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Soft Winged Liner Tutorial

When I posted that I was thinking about doing a soft, smoky, powder winged liner look teamed with glossy purple-plum lips I immediately got a response from so many of you guys to create a tutorial. This is a gorgeous, simple, chic and sophisticated makeup look that anyone can do and is great for proms/formals/cocktail parties and more. I love to wear it with glamorous hollywood style waves and hair tucked behind one ear but it also looks great with an updo.

Watch the video tutorial above or keep reading to see a step-by-step picture guide.

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Slytherin Aesthetics

IDK why do all the Slytherin headcannons and aesthetics have lipstick and goth eyes and wing-tip liners and sassy comeback lines like Slytherin is not just Draco Malfoy, there were people like Crabbe and Goyle or Slughorn for that matter, and most of Tumblr fails to capture the different dimensions of Slytherin, making it look less like a house and more like a emo-frat-parade of dark effects, ominous quotes, and yes, the infamous kohl-lined eyes.

Chocolate Glitter Liner

Yesterday I filmed this stunning Chocolate glittery winged liner tutorial.
As the festive season is rapidly on the approach I wanted to create something sparkly but not too OTT… Well not just yet anyway ;)

This is perfect for November partying! Whether you’re going clubbing, or out for an early Christmas meal, this look will give you that added ‘glam’!
The tutorial will be up on my channel tomorrow at 3pm.

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Use a Brown Pencil to Sketch Out Your Ideal Liner Shape

Getting perfect eyeliner can be a tricky task and once you’ve messed up one eye it can be difficult to get them even. That’s why sketching out the shape of your liner with a light pencil first can really help.

Step 1. Take a soft brown eyeliner and sketch out your desired eyeliner shape

Step 2. Allow the eyeliner to set

Step 3. Apply your gel or liquid eyeliner directly over the brown line

Step 4. Finish with a coat of mascara and you’re done!

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Sweet & Simple Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial (x)

with a special guest appearance from two of my birds.
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Step-by-step on my Kylie Jenner inspired makeup look is up now on my blog!! Go check it out 💗💗💗 

I was doing winged liner today. And i remembered i had someone ask me about winged liner on those of us with ~ethnic~ eyes. So here’s how i do my wing with my hooded/monolided eyes. 

So Here’s a super zoomed in picture of my winged liner. and its super long today ik. but that suits my almondy eye shape. 

Then here’s with my eyes closed to show the middle of the line. 

And here’s a super un flattering picture of me, to show the inner corner and how i do that with my partial monolids. 

For ppl with full monolids, or more of a flap for lack of a better word than I, I usually just do a thicker line like what i do on my own inner corner, and paint on the flap a tiny bit so it can be seen!!

For people with hooded eyes, i would do the same thing tbh!!! because you have a flap as well. but instead of looking DOWN into a mirror to do your wing. look STRIGHT ahead into the mirror to do your wing!! it sounds weird but it actually helps so much with hooded eyes. 

for eye liner recommendations for hooded eyes and monolids. i recommend the physicians formula eye booster, (that’s what i used here!!!) or the Lancome art liner. (I try not to use the Lancome one tho) those are my two all time favourite liquid eye liners that stay put and don’t smudge or transfer into my hood/flap. 

anonymous asked:

Mister (smaller) Shimada, is it true that you used to wear eyeliner? could you give me any tips i can never get the wing right rip


The important thing is to be patient. Something that helps is to buy a cheap kind of liner first while you learn. Try different kinds to see what works best. I like the liquid since it turns out vivid and gives me solid lines. 

Pencils can be great for people who are learning as they are much more forgiving. Markers are also great if you’re not confident.

Keep plenty of Q-Tips with you and make up remover for mistakes. 

Now… follow your natural contours, don’t push too hard, it helps to pull the corner of your eye to de-wrinkle the skin. Don’t be afraid to use tape as well. I used to put a small square of tape as a guide to keep my wing-tips looking perfect.

A solid liner job can really turn any face…


OVER HYPED: Urban Decay Ink For Eyes Waterproof Precision Eye Pen

I’m easily one of the biggest wined liner addicts out and if I’m time-short in the mornings I go for a perfect cat eye over eyeshadow every-time. When it comes to perfecting my winged liner I go for felt tip pens for their ease and super fine point, which is why I was so excited to try the Urban Decay Ink For Eyes Liquid Liner, sadly I was disappointed. Unlike my favourite Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner, this product has a thick, stumpy and extremely firm tip which makes it difficult to get a nice thin, effortless line. You really have to work and be super careful to achieve a perfect cat eye, plus the firmness of the applicator can feel uncomfortable on the eyelid. In terms of pigmentation, this liner was another disappointment. In order to achieve a deep black finish I had to go over the line multiple times as the shade leaned more on the grey side. However, my biggest issue with this product was the staying power. After just three hours of wear, the eyeliner had transferred into my crease and smudged on top of my eyelids, despite the fact that I’d used an eyelid primer and hadn’t worn it for long. Overall I’m really disappointed with this eyeliner and feel it was a real flop for Urban Decay, which is a brand I usually come to expect high quality products from.

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Glittery Holiday Makeup Tutorial (x)

As promised, here’s a tutorial for the makeup I’ve been wearing lately.
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