winged messenger

Where My Gods Are

Some people ask where my gods are.
In a world of eyes, one would think that seeing is the ultimatum.
The eyes are the judge, the pupils are the jury, and the mind the executioner.

Some challenge where my gods are.
With the impenetrable brick wall of the human eye and man-made stubbornness,
They believe they can erase my gods in front of my own eyes.

To them, I point where my gods are.
My lady ´Αφροδίτη lies coyly in the rose bush behind them.
Her beauty being stroked by gentle breeze. A song that sings to weary hearts.

I point to the sky, where my gods are.
The winged Ερμής soars in every cloud, bringing godly messages that we could never dream of interpreting.
He inspires those who move with haste.

I sing a song about where my gods are.
A poem that flows with every note the way
Απόλλων made it so.
His heavenly gifts inspiring the minds of mankind to creative euphorias.

All these things are where my gods are.
They sing, dance, love, laugh, cry, and live right before our senses.
A nothingness for those not sensing but a heavenly blessing for us that do.

The Planets Suite 

by Gustav Holst (21 September 1874 – 25 May 1934), an English composer

Listen to the pieces by clicking on the Planet’s name.

♂  Mars, the Bringer of War

♀  Venus, the Bringer of Peace

☿   Mercury, the Winged Messenger

♃   Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity

♄   Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age

♅   Uranus, the Magician

  Neptune, the Mystic

Mercury in the 7th house - Angels in the Airways

Mercury in the 7th is a mental maze of mirrors. The individual has a mind like cosmic patchwork, it’s sewed together with the beautiful qualities of everybody they have ever met, so the individual can express with endearing mental decoration, lyrical and lovely. Mercury is comfortable in the 7th house. It’s another air house, and Mercury’s natural reflex is to reflect the body of closest contact, similar to the reflection of the handheld mirror ruling the 7th house. The confusion can be rife for the individual. The hunger for stimulation from other people can be impossible to satiate. Sometimes the mind can feel as though it completely vanishes. Something hollow and empty can seem to etch at the back of the mind. It is likely the individual will look to social contact to fill this void. The individual can make a natural mimic or impressionist. Often there is natural skill for anything involving natural law and order. The individual’s decisions are balanced by refined righteousness.

People with Mercury in the 7th enjoy teaching friends. Vitality in relationships is enriched by mental stimulation. The individual is seduced by cerebral brilliance, often worshiping great thinkers and writers. They must fall in love with someone intelligent. Someone who will read their writing. Someone who will consume their mind with conversation and experience soaked wisdom. The individual has a way of generating conversational fluidity with everybody, including immediate strangers. Socially, there is the chameleon. The mirror image of surrounding company, an individual lost and without an identity. It can be difficult for the individual to answer basic questions about themselves such as their interests, likes, dislikes, and hobbies. But the individual is brilliant at elevating the shared experience, but their likes and needs can change based on present company. When the crowd or the partner disappears, so does the mind, and the emptiness can be consuming. This ability to vanish the mind can come with tremendous benefit when the individual learns more about controlling their dependency. It can generate fascinating skill in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, counselling, and even criminal, forensic psychology because the individual can institute their own mind to vanish while letting somebody else completely open up. Mercury in the 7th can be a great mind reader for this skill. It can be impossible for even the most skilled liars to deceive them.  

Meeting of the minds is a sensual, artistic act with Mercury in the 7th. Words can form like poetry, formed in aromatic harmony. The individual is a good listener, and feels there are important things to learn from other people’s thoughts. It is likely that anxieties and fears are remedied after a lighthearted discussion with friends. Mercury is the intellect, and the seventh house governs the social life and relationships. The battle can be indecisiveness, lack of confidence in one’s own mental abilities, and the tendency to self sacrifice. Like the person can let their partner or friends do the thinking for them. The individual understands the conditions of human nature better than anybody. This is what makes them tremendously receptive and nonjudgemental. They will often praise original and different ways of thinking. They will caress and massage the mind, tracing every indent, searching for hidden thoughts and pieces of you. Life here brings contact with intellectual types. Dane Rudhyar believes that the cultivation of the mind will come from relationships more than books. The 7th house is a favorable position for Mercury because the winged messenger is free to fly under the sky of airy Libra. A voice of love for the people by their side, seducing with the sublime mind.


The Planets by Gustav Holst

Gustav Holst’s Planets Suite is a very cinematic-sounding piece, with each movement very different from the last, and it has inspired many film scores, particularly those about space movies.

1. Mars, the Bringer of War - if this sounds familiar, it’s because John Williams borrowed some of this for Star Wars. The skeletal sounding effect in the opening is col legno, a technique where the stick of the bow of a stringed instrument is bounced along the string. This movement has the feel of an army steadily approaching, or like a great warship moving through space. Clashes between different groups of instruments represent battles between opposing forces.

