winged balloons

  • Yousef: Yeah, I'm going to go play basketball with Sana
  • Elias: Alright have fun!
  • Elias *bursting into the his room where the boys were hanging out*: Guys come quick! Yousef's about to get his ass kicked by Sana!
  • Elias *running out the door while yelling *: Mikael get my camera!
If Cows Could Fly

My entry for this week’s @txf-prompt-box challenge. It’s nothing but fluff and I’m not even sorry. Set sometime after “Rain King”. 

A Hot Air Balloon Ride!

bonus: The balloon isn’t of a regular shape.

“Mulder explain to me again why we’re in a hot air balloon?” They’re about 3000 feet in the air, rising steadily and Scully, instead of enjoying it, glances at him expectantly. She can’t let go. Look around, he wants to tell her cause she’s not believing his story anyway. He’s tried. Twice.

“Like I already told you Scully, Skinner gave these tickets to us.”

“Mulder…” Even the third time is no charm. Scully, his ever skeptic partner, refuses to believe his story. True, it’s a bit of there. But for once, it’s the truth.

“Scully, I’m telling you. Don’t you remember that e-mail they sent around a few weeks ago? The FBI wants to commemorate their best, most successful agents. Congrats, partner. That’s us.”

“But with a hot air balloon ride?”

“They’re not going to send us on some all-inclusive vacation in the Poconos.” Mulder shrugs. For him it’s a dream come true. Albeit a dream he didn’t know he had, but he’s not going to question this, or analyze this. He, for one, is happy. All alone in the air with Scully where no one can see them or hurt them. It’s perfect.  

“They could have sprung for a nice dinner.” Scully mumbles while buttoning up her coat. The higher up they go, the colder it gets despite the warmth the balloon spews at them. Mulder has to stop himself from smirking. He’ll gladly help her get warm. His lewd thought is interrupted by a change in her expression; is softens, brightens up. Mulder follows her look and sighs. Under them, everything looks tiny and peaceful. Like a miniature version of the real world.

“The world can be rather beautiful, huh?” Mulder isn’t sure she even heard him. The swish of the air around them is loud, yet calming. He steps closer to her and she doesn’t move away. They’re almost touching and Mulder can no longer tell if the heat he’s feeling comes from her or the balloon.

“I’m not saying this isn’t nice, Mulder, and I’m still not sure about your story, but…”

“But what?”

“Why are we in balloon that looks like a cow? With wings no less. Mulder, cows don’t have wings.”

“Hey, you can’t know that. Only the cows we know have never sprouted wings.” Her raised eyebrow lets him know that she’s not amused. He, however, can’t hold back his grin. He could have picked one of the other balloons. But he kept imaging himself up here with Scully and he didn’t want them to be in a pig. A flying pig? No, thank you. Or Goofy. Of course the FBI signed them up for a company that exclusively owned silly balloons. When Skinner handed him the tickets, the blush visible even on his bald, shiny head, he mumbled the name “Fun Riders” like it was the name of a shady strip club. Mulder briefly wonders how Scully would have reacted to a trip to the strip club. Paid in full by their employer.

“Why did you pick the cow?”

“Remember Holman Hardt? That case in Kroner, Kansas?”

“I think so, yes. You thought his unrequited love for his high school crush was influencing the weather. Where are you going with this?” Mulder rolls his eyes at her obvious denial; they both know that Holman’s feelings did have an impact on the weather. He decides to let it go this time.

“That one night he made a cow fly right through the roof of my motel room.” Mulder reminds her instead.

“I don’t remember that.”

“You don’t? We had to share a room.” That’s something he can’t forget. They’d shared rooms before, of course. And he is used to being around a sleeping Scully because she can fall asleep anywhere, any time. That was the first, and so far only time, they had to share a bed though.        

“That I do remember.”

“I uhm, wanted to pay tribute to, well…”

“The cow?”

“Not the cow.”

“Then what, Mulder?”

“Nothing. It was a stupid idea, forget it.”

“I can’t forget it, Mulder. We’re up in the air. We’ve got,” she checks her watch, “about another hour and a half ahead of us. As nice as this is, I don’t want us to say nothing to each other.”

“We could play I spy, Scully.” She shakes her head gently, a smile sneaking up on her.

