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London’s air is now being monitored by these pigeons

For many city-dwellers, pigeons have a reputation as repugnant creatures — “rats with wings,” if you will — but in London, a handful of them are doing their part to tackle the city’s air pollution levels. Birds equipped with tiny pollution sensor backpacks and GPS devices took off on a three-day flight over the U.K. capital on Monday — and it couldn’t have come at a more critical time.

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More Dime Rats, Dime Guinea Pigs, Dime Chinchillas and accessories will be up in my Etsy Sunday (May 22nd) at 11am PST!

~ Dime Rats and Dime Guinea Pigs $8 (each)
~ Dime Chinchillas $9 (each)
~ Cage W/ Water Bottle, Hammock (original style) and Corner Litter Box (w/ litter) $55
~ Cage W/ Water Bottle, Cube Hammock and Corner Litter Box (w/ litter) $63
~ Tiny “Wodent” Wheel $12
~ Bowl W/ Lab Blocks or Pellets $1
~ Wings (basic) $1 (each rat)
~ Rex Fur $1 (each rat)
~ Magnetized W/ Food $15
~ Magnetized Momma and Babies $20
~ Igloo $15
~ Rainbow Bridge $25 (w/ cosmetic defects $13)

Shipping/handling will depend on weight/where it is going. For small packages (1 to 9ish Dime Rats) with in the US from $3 to $7 and international from $7 to $15. For large packages (cages) in the US $11 and international $25. *I do refund shipping overcharges*

.:A Note On Commissions:.
I have had many people contact me about commissions and I know it has been a while since I have been able to offer them. I also still need to reply to some souls and will be when I can. So to give everyone a small advanced notice, I will make a tentative goal of offering a few commission reservations next month of Dime Rats (or other Dime Creatures).

Thank you so much to everyone who has shown interest in my art and I do hope I get to create something lovely for you in the future! ♥
 ~ Eve

Mythological Creature Types

had a thought about types of mythological creatures thats stemmed from thinking about mythical horses having various kinds of singular attributes that basically boil down to

Horse + Horn = Unicorn

Horse + Wings = Pegasus

Horse + Reptilian/Fish Tail = Hippocampus

Horse + Fangs = Diomedes

and like, a lot of mythical creatures are basically just the same formula of animal +one or more of those attributes?

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I Am Not Afraid: Pt 5

Pairing: Destiel/Sastiel
Word Count:
Fic turning point, loaded with angst.
Set post 12.09. Slightly altered (Cas has his wings back for the sake of this fic). God, I hope I did this justice. Not my first Destiel post, but it is my first ‘shippy’ fic. Please be gentle with me. As always feedback is appreciated.
Cas knew how he felt about Dean. He knew in the deepest parts of himself. It was cosmic. What Cas didn’t know, was how he felt about Sam. It hit him like a freight train.

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“For the love of you stupid winged rats. Cas, come on buddy. We’re so close, we need you.”

The Winchesters were currently in Colorado, on a lead they found on Kelly and Lucifer’s love child. It was getting damn close to the child being born, and they couldn’t wait any longer.

They turned as they heard Cas’ wings, and faced a disgruntled angel whose coat was torn and burned.

Cas ignored their questioning gazes. “I found her.”

They immediately piled into the Impala and drove 12 straight hours to Yellowstone. Kelly was in a hidden, off-the-map, underground bunker in the mountains. As they pulled up, the brothers split up to cover more ground and scope out the area for any government security.

Cas went with Dean.

They moved in graceful sync; Dean’s hands gripped tight on his gun, Cas’ on his angel blade, the only sound were their careful steps of their boots on the gravel.

Sam moved around the perimeter, meeting up with them on the other side of a cave that Cas pointed out was the entrance to the underground bunker. It struck them as odd that despite Kelly’s exhaustive strategies in staying hidden, that she had no security outside.

Nevertheless, they headed inside, guns held high.

The Winchesters always went out, guns blazing.

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Their first meeting.

“How on Earth did you get these types oov burns on your hände?”

“Impressed, is ya?”

“Not ze word I was thinking oov, Min vän.”

until dawn starters
  • some of these range from funny to serious
  • "Please tell me you're going to take a vow of silence."
  • "Let's go hug a bear!"
  • "Oh a challenge."
  • "What?!"
  • "I should have paid more attention in climbing class."
  • "What the hell!"
  • "Can we order pizza?"
  • "As far as I can tell my pants are still on."
  • "Oh would you need any help with that?"
  • "Seriously this is not funny."
  • "Scared the blue out of my jeans,"
  • "Could you not hear me over your sluttyness?"
  • "Maybe we should start with a little making out."
  • "Oh sweet revenge."
  • "When are you going to take her to the bonezone?"
  • "They're rats with wings,"
  • "Oh my god, no!"
  • "Let's party like we're fucking porn stars!"
  • "I'm so sorry to scare you,"
  • "I'm just joshing you."
  • "Fuck nuggets,"
  • "I didn't know you had a cute little lady like scream."
  • "I wish they'd just get on with it!"
  • "We're going to die!"
  • "I promise not to kill you when I find you."
  • "I hope it doesn't open and like explode!"
  • "C'mon this is serious."
  • "I'm bad. I'm a badass,"
  • "Pft,"
  • "Jesus hot sauce christmas cake!"
  • "Help me!"
  • "Run!"
  • "Godspeed pilgram!"
  • "All day. All dayyy."
  • "Ugh unfollow."
  • "You didn't see 'cause you were on your phone. What are you tweeting? Hashtag There's a freaking ghost after us!?"
  • "I was being like sexy."
  • "I've got your back."
  • "Bro.."
  • "You couldn't buy a moldy loaf of bread with your skanky ass."
  • "Nice shooting Tex'."
  • "Holy Cannoli!"
  • "I just wasn't fast enough,"
  • "Oh I am deadly serious."
  • "I'm not your bro."
  • "It's weird being back."
  • "Understand the palm of my hand, bitch."
  • "Oh my god we're totally going to make out!"
  • "Heeey,"
  • Dean: Oh, are you kidding me? Dick move, pigeon!
  • Pigeon: Screw you asshat!
  • Dean: Wait a minute. Can I hear all animals?
  • The Colonel: Yup. Animals have a universal language like Esperanto, but this one actually caught on.
  • Pigeon: And I'm just getting started too. Brewing a real big one, ha! Bet your ride is going to look sweet in white.
  • Sam: What's he saying?
  • Dean: He's being a douchebag!
  • Pigeon: Who you calling douchebag, douchebag?
  • Dean: Oh, shut it, you winged rat!
  • Sam: Dude. Just calm down. Get in the car.
  • Pigeon: Heh heh! That's right Sally, go cry to mama!
  • Dean: Oh, that's it you son of bitch!