2. Venus, the Bringer of Peace - this movement is tranquil, lyrical, longing, and romantic. This is the sunlight that comes through the clouds after a battle in the rain, this is the sense of calm that envelops you after taking a deep breath. 

3. Mercury, the Winged Messenger - the bubbling notes seem to take flight, just like Mercury does with aid of his winged sandals. This is light and quick, and the melody jumps from instrument to instrument as fast as Mercury can flit from place to place. 

4. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity - this movement opens bright, vivacious, active, and very triumphant, like a proclamation of victory. The effervescent section transitions into a sweeping melody at 2:50, which you will probably recognize, as it has been adapted for various hymns and is the melody for “I Vow to Thee, My Country.”

5. Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age - the steady chords most prominently starting around 4:25 are like the hands of an enormous clock, and the later dissonant faster chords are like alarms - this movement represents the inevitable power of Father Time. 

6. Uranus, the Magician - this is the realm of the trickster, the cunning, the powerful yet unknown. A certain magical - yet not necessarily entirely benevolent - quality pervades the movement. This character has influenced the portrayal of magic in film scores such as Harry Potter.

7. Neptune, the Mystic - this movement has an otherworldly quality to it – one which has informed how the mysteries of space are represented in film scores today. Is this happy? Is this sad? It’s hard to pinpoint the exact emotion, and that is what makes Neptune so distinct. Additionally, this is one of the first pieces to have a fade out ending, with the sound of the women’s chorus gradually diminishing into silence.

  • Jumin: *snaps book close and removes glasses, pointing them towards Zen*
  • Jumin: J'accuse!
  • Zen: *face palms* Oh, brother.
  • Jumin: J'accuse, mon petite fromage!
  • Zen: You speak four languages. How come none of them is French?
  • Jumin: Nothing's wrong with my French.
  • Zen: You just called me your little cheese.
  • Jumin: *pauses* That's right!
Oh, Romeo

Pairing: Connor Murphy x reader

Prompt: “I’m standing on a balcony and you randomly began quoting Romeo and Juliet at me”

Author’s Note: I live for Theatre Nerd!Connor and so this fic happened

Words: 1,233

Warnings: Underage drinking

Parties weren’t always your favourite thing. Yeah, you went to most of the ones you were invited to, but you often left early - either your only friends had left or you had lost interest. But something compelled you to stay at this one. And that something might have been the abundance of alcohol.

You weaved your way through the crowd that had formed in the living room of the house, walking past the extremely drunk teenagers jumping - what they called ‘dancing’ - to reach the brightly lit kitchen. Almost immediately your open hand found a sealed beer can and you breathed a sigh of relief. Standing around by yourself somehow seemed less awkward with a drink to nurse.

Dreading the return back to the overcrowded living room, you tried to find an escape, at least until you finished your beer and had stayed for what the host could deem a satisfactory length of time. Deciding to explore you left the kitchen through a different door, stumbling upon a staircase whose bannister was decorated with a string of fairy lights. You followed the lights up to the second floor, your eyes immediately catching sight of a half opened door at the end of the hallway.

A balcony. Cool air. An escape. You wandered down the hallway, looking at the pictures that had been hung on the walls. Pushing the door further open you stepped out onto the balcony overlooking the thinning crowd in the back garden.

Your eyes shut as a cooling breeze washed over you, somehow cleansing you. The night sky was navy in colour, but no stars were visible: you were too close to the city. A sigh passed through your lips before you took a sip of the beer in your hand.

A cough from the garden down below caught your attention - now only one person was standing outside, and they happened to be staring directly up at you.

“Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven, having some business, do entreat her eyes to twinkle in their spheres till they return.” You could see the wide smile on his face even with the lack of light provided by the slowly darkening sky. But you didn’t recognise the origin of his words until he spoke again, shouting up, “The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars, as daylight doth a lamp.”

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So I want you to picture something. As people who read my blog know, we have elements of every sign swirling inside us. The twelve zodiacs represent the archetypes of man and the potential roles we play in life. We truly are our own destroyers, redeemers, and saviors, because we have many different people residing inside. Now, imagine you are a photographer and you are standing on the beach. There is a beautiful sunset and the light is so blinding you can only see the outline, or the silhouette and shadow of twelve people in front of you. These twelve figures have distinctly different movements, energies, and auras. You recognise each of these figures as someone you know intimately, because they are fragments of within.