“Mulder, if you could control the weather,” she says and his ears perk up, “what would it be like now?”

“I thought you didn’t believe in that sort of thing, Scully. Maybe the air up here is too thin for you to think clearly.” She shoots him a look, a very obvious don’t be an idiot look, Mulder that he secretly loves.

“Come on, Mulder. What would your weather be like?” Before answering, Mulder looks around him. It’s a sunny day in September, neither too warm nor too cold. The wind caresses the few spots of skin that are not covered by his clothes. It causes Scully’s hair to flap against her cheeks softly, framing her face perfectly.

“I think Scully… this weather right here is what I’d pick.” She smiles at him, desperately trying to catch that one loose strand of hair that keeps escaping her. He watches for a moment mesmerized but then his hand reaches out, comes into brief contact with hers, and he tucks the strand of hair away safely.

“There.” He whispers unnecessarily.

“Thank you.” She blushes but doesn’t move away from him. Not that there’s much space to do so anyway. Mulder doubts that Skinner wanted something like this to happen up here in the air; Mulder and Scully unable to flee the scene and consequently, their feelings. Up here they’re stuck together with every unspoken sentiment they’ve ever had.

“If you could, you know, control the weather, Scully… what would you do?”

“I’d pick this one, too, Mulder. But that’s not how it works, is it? Holman Hardt didn’t pick the weather. It was merely a reflection of his unspoken feelings.” He loves this woman. He knew it before of course, even told Scully, and she pretended not to believe him, but right now the feeling washes over him in a steady wave, almost knocking him down.

“Well, does it reflect your feelings?” He asks carefully. His feelings are brewing up a storm. It all depends on Scully what kind of storm it will be. He is thinking sunshine and explosions of rainbows. One word from her and she can turn it into a violent thunderstorm with rain for days, though.

“You know what I really thought when you told me about this hot air balloon ride? I thought you were… asking me out. On a date.”


“Yes, ‘oh’. But you kept insisting on the story that Skinner gave you the tickets. That this is nothing more than an obligatory thing.” He can show her the receipts because of course Skinner made him fill out a form. She can ask Skinner and he’ll confirm his story. But looking at her he feels like that’s not what she wants to hear right now. Lately, they had been moving into this direction. A date. Or something resembling one at least. If only he’d seen that she was ready for it, too.  

“Scully, you asked me why I picked the cow, right?” She nods.

“I only told you about the whole thing once I’d picked out the balloon myself. I wanted that cow because… I never told you this, but… that night when the cow came flying through the roof? My first thought after it happened was you. I thought of you. Not any specific thought, not the typical what will Scully think of this train of thought I tend to have. No, I just thought of your name. Of you. Because to me, you are… well, everything. I realized it that moment. Maybe not that exact moment but in all the immediate moments that came after.”

“They never did check you for a head injury, did they?” Her voice is soft, crumbling. Tears swim in her eyes that, he is sure of it, she would deny if he brought it up. Just the wind, she’d say. He knows it and it makes him grin, cause she, too, is smiling up at him.

“They didn’t have to. Nothing wrong with my head.” Another raised eyebrow. “At least not like that and definitely not caused by a flying cow. It was not my idea to go on a hot air balloon ride, no. I swear Skinner gave me the tickets, but… I wanted it to be something special. I’m not saying it’s a date, because that would be presumptuous of me, and I didn’t exactly ask you. But would it be the worst thing… for a first date?”

“No, Mulder,” she is so close to him, he feels like they’re becoming one person. Her face, too, seems to come closer. So very, very close to his, “It’s definitely not bad for a first date.” Then her lips are there. They meet his as the balloon hisses and sizzles. Or maybe it’s just them. Their lips move together as if they’ve never done anything else, as if they’ve long been acquainted with each other.

“You know what Scully?” Mulder asks when they break the kiss. “It’s like Skinner arranged our first date.”

“Let’s not tell him about that, all right?” He nods against her, his nose nuzzling her neck. He wonders if anyone has ever attempted sex on a hot air balloon and if it would qualify them for the mile high club. Maybe another time, he thinks.

“And you better not wait for Skinner to arrange a second one.” He definitely won’t, Mulder thinks, as he captures her lips again.

