(poor freckles gets her head cropped off x,,,D)

So it’s only been like what
two centuries since I posted toontown stuff?
We’ll go with two.

Doing concept & illustration work on the TTR team sorta demotivated me from doing my own personal TT stuff, since I like changing up the content I’m doofing about with on a regular basis. I’m not doing stuff for them as regularly as when I first joined though- so I got a bit of inspiration back. >: D

Plus I ran across a lot of “toonblr” blogs recently and followed em’, which’s given me a bunch of toony content to look at, so thats a thing xD
I’m really quiet/inactive in the general toontown community, but since I mill around Tumblr as much as I do dA, I wanted to interact at least a LITTLE bit more ;v; I might make a sideblog for reblobbing all this toontown stuff I’m following now but not totally sure yet.

Anywhozin, here’s some familiar & not so familiar faces!

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