping it a secret even from yourself and not wanting to admit it to yourself

Aquarius: Fringes, dying your hair dark purple, politics, smiling and splitting your lip, mythology, short skirts, LED lights, festivals, waving your arms at a concert, that kind of dancing where you just jump up and down and never get a stitch, hearing your parents talk and laugh and not fight, gardening books, diaries, lists, the humanities, kissing someone on the noes, poking someone to be annoying, loving your friends and being able to make fun of each other without hurting their feelings

Pisces: Giggling and kissing and giggling again during sex, open windows, when your stomach hurts after the day after doing ab exercises, competitive team sports, mouth ulcers, sleep in your eyes, rubbing your eyes and feeling more refreshed, waking up early for an aeroplane flight, olde english, two piece swim suits that don’t show your belly button, sarcasm, keeping a straight face, that one person who is seriously photogenic and are really good at pulling the exactly right face at the exactly right moment, loving someone just a little bit, so that it nags you when you look at them, like a little tingle in your toes

anonymous asked:

How is you so cute??? Ans ums what is your favorite stuffie to snuggle!

🙈🙈🙈🙈 ah! I not cute no call me that!
I has my Cloud, my white kitty cat, or I has Una! She is a magic pink unicorn with wings like Twilight from MLP! But I’d love to snuggle all my stuffies to sleep but Cloud likes room to roll round so we can’t has too many in bed with us.

So, now that I’m much better at drawing wings I decided to redraw my wing headcanons of our fave winged ponies. Here is the old post if you wanna read about them (i wrote descriptions). Man feathers are a bitch to draw.