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Yeah I love LL as well and nice Alien lady you have made there!

Why Thank you :-), 


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The guy outside the door there is a treasure ;))

Oh yeah, I have no intention of changing him either so I can gaze on that hot mess but his hair is “on point”.  It’s all business in the front and party in the back.  That smoking jacket is a nice touch too…:-D.

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You should get some pet passports and take a vacation together!

That would be insane!!  One maybe but not the three cats and two birds….insanity!!  Seriously though, it’s a cute idea but I think it would be too stressful for the entire traveling party with the youngest cat being the most problematic-he is willful and hyper….and a bit smart too so he would be getting in to mischief or trying to figure out how too get into some.  The others would be yowling and screaming the entire time they were in carriers and cages.


love your answer to z.

Yeppers…sad but true ;-).

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AWw! That is so sweet and caring of you - but seriously, they are meant to live outside like that, I’m sure they will be fine on their own as they have been for generations :D Relax!!


Often described as ‘rats of the sky’ you definitely don’t need to worry about them, they are born survivors and belong in the sky <3

I know what both of you mean, they are wild critters.  When I say I worry about them it is because they live in a parking garage and I’ve seen their parents run over by cars and others be killed by other people.  These two are sweet (or as sweet as a pigeon can be anyway).  When I was little (around 4 or 5 years old), there was a pigeon coop filled with Roller pigeons that lived there where I would go in and hang out and play with them. They came and went as they pleased.  I remember one copper colored one would follow me home and hang out in the front and I would feed him hot dogs. Sometimes he would fly around the front and tumble and roll in the air.  I loved watching him. I remember the mail man came by one day to deliver the mail and let me know that he got too close to the road and was hit by a car down the hill.  I guess I have a soft spot for them.


London’s air is now being monitored by these pigeons

For many city-dwellers, pigeons have a reputation as repugnant creatures — “rats with wings,” if you will — but in London, a handful of them are doing their part to tackle the city’s air pollution levels. Birds equipped with tiny pollution sensor backpacks and GPS devices took off on a three-day flight over the U.K. capital on Monday — and it couldn’t have come at a more critical time.

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More Dime Rats, Dime Guinea Pigs, Dime Chinchillas and accessories will be up in my Etsy Sunday (May 22nd) at 11am PST!

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~ Tiny “Wodent” Wheel $12
~ Bowl W/ Lab Blocks or Pellets $1
~ Wings (basic) $1 (each rat)
~ Rex Fur $1 (each rat)
~ Magnetized W/ Food $15
~ Magnetized Momma and Babies $20
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~ Rainbow Bridge $25 (w/ cosmetic defects $13)

Shipping/handling will depend on weight/where it is going. For small packages (1 to 9ish Dime Rats) with in the US from $3 to $7 and international from $7 to $15. For large packages (cages) in the US $11 and international $25. *I do refund shipping overcharges*

.:A Note On Commissions:.
I have had many people contact me about commissions and I know it has been a while since I have been able to offer them. I also still need to reply to some souls and will be when I can. So to give everyone a small advanced notice, I will make a tentative goal of offering a few commission reservations next month of Dime Rats (or other Dime Creatures).

Thank you so much to everyone who has shown interest in my art and I do hope I get to create something lovely for you in the future! ♥
 ~ Eve

Their first meeting.

“How on Earth did you get these types oov burns on your hände?”

“Impressed, is ya?”

“Not ze word I was thinking oov, Min vän.”

Mythological Creature Types

had a thought about types of mythological creatures thats stemmed from thinking about mythical horses having various kinds of singular attributes that basically boil down to

Horse + Horn = Unicorn

Horse + Wings = Pegasus

Horse + Reptilian/Fish Tail = Hippocampus

Horse + Fangs = Diomedes

and like, a lot of mythical creatures are basically just the same formula of animal +one or more of those attributes?

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mythicamagic  asked:

I think the Reiji pigeon thing is because his colour scheme shares similarities with pigeon colour schemes. (Red eyes and navy blue colours) But it might also be because of that one DL crack video where Reiji is called a 'winged rat' I literally just typed Reiji into google and 'pigeon' came up before 'Sakamaki' did XD

pigeons have yellow/orange eyes yall are crazy

The screech that echoed through the night, made Kael grind his teeth together. Yet another Diver. It honestly felt like he had a bloody target on his back, like he was some kind of walking beacon for those over grown rats with wings. “Seriously?” He groaned, glancing up to the sky where he could see the creature closing in rapidly. He turned on his heels, darting left for the nearest building he could see. He could help but wander if it were the same Diver every time, it happened often enough that Kael was starting to feel like he had an arch nemesis on his tail - as if it weren’t enough that he was constantly looking over his shoulder for any remaining factions of Valeris - but that was a silly notion, Diver’s didn’t think like that, 

Bursting into the building, Kael slammed the door behind him, the ferocious and frustrated scream of the creature just outside the door. He took a moment to catch his breath before laughing, but when he opened his eyes he found that he wasn’t alone. “Well, I’d call that a close shave, wouldn’t you?” He offered to the stranger, thumbing over his shoulder as the Diver continued to cry out into the night. “I think that one’s been following me for a while now, can’t seem to shake him…”