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WINDWEIGHT Part I | an otayuri fic set in the Watercast universe.

The story to the artbook/graphic novel collaboration with @maccalon + some exciting guest art! <3 thank you @primagrine for quality control.

Summary: Yuri is an avian who crash lands in a forest after attempting an overly ambitious diving routine. Otabek is a lone centaur who was just minding his own business. 

Spoiler: Yuri is a humming bird. And he still likes cats. Otabek is still a cinnamon bun. 

Also you don’t need to have read watercast to understand any of this! It’s just a love story. A big excuse for me to explore more about avian biodiversity, flying techniques & social issues ahhhh. if there’s enough interest there’s a victuuri centric story too, but they’re just in the background of this, as well as keef!

This is probably the most advanced animation I’ve ever done. Efram’s gallop is based on Muybridge’s classic animation of the gallop, showing four-beat footfall sequence, but reduced to 8 frames.

I haven’t really fleshed out the details of Efram’s side-arms at this point, but suffice to say they function as futuristic six-shooters with unlimited ammo.

I’ll likely use this sprite as a base for at least one enemy sprite, as well.

bugcthulhu  asked:

There's also Lamassu (man-headed bulls with wings), bucentaurs (centaurs with lower halves of bulls), the scottish Spriggans, and good ole' gremlins since you're also doing jenny hanivers

I might hold on Lamassu until I figure out what I’m doing with all the various Middle Eastern mythologies.  Well, all the ones other than Christianity, I guess.

Bucentaurs would be a fun counterpart to Minotaurs.  Spriggans are definitely going to be a thing, and gremlins… hmm, well, they’re a little modern, but that’s no longer a huge problem.  Plus they’d make a fun goblin sub-group.


Celtic Coin Depicting A Centauress

This extremely rare hexadrachm was struck in the 2nd century BC by the Boii tribe in ancient Slovakia. It shows a winged female centaur on its reverse with a  Latin inscription of what is presumed to be the Boii king’s name  ‘BVSV’ (Busu) below. The obverse is a diademed male bust with a palm branch. 

More about these coins and the Boii…

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