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they’re all sweaty and gross after training but they still find the time to be cute

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Wing au?

(whoops, sorry this took so long.  These are closed, everyone, but this one deserved answering)

I) Shiro has always been proud of his wings.

These days, there’s not much point to wings.  They were little more than an evolutionary leftover.  At one point, wings were useful tools for surviving in the wild, gliding away from danger more than outright flying.  Now, they stayed tucked against people’s backs, only making themselves known in fashion or when anyone accidentally bumped someone with them and had to apologize for spilling their coffee.

Shiro had a phase where he was determined to fly with them.  Nevermind that he’d been eight and they’d been little more than tufts of down.  He’d jumped off of everything he could climb up, from furniture to trees and, one one occasion, he’d nearly made it off the roof.

Eventually, the impossibility of Shiro’s dream settled in, but he never stopped wanting to fly, and he never stopped loving his wings.  They were a sleek black, shiny and resilient, and Shiro kept them well exercised when most people let the muscles atrophy.  While he still couldn’t fly, he could create a gust of wind strong enough to make most anyone stumble, and he’d won more than one stupid teenage dare about gliding distance.

Still, if his wings couldn’t get him airborne, Shiro was going to find a way.

II) The Galaxy Garrison was that way

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Lucifer’s Preening

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Title: Lucifer’s Preening

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,209

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: This is a second part to An Angel’s Preening   which was requested by @cadyjay and @mylittlesupertimewolf. I hope you all love this as much as I do <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3

Ever since you preened Gabriel and Castiel’s wings, word about it traveled around in heaven.  You knew Balthazar had to be the one who spilled the beans.  You didn’t want to spend your days preening the wings of every angel in heaven.  You needed to get some air.  You grabbed your coat, brushing past the Winchester brothers.  “I’ll be back in an hour or two.  I just need some fresh air,” you shouted over your shoulder.

“Be careful out there,” Dean yelled, his voice stern.

“Always am,” you shot back.  You smiled to yourself at how protective they were of you.  You climbed the stairs, exiting the bunker in a hurry.  If you had to preen another set of wings you were going to go insane.  

As you walked down the road, your eyes scanned the area around you.  It was peaceful and quiet; just what you needed.  You felt the breeze flow through your hair as you closed your eyes.  Your eyes shot open at the sudden sensation of someone or something else’s hands on you.  When you looked around, you noticed you weren’t by the bunker anymore.  You were in some strange room in a building.

You looked around the strange room, suddenly all alone.  You shrugged, “I guess I’ll just leave.”  You grabbed the blade you kept in your jacket.

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- here’s my late entry for the fantasy au prompt of leoraiweek. Hope you enjoy ! -

( leo is a human in this )


“May I have this dance?”

His voice was soft, with a slight alluring roughness to it. The black mask he wore covered his face, but his blue eyes shone bright against the darkness. A slight nod of her head, causing an ebony curl to bounce against her lacy deep blue mask, she took his hand in her own.

He pulled her in swiftly, wrapping an arm around her corseted waist. Spinning gracefully across the dance floor, they stared into each other’s eyes. He held her like the princess she was, but looked at her like the woman he desired. And it exhilarated her.

“My father is watching.”

“I noticed.” His whisper had a playful edge to it.

“If he finds out you’re here he’ll have your head.” An amused smile formed on her face.

“Then let’s not let him find out.”

He twirled her around and brought her in closer than she was before. She caught her father’s figure on the throne out of the corner of her eye. She knew that she should’ve stopped things then. Moved on to a new man, but it had been so long since her and Leonardo got to dance. And she didn’t want to end their fantasy.

“I’ve missed you.”

The very blunt declaration was foreign coming from the boy’s mouth, and she could feel her body stiffen at the words. She had not expected him to speak aloud the thing they had kept hidden, even between themselves. Grabbing his arm tighter, feels the build of his muscles, her hitched and she leaned to whisper in his ear.

“Stay with me.”

His usual cool composure gone as a sad smile appeared on his masked face. Slowing down their dancing, he gently grabbed her hand in his, softly rubbing her fingers with his own. Leaning in slowly, he placed his lips on hers, wrapping his arms around her small frame. He kissed her with more passion than anyone had before. He touched her as if he desired this touch all his life. She loved how much he needed her. Loved how much she felt like simply a woman when he was around. He never tiptoed around things with her. Never was afraid to get her angry, to tell her no, or to satisfy her secret cravings. And that’s what made him so… irresistible.

“I have to go sweetheart.” The usual playfulness back in his tone, he pulled away from her, only holding her hand in his own.

“But I swear I will see you again.”

Letting go he turned, and disappeared into the crowd of dancing people around her. She felt herself long to follow him, but she had duties to attend to here. As a princess she needed to fulfill her royal requirements. And running away with a spy from the Hamato kingdom CERTAINLY was not one of them.

Feeling something in her hand she opened her palm, and in it rested Leonardo’s ring. She felt her heart flutter and an excited giggle left her mouth. She was his. As stupid as they both were to decide it, that ring proved what she had suspected for so long now. Leonardo’s heart belonged to her.

Squeezing the ring tighter in her hand, she walked over to where her father sat, and took her seat next to his. She kept her hands neatly in her lap, and stared ahead at the crowd in front of them, hoping her father would say nothing.

“Who was that man you danced with.”

Karai shifted slightly in her seat, and felt her eyes gravitate towards the door where he had left.

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen him before.”

Her father grumbled and she knew he must suspect something. But he stopped from pestering further. Leaning back in his seat, he sighed and continued to watch the ballroom.

“Just be careful, my daughter. We have enemies. Don’t forget that.”

“Oh trust me.” She squeezed the ring tighter. “He was no enemy.”

So I work in a toy store, which happens to be right next to a burger king. At times we have problems with customers leaving food or boxes around the store. But this one time last year when those chewbacca masks got really popular, my co-worker greeted a customer and scanned one such mask, but in the scanning-motion an entire portion of half eaten hot wings flew out of the eye-sockets and crevaces of the mask and hit the customer, the counter and basically just flew everywhere.

Please don’t feed our toys.

Solangelo & An Angel & A Vampire

Hi, guys! I wrote this for an anon and got carried away so if you guys like it let me know and I will continue! (I have a whole bunch of ideas for this!)

Will inhaled the air around him, the rusty scent of blood filling his nose. He let a soft smile creep onto his face. He truly loved his job.

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This is for your #wearebeautiful project! Love ya💞

Damn. You’re stunning! I scrolled through my inbox and scrolled back up to take a second glance at you. Your eyes are so lovely and i love how your winged eyeliner brings out your eyes even more!! Your nose is so cute and perfect and you seem so genuine. Thank you for participating <3