“But it’s warm and it’s heavy and we’re trying to float”

woo dodie’s song! her book! her new EP! so many things! I love Party Tattoos so much and i had to make something for it!!  🌼 🌼 🌼

I’m still not over the wings tour in seoul concert…like I wasn’t even there in person but I’m still shaking

Okay, let’s just discuss the Weasley Twins in Slytherin, because, let’s be real, these boys were some cunning and ambitious mofos. 

  • Fred got Sorted first. He and everybody else thought he’d be in Gryffindor just like the rest of his family.
  • The Hat thought differently. Like, as soon he touched Fred’s hair, the Hat was like, ‘lol, nah bro. You Slytherin AF.’
  • So like, it’s a minute of silence before Fred just shrugs, like ‘a’ight’. And he goes and sits down and everybody just kind of blinks before McGonagall calls George’s name and the crowds like ‘okay the Weasleys can still redeem themselves.’
  • Then George is Sorted into Slytherin as well.
  • McGonagall’s eyebrow is twitching like she can just sense what kind of trouble the Twins of Terror are going to cause.
  • Seven years later as they cause the best fucking dramatic exit ever, she just tosses her hands in the air and goes ‘CALLED IT.’
  • But yeah, first year and people think they’d be uncomfortable af, right?
  • They manage to find the Slytherin Common Room, and figure out the password before the Prefects can tell them so when everybody is flooding in, ready to go to bed that night, they just see Fred and George Weasley sprawled on the couches like, ‘Sup?
  • Snape hates them instantly. And he’s hella pissed because they are FUCKING AMAZING at potions. Like, they might be better than him- not that he’d ever admit it.
  • And so they’re left alone for the first month, because nobody knows what to do with them???? Cuz, like they’re pulling pranks left and right, and every now and then they’ll sit with their brothers???? At the Gryffindor table????
  • BUT, one day, some annoying-ass seventh year Slytherin calls them ‘blood traitors’, and he’s laughing like he’s proud but then he glances at them and sees they just have this look in their eyes.
  • The next day, as everyone floods in for dinner, the seventh year is found in the Great hall hanging from an ankle, completely decked out in Gryffindor colors
  • Fred and George Weasley are never messed with again
  • Fred hears a Gryffindor call the very same Slytherin from before a ‘death eater’ and legit just yells ‘FIGHT ME’ and straight up tackles the Gryffindor
  • The Slytherin just kind of stares and is like …why??
  • George comes upon and tosses his arm around his brother’s shoulders and says “Just consider the Weasley Twins as Slytherin’s last defense line.”
  • And then Christmas is coming up, and they’re kind of, maybe, a little bit, very scared of going home because they’re ENTIRE family has been in Gryffindor. Like- every. Single. One. of. Them.
  • They mention it to Bill, and he just scoffs and calls them wimps.
  • They’re the first ones through the Burrow’s door that holiday. They also learn, thanks to their mother, that their uncles Fabian and Gideon were both considered to be put in Slytherin.
  • Couple months later they get the Marauders Map, but that a whole other thing
  • And then for years, they’re wreaking havoc upon Hogwarts. Nobody is safe from their pranks, and every other week you can hear them talking about the joke shop they’re going to create.
  • During the twins’ fourth year, as more and more people become petrified, the entire Hospital wing is covered with balloons, and streamers, and everything to make brighter and happier. Nobody found out who did it.
  • Draco Malfoy and other ignorant people who use disgraceful words disappear for a week that year.
  • Also, when Hermione was in the library she found a piece of paper with pipes? written on it. That’s when it hits her. She never finds out who left it on the table.
  • The next year, the twins practically worship the ground that Remus Lupin walks on. They also meet an adorable dog that looks like the Grimm, and legit let it sleep in their room more often than not.
  • Their roommates are just like WTF???? But they don’t give a fuck, because let’s be real, these boys did nearly everything out of spite.
  • During their sixth year, there’s a LOT of shade thrown and bitter bitchiness.
  • and they totally didn’t use the foreigner’s ignorance to be able to prank them via their Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes cuz that’d be cruel, and wrong, and mean, and bad
  • Yeah, they 100% did
  • During the opening ceremony of their seventh year they walk into the great hall and see a toad wearing pink from head-to-toe and they exchange this very, very sly grin that has the underclassmen around them shaking
  • McGonagall sees it and just starts snickering to herself.
  • If everybody thought the Weasley Twins were terrible before… it was nothing to how they were that year.
  • Like, they manage to get a detention during the feast. Over the last six years they had racked up about 350 detentions. That year they, collectively, gained 462 detentions.
  • There weren’t even that many days year.
  • They broke the Marauders’ record. Remus and Sirius refused to talk to them for the first week after they left Hogwarts because of how bitter they were.
  • A day after they dropped out of Hogwarts they received a Howler that just said “UMBRIDGE IS FUCKING PISSED AS HELL!!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU BOYS!”
  • They went to an Order meeting after getting it, and McGonagall is there and all she says to them is; “get any interesting mail today, boys?”
  • I just… The Weasley Twins in Slytherin.

