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Tangled=ACOTAR Pt.2

Rhys (Flynn) & Cassian (Maximus) Randomly Beating Each Other Up:

Cassian (Maximus) Whenever Feyre (Rapunzel) enters the room to Rhys (Flynn):

Cassian (Maximus) Being the General of Rhys’s Armies:

Rhysand (Flynn) Knowing PERFECTLY WELL just how sexy he is:

Feyre’s (Rapunzel’s) love of painting:

Rhysand (Flynn) having to tell Feyre (Rapunzel) this wherever they go:

Tamlin (Mother Gothel) Keeping Feyre (Rapunzel) locked up “for her own good”:

And Tamlin (Mother Gothel) shutting Feyre (Rapunzel) down when she begs to leave the Manor:

Bonus: Amren is Pascal, ordering everyone around and being a small badass:


When you’re sick Draco will...

(A.N. Here’s my first headcannon! Sorry I haven’t been posting much but I got a laptop for Christmas so I’m going to be posting more often! Anyways, Enjoy!)

  • At first Draco will simply ask you if you’re feeling alright
  • Hint word: at first
  • No Draco me and my pale ass coughing face are fine
  • You don’t want him to be worried so you tell him you just have a little headache
  • Draco doesn’t look convinced but keeps a close eye on you
  • You continue your day going class to class
  • You only do that because O.W.L.S are around the corner and you don’t want to miss out on any important last minute information
  • When you’re walking hand in hand with Draco to lunch you black out
  • Draco Protective Mode: Activated
  • He catches you right before you hit the ground
  • He panics a little
  • But pulls himself together for his princess
  • Carries you to the hospital wing
  • Beats himself up a bit because he should have brought you here when he noticed something was wrong
  • He keeps asking Madam Pomfery if you’re going to be okay
  • “Yes Mr.Malfoy she will  be okay. She was just dehydrated she will be released tomorrow.”
  • Dehydrated?
  • He knows you’re dehydrated because of the amount of studying you do
  • When you wake up Draco is at your side
  • “Y/N are you okay? Do you know how much you worried me. I thought you DIED for a second. Why haven’t you been drinking water? Do you realize that your health is MORE important than what you get on your O.W.L.S?”
  • You tear up slightly because I mean look at this beautiful Slytherin of a man caring about you.
  • Draco panics again  
  • “Y/N I didn’t mean to yell at you I was just worried! Please don’t cry love.”
  • He kisses you hard
  • Lets just say after you got released you had a clingy study partner

Rin’s insecurity made her feel so real and relatable to me. She looks beautiful in that dress and seeing her sing her heart out made me cry. This episode made me feel confident about myself, Rin taught me that I can overcome my insecurities one day, step by step if I try hard enough and believe in myself. Seeing it being referenced in Sunshine!! made me so happy that I nearly cried again.


I’ve had an AU in my mind for a while where the monsters aren’t Underground, but live up in a kingdom beyond the clouds. In said AU, Frisk is a rare human born with wings and lives among them, acting as a messenger of the skies with Sans and Papyrus. I’m calling the AU “Skytale”.

I plan to draw more of this AU, so expect more stories and character designs in the future!