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WINDWEIGHT Part I | an otayuri fic set in the Watercast universe.

The story to the artbook/graphic novel collaboration with @maccalon + some exciting guest art! <3 thank you @primagrine for quality control.

Summary: Yuri is an avian who crash lands in a forest after attempting an overly ambitious diving routine. Otabek is a lone centaur who was just minding his own business. 

Spoiler: Yuri is a humming bird. And he still likes cats. Otabek is still a cinnamon bun. 

Also you don’t need to have read watercast to understand any of this! It’s just a love story. A big excuse for me to explore more about avian biodiversity, flying techniques & social issues ahhhh. if there’s enough interest there’s a victuuri centric story too, but they’re just in the background of this, as well as keef!

Spread your wings - Arrival

Summary: Virgil is about to start university, and he starts living together with three others. Meeting new people and living in a new place is already overwhelming, but Virgil has another obstacle to overcome. After all, he is a little… different from his housemates. Winged!Virgil.

Triggers/Warnings: nervous thoughts (tell me if anything needs to be tagged)

Pairing: none for now, will probably end up as platonic LAMP.

Words: 1787.

A/N: I’ve been thinking about Winged!Virgil again. A lot. Way too much, probably. I tried to find answers to questions that I came up with as I thought, and I decided to work these into a fic. I have no big finale planned, but I wanted to explore the Winged!Universe for a bit. If you have questions or prompts, feel free to send them in.

This is going to be a little like Demi-chan wa kataritai/Interviews with monster girls and Centaur no nayami/Centaur’s life. Both are lighthearted anime series about people who are not human (vampire, dullahan, snow woman in Demi-chan, centaurs, winged people, snake people and merfolk in Centaur) and about how their world functions. It covers subjects like discrimination and handicaps that other species may have. 

Virgil checked the paper in his hands for the fifth time, because he really didn’t want to show up at the wrong house. The address matched with that of the house in front of him, just like it had the four times before. Well, now that he had… quintuple-checked it (was that even a word? Maybe double-triple-checked suited better? But that’d suggest he’d checked it six times and- oh, now he had. Okay, problem solved), he should get going. 

His heart hammered in his throat as he walked to the front door, the backpack feeling like a boulder. His wings shifted nervously underneath his hoodie and he felt so nervous and restricted that he might even throw up. He reached the front door without doing so and pressed the doorbell, then looked down at the bag in his right hand. Should he put it down? It was heavy and kind of uncomfortable to hold, but what would the person opening the door think if he just casually dropped his stuff on their porch? Or worse, what if they opened the door just as he was putting it down? What kind of impression of him would that give them?

A creaking sound brought him out of his messy thoughts and he snapped his head back up. “What a splendid service! Never before have you arrived so fa-” The guy opening the door stopped talking as soon as his eyes met Virgil’s and he blinked owlishly. “Oh,” he said. “You’re not the pizza guy.”

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Urartian Bronze Armory Belt, c. 8th-7th century BC

Urartian belts, which are splendid specimens of their art, have been found in graves in Soviet Armenia and in the province of Kars. This is a section of an armory belt, decorated with three bands separated by rows of wave motifs; each band containing, from left to right, a winged lion with sword, a stylized tree, a leaping winged lion, a winged centaur-like creature with bow and arrow, and a leaping winged deer; rows of palmettes above and below; the upper and lower edges with perforations for attachments.

Urartu (biblical Kingdom of Ararat or Kingdom of Van) was a prehistoric Iron Age kingdom centered around Lake Van in the Armenian Highlands. Assyrian inscriptions of Shalmaneser I (c. 1274 BC) first mention Uruartri as one of the states of Nairi – a loose confederation of small kingdoms and tribal states in Armenian Highland in the 13th to 11th centuries BC, which he conquered.

Urartu re-emerged in Assyrian inscriptions in the 9th century BC as a powerful northern rival of Assyria. The Nairi states and tribes became a unified kingdom under king Aramu (c. 860 – 843 BC). It reached its peak of power in the 9th and 8th centuries. Urartu was eventually conquered by the Medes in the early 6th century BC and the Urartian Kingdom was eventually replaced by the Armenian Orontid dynasty.

Ok Danny Phantom AU I’ve been thinking about

So probably no one’s going to see this but……This is inspired in part by lucifer-is-a-bag-of-dick’’s mutant town au.