whale = whalien 52
bus = no more dream
pills = n.o
‘danger’ sign = danger
gorilla = boy in luv
birds = wings
house = move
balloon = for you
road = road/lost/run
fireworks = i need u/fire
flowers = hwa yang yeon hwa
train = spring day
mountain = not today
planets + purple = galaxy = army
splatters on top = blood, sweat & tears

Star Trek/Green Lantern #2 ( in a nutshell)

iT’S jUsT a cOiNcIDeNcE tHaT yOOnGi HyUnG haS tHe SaMe COloR aS tHe ALbuM cOvEr/tHeMe

DARK N WILD (black and red)

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HYYH pt1(pink)

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HYYH pt2 (mint)

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HYYH: YF (white/yellow hot air balloon)

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WINGS (black and white)

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HER (smeraldo blue)

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aries.. the world is filled with flying baby dragons, blowing ruby fire with birthday cakes, welcome to the world, the sky is covered in balloons, their wings from heaven still sewn on their backs, tiny battle swords in their hands, ready to defend their land

taurus… the air tastes like cinnamon and everything is edible, it tastes of coconut macaroons, money grows on trees, and nature sings songs… everything is cosy, and comfortable, an eternal twilight, beauty is eternal, dance is the walk of the gods

gemini… the world is thousands of little pixies flying with golden helmets and wings on their ballet shoes, messages are heralded across the sky, and rollercoasters loop through libraries so they grab a thousand books in a hurry

cancer… a giant half crescent moon hangs in the sky, illuminating the day and the night in gentle evening glow…the morning air tastes of vanilla icecream… shells are boats that transport people from place to place… the frost of snow so it can be blankets and cuddles…

leo.. the world echoes with babies giggling and the saxophones of broadway. the sun is shining, illuminating everything with silver crystals, red carpets are rolled before their feet… crowns are upon every head.. palaces line the street, and the footpaths are mirrors to reflect the exquisite beauty of every citizen

virgo… little elves fly with golden helmets and wings made of leaves.. tonics and curatives grow in green bottles from the trees… the air is fresh and the streets are clean… the earth is worshiped

libra… the air tastes of musk and strawberries and swallows fly in stunning circles, making music and art… the world is balanced on a set of scales… and everything falls when righteousness is not served… women run parliament, business, and the economics… valentines day is a day of glorious celebration

scorpio.. the world is surrounded by black sea, glowing with radioactivity… the walls around each house are high, security is important… wires connect to the cosmos transmitting psychic symbols and revelation… witches and druids line the streets with tarot, and zodiac, and empath healing sorcery

sagittarius… the world is filled with the colour, dance, and love of a thousand cultures, languages, and religions… temples hit the sky with arrows etched in the sky.. the dream of ascension in every resident… the gods and goddesses walk the street, retelling their stories in everyday life

capricorn… the world is cities lined in silver, surrounded in colossal mountains… with millions of clocks making music with time, wizards are the sherpers who guide the mountain haul, waiting on top is a slide from heaven to earth, so their mermaid tails can soak in the sea again

aquarius…UFO’s and spaceships zip through the sky, as people with fly with jetpacks and hoverboards.. the cities are light in flashing neon rainbows, and they swim in a sea of giant chemistry sets filled with swirling liquid glitter

pisces.. the world is a little darkened and it rains often, but the rain makes a lullaby, and it isn’t customary to wake until the evening… the cities are surrounded in milky water with mermaids emerging, calling and longing for their return into the sea, the place is timeless and they never awake from dream