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One more piece I did for the weekly drawing event at
Last week’s topic was “Elements” and Ladybug-W.I.T.C.H._Avatar:The last Airbender crossovers. Of course I went with W.I.T.C.H. crossover :’D
I wanted to make a big drawing featuring all 5 elements, but had no tiiime D;…
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Arslan Senki Summary | Book 11: Assault of Demons

Arslan Senki / The Heroic Legend of Arslan
Written by: Yoshiki Tanaka
Translated summaries by: ryukoishida

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Translator’s Note: Updates have been slow lately — I apologize, and thanks for sticking around for this long! Obviously, there are spoilers for those who have only read the manga and/or watch the anime/OVAs. Happy reading!

Additional Notes:

Book 11: Assault of Demons

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Name: Rhodes

Species: Dimorphodon macronyx

Description: One of the first pterosaurs both scientifically and in the fossil record, Dimorphodon is a fairly basal one known from early Jurassic England. Its name refers to the two morphs of teeth in its jaw - large pointy teeth at the front and several smaller teeth further back. Its skull (and the rest of its body for that matter) is relatively bulky for a pterosaur. Dimorphodon is not a good flier - like modern galliformes, it only flies when it has to. And like them, it forages on the ground: Dimorphodon’s favorite food is insects.

Location: As an ambassador, Rhodes’s home is in the AP^3 wing of the Anning Paleontological Museum. You can also watch him participate in the Flight Show along with various other pterosaurs and protobirds!

Fun Facts: Rhodes likes to get around by hopping. As well as climbing by hopping up a tree/person’s leg, he hops more frequently on the ground than the other Dimorphodon. And sometimes he just hops for no reason. It’s adorable.

Personality & History: Rhodes was born in the same batch of Dimorphodon that populates an aviary in the Mesozoic Europe exhibit. Ever since birth he’s shown a certain affinity towards the staff that the other Dimorphodon don’t have. Ever since he was a flapling he’s been climbing on people, and seemed to prefer hanging out with keepers over the other Dimorphodon. This prompted us to integrate him into the Animal Ambassador program. Training for this continued through his growth, and completed just in time for opening.

Rhodes is definitely the most outgoing of the ambassadors, and consequently shows up quite often in demonstrations, basking in the attention. He’ll often try to hop onto people during demonstrations - and believe me, your day would be a lot better with a Dimorphodon on your back. The claws are duller than they seem, don’t worry. Let him initiate any contact, though; he tends to dislike contact unless he initiates it.

Rhodes spends most of his time with the staff in the Museum, but you can also catch him, and several other pterosaurs, at the Flight Show. Although the Dimorphodon normally don’t fly, it’s easy to get him to do so provided there’s a big juicy roach at the destination. Catch it on Saturdays at 1 PM!

Pulling her wings in, stretching her body, she banked, murder in her heart. The last winged ape was forgotten. There was no one bird that she drew on, but many, as Daine shaped angled wings to give her speed, a ripping beak and talons to match for combat, a starling’s talent for quick, midair dodges. She stayed as large as she dared: She would need size to fight this battle. Hurtling through the winds, she came at Ozorne.
—  The Realms of the Gods by Tamora Pierce, chapter 10
snk 82 spoilers

-i push isayama out of the way and start writing the manga myself
-levi grows a pair of wings and kills the ape titan guy 47 times
-levi swoops down and saves erwin like a fucking angel from the sky
-erwin is healed with the great eruri kiss
-armin uses eye lazerbeams to shrink berthodlt and reiner down to tiny-size
-hanji and their squad were okay they were just getting ice cream
-in fact the basement is just actually a secret ice cream parlor
-everyone who ever died who we loved is there they have been cured
-historia and ymir are gravitationally suddenly attracted to each other and zoooop over to the ice cream parlor and kiss and get married
-every titan ever rethinks their lives and become construction workers
-vriska uses the juju on lord english
-armin and eren and jean start dating
-oh yeah annie’s okay too i guess
-reiner and berthodlt start an ant colony
-everything is resolved and everyone is happy
-there is no war in ba sing se
-the end 😇