Like in that au, the kids of Amity Park basically get superpowers from the Fenton’s portal opening, and the GIW notice. Difference is, maybe a good majority get animalistic traits. Maybe some have gills, maybe some have wings, good few are centaurs, other mythological creatures, so it’s really more of a mythology AU. Also, in this AU, maybe the GIW try to train them into supersoldiers, or study them for human/animal DNA modification, but the GIW are basically just trying to capture the Casper High teens. And so they run off. Maybe live in a forest why not.

So you’ve got a bunch of superpowered teens basically creating their own modern native american-style tribe in the forest because it works and they can stay hidden from the GIW. They’ve mastered hunting, making fires, covering their tracks, sneaking around the forests unseen, communicating to each other with animal calls, they have their own little government, (Danny’s in charge because he seems to be a natural born leader and maybe Dash is 2nd because King of Casper High), and heck have they organized themselves into an small yet deadly efficient army of teens fighting for their lives. Like, they run around taking down GIW research facilities, and they’ve embraced black skin paint and bird calls and by the time the GIW have found their camp and mobilized to capture them, some kids have already flown and climbed through the canopies to cut them off from the back and the GIW forces don’t know what happened until wait-that’s-a-strange-sounding-bird-and-oh-crap-there’s-a kid-shapeshifted-in-to-a-bull-barreling-towards-me.

Now I mentioned it’s the Casper High kids, and that’s because teenagers in
Casper would have the most contact with Danny, Tucker, and Sam who would have the most radiation contamination, and also because they’re in the time of their lives where their bodies are developing and changing. So, all of the teens at Casper High are in their tribe. But imagine their parents, at home in Amity Park, pretending to have forgotten their mutated children being hunted, watching little kids and seeing if any of them display powers and telling them legends of kids in the forest who protect kids who are weird under the guise of the old moral “It’s ok to be quirky and like stuff some people say you shouldn’t” and the kids think it’s a stupid sappy moral.

Until the Fenton’s neighbor’s kid discovers she can move stuff with her mind and the adults urge her to ventures into the woods to see if the rumors about the mutant tribe are true…

Tips on dating monsterboys

• Please remember that slimeboys’ residue may stain certain fabrics and carpeting! It is not their fault and some especially viscous boys may need a specialized cleaning product to get out the worst globs from your best blankets

• Naga may enjoy cuddling more than other boys but their hugs may be constricting! Make sure to talk to your partner about what’s the best level of hugging for you that still leaves you with enough oxygen/feeling in your legs to enjoy yourself!

• Insect boys might benefit from a little more watchfulness than others. Please be careful of your lighting so they are not tempted to fry themselves on it and make sure they have a small, dim place they can go when they’re feeling shy. Mind the wings!

• Satyrs and centaurs alike may need extra accommodation for seating areas than others; satyrs have trouble getting onto higher chairs and relaxing their jointed legs and centaurs are just really big. Stools and big big big sofas can go a long way!!

Hello everybody! Saw a post that mentioned a Nick Fury caring for Tony and it reminded me of this old SteveTony idea I had going and I wanted to share a snippet of it. I don’t know when I’ll come back to it (if ever), but I will say that this plot was written when I was in my momentary centaur phase and it involves young centaur!Tony, papa wolf Nick, butler and papa wolf Jarvis, AI and protective Vision, overprotective older siblings Clint and Natasha and a lot of family bonding moments. 

Tony Stark is a centaur. Found as a foal, adopted by Howard Stark, raised and hidden away from society and working behind doors as Iron Man, he’s content with his life, or so he says. He’s accepted that he’s going to live the rest of his days alone and unnoticed with only an overprotective AI, an overbearing butler, an archer with horrible taste in films, an assassin with an obsession with knives, an overqualified nanny agent and a very grumpy director as his family. Nick Fury plans to change that. 

The director of S.H.I.E.L.D marched down the empty hallway located in the far corners of the helicarrier where only those with the access codes could enter the room. Those who didn’t wouldn’t even see what color the door was, let alone see the hallway that connected to it. Without pressing buttons or using any scans the double metal doors slid open the moment he was inches away from it. He walked further in, passing machines and furniture that was scattered and the kitchen where a boiling pot was steaming, emitting the aroma of cooked broccoli before entering the lab.

“Anthony Stark!” Nick Fury barked when he spotted the one he came to see standing in front of a giant screen that was buddied up by dozens of smaller screens around it and a giant keyboard connecting to it at the bottom.

Tony Stark jumped an inch in the air. All four of his hooves not touching the floor for a split second. He turned and had the decency to look panicked. “What’d I do now?”

Fury took a moment to acknowledge Jarvis standing in front of a table and stirring a steaming bowl, facing him. “Jarvis.”


He pinned his glare back at Tony, “Mind telling me why my agents are complaining about viruses that are attacking their personal devices and unable to get rid of them?”

