wingardium leviosar

magic powers

so as promised earlier this week, i made a list of stuff the characters in my tfc witch au can do! dedicating this to @iliascorvus because they inspired me to do this ^.^

this is all based on this au from some weeks ago

if there are questions or anything considering this au really feel free to ask!!

Neil , dark magic

  • Appearance altering - not quite shape shifting, more limited
  • force-field control - creates shield around him or one other person 
  • he actually could to more powerful versions of both, as in full-on shapeshifting or shielding a group of people, but his powers are limited due to repressing them o years on the run in the wrong way. 

Andrew , grey magic 

  • Obliteration - can block or erase others powers. exposure to this for a longer time period can erase powers completely
  • mind control - pretty obvious. he refuses to use it. (the only time he does it is at the very end, when he forces riko to break his own arm)
  • his powers are very strong but surpressed nearly completely by the drugs. when he’s sober and before he was on the drugs he learned several ways to surpress them differently, in a way that didn’t limit them like neil’s. (tiny andrew trying to surpress his weird powers and slice off his mark so people wouldnt hate him please im crying what is this)

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