The first one is moving quite rapidly and has a bright, searing glow surrounding him from the light. He seems curious, daring, confident, and provocative. He is touching his head a lot. It seems as though he is leading the pact. He tries to break free a lot and encourage the others to follow. There are high ranges of movement and play. This is the Aries. And this is where we are impulsive, brave, and enthusiastic.

The second one has his hands up near his throat like a butterfly. He is standing quite still, like he has dug his feet deep into the sand. He seems calm, and like there are music notes diffusing from his aura. He is taking the time to absorb his surroundings and contemplating the texture of the sand. It’s like he is practicing mindfulness. This is the Taurus. And this is where we are stable, steady, and earthy.

The third one is moving quite erratically and making large motions with his hands. You can see his mouth moving as if he is talking and the mind seems to be exceptionally enlightened, like the sunshine is streaming through it. He is having trouble standing still, his movements are light and childlike, and encourages the others to stand around him and hear his voice. This is the Gemini. And this is where we are communicative, curious, and clever.

The fourth one has his arms open as if he is motioning for a cuddle. His movements are quite graceful and maternal, like he is searching for someone he can wrap in his arms and protect. He keeps his shoulders shrugged as if he is guarding himself and fearful of being hurt. There is a very warm, gentle, and delicate aura dripping from him. He is encouraging others to come closer and stand by him. This is the Cancer. And this is where we are adoring, defensive, and comfortable.

The fifth one has an unmistakeable glow of pride radiating from him. His shoulders are back, his chest is out, and his glorious hair is waving in the sunlight. There is a crown on his head and he is running his hands through his hair as he flicks it back and looks around astonished at his surroundings. He is right in the centre of the action, and the others are drawn into his presence. This is the Leo. And this is where we are creative, self expressive, and noble.

The sixth one has quite restless, repetitive and rapid movements, and his hands are highly expressive. There is the sense of nerves splashing from him and he has trouble standing in the same place. He is feeling the grains of sand in his hands and contemplating with a highly focused and light filled mind. He is attempting to stand in the most photographic and pleasing way possible. He is motioning for others to come shake his hand. This is Virgo. And this is where we are refined, analytical, and intelligent. 

The seventh one has his arms outreached encouraging others to come into his embrace. His movements are graceful and light, like he is in a perpetual state of dance. There is an inviting, gentle, and airy aura about him and he is staring at the people around him with complete adoration. It seems as though this silhouette has a perfect symmetry. This is Libra. And this is where we are friendly, beautiful, and collaborative.

The eighth one appears quite cryptic and as if he is shielding himself from exposure. His movements are very calculative, controlled, and intruiging. He is keeping himself in the shadow and watches the crowd from a distance. There is something very mysterious and perplexing about him and his feet are buried deep in the sand while being lapped and eroded by the ocean. You are very drawn to this one. This is Scorpio. And this is where we are profound, internalized, and perceptive.

The ninth one is moving quickly, his legs are powerful and he is running quite fast. There is a lot of energy moving down his legs and the sunlight is circling his brain. Long, sunstroked hair is flipping in the wind and he is staring longingly at the sea like he wants to run to the horizon. He seems energetic, enthusiastic, and warm. This is Sagittarius. And this is where we are excessive, philosophical, and worldly.

The tenth one is standing very still and very proud. He is perched like he is directly elevated toward the sun on a mound of sand. His bone structure is unmissable and beautiful against his silhouette, and his movements are quite structured, delicate, and ordained. He is looking amongst the others in a protective and paternal way, like he is the grandparent guiding their young on the journey of life. This is Capricorn. And this is where we are structured, ambitious, and prosperous.

The eleventh one seems to have quite unusual and expressive movements. He has an electricity about him and walks a completely different beat to the others. He is running his hands up his calves and appears to be in deep thought. He seems to be enjoying watching the others frolic and eventually runs to join in. There is a real quirky coolness. This is Aquarius. And this is where we are progressive, shocking, and eccentric.

The twelfth one seems to have blended into the background as he stares out to sea with a dreamy gaze. There is a very mystical and perplexing moisture dripping from him and his arms are wrapped around his legs as he sits down to watch the others. You can see traits and qualities in the other silhouettes expressed by him, and its as though he will wander off at any moment. He seems like a masterpiece, a work of heavenly art. This is Pisces. And this is where we are intuitive, dynamic, and infinite.  

And what a spectacular sight this is. You can see yourself in all of these figures because you know that during certain moments of life you are each of these. It’s like photographing a glimpse of God’s mind and the blossoming garden with the seeds that are you. If you have Mercury in Aries, you see the first bright and vibrant figure with messenger wings clipped to his back, or if you have Pluto in Leo you see the royal figure being lead into the depths of the ocean. You realise how perfect you really are, and what a beautiful selfie you have taken