“Oh, that,” Tony rubbed the back of his neck.

“Yes, that. Is this your doing?”

“Not really?”

Fury took a deep breathe, settling down his nerves that seemed to only react when the centaur was involved. “Elaborate, Tony. I need an explanation.”

Tony shuffled his front hoofs, lifting one and placing the other and repeating the action with his other leg. His tail flicked back and forth, “It’s Vision. He heard those agents talking about… me. He got back at them.”

And there it was. Just like that Fury’s… fury disappeared and was replaced by exhaustion. This wasn’t the first time Vision got protective of the genius and this certainly wasn’t going to be the last. Rumors had been going on about what could possibly be locked inside the room at the belly of the helicarrier, and while some rumors were downright ridiculous (a possible second Hulk trapped inside and studied for future Hulkings) some rumors hit a little bit close to home to Tony’s self-esteem.

“Do I want to know what they said this time?”

Tony looked away and faced the ground, meaning he wasn’t going to get the answer from him. Instead, Fury looked up at the ceiling (even though Tony had said time and time again Vision wasn’t up there exactly), “Vision what did they say?”

“The agents spoke of a hybrid monster who feasts on children,” the cool, accented voice of Vision said. And from the tone Fury figured the AI was still mad about it.

Hell, Fury was mad, too, now that he heard it, and no doubt Jarvis was also. Looking at the centaur he noticed the tense shoulders and the tense hind legs. This was affecting Tony in more ways than one and Fury was not going to let it stand without action. He made a mental note to ask Vision to let the viruses last for an entire week and to have their ringtones changed.

“Vision sign those agents up for double shifts and send them to seven hours of training. I want them worked to the bone.”

“Right away, Director,” replied the AI, and he swore he heard a sadistic tone from it.

“Nick,” Tony whined. “I don’t need you defending my virtue.”

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For my eleventh Evangelion book review, here is Evangelion ANIMA Visual Book, published by ASCII Media Works.  As you may have heard already, Evangelion ANIMA is a light novel from Ikuto Yamashita (the mecha designer for Evangelion) that tells an alternate ending to the Evangelion series: Instrumentality doesn’t happen and the characters experience a different adventure instead, which mostly seems to consist of battling against other Evas rather than Angels… however, there are Evas known as Angel Carriers that have the powers of the Angels.  This story was presented in the form of short installments that appeared in various issues of Dengeki Hobby Magazine, starting with an introduction in late 2007, then the first chapter in 2008 and continuing with chapters of crazy action and crazier fan service until coming to an end with the final part in 2013.  As can be expected from Yamashita, there is a lot of focus on the Evangelions, including new Evas and weapons… and as you might expect if you read my previous book review that had some of Yamashita’s wacky older ideas, there are also a lot of wacky new ideas!

At the time I am writing this (January 9, 2015), the multiple chapters of ANIMA have not been compiled into a book yet.  But for now, at least we have Evangelion ANIMA Visual Book, which collects a number of ANIMA’s illustrations (including photos of models and toys based on several of the concepts in the story), plus basic information about some of the characters and Evas, and two chapters of the story are provided as well.  The book is not available in English or French, but at least there are a lot of pictures to look at (mostly in full color, and there are a few black-and-white sketches as well).  Sadly, it’s not a complete collection of ANIMA-related pics, but for the time being it’s the best there is unless you decide to track down all the issues of Dengeki Hobby Magazine that contained ANIMA material.  The artwork starts off with a cool cover illustration that is so long that the scan shown at the beginning of this review is only a part of the picture… the rest of it continues into the inside of the book!  However, if you remove the dust jacket, you’ll find a shrunken version of the image where the whole thing completely fits onto the front cover.

Aside from Ikuto Yamashita’s illustrations of the Evas and weapons, his renditions of the characters are occasionally shown as well.  There is also a bunch of character art done by Hiroyuki Utatane, and some artistic contribution from Seiji Kio.  Here is one of Yamashita’s pictures of what Shinji and Asuka look like in the story… Shinji is now 17 years old and has long hair worn in a ponytail similar to Kaji’s, while Asuka goes through several different hairstyles but still wears those piloting interface hairclips:

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Celtic Coin Depicting A Centauress

This extremely rare hexadrachm was struck in the 2nd century BC by the Boii tribe in ancient Slovakia. It shows a winged female centaur on its reverse with a  Latin inscription of what is presumed to be the Boii king’s name  ‘BVSV’ (Busu) below. The obverse is a diademed male bust with a palm branch. 

More about these coins and the Boii…

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