Here you go folks, photos from my Brown Sash test in Wing Chun under Sifu Francis Fong. I had a days notice on taking this test, literally found out as we were landing in Atlanta. Nevertheless if I give myself credit I blew the test away and did extremely well. From the technique to the extremely challenge rounds I pushed hard and delivered. Got a few more pictures that i’m waiting on those and I’ll post them later on. But this is the body of the technical part of the test. Next year Red, two more years to Black Sash.

Oblique Kick

Fighters with a wide range of possible strikes catch their opponents off guard by making them indecisive and hesitant to act. Jon Jones’ use of the “oblique kick” has been a revelation in MMA and has caught out virtually all of his opponents, keeping them at his preferred distance and making anxious to come forward. Holly Holm used it to good effect against Ronda, who had no answer to it (or anything else).

While the Oblique kick is still newish in MMA it is a cornerstone kick in Wing Chun. In Savate Its known as Chasse bas and can be used almost like a jab to help control distance and cause trepidation in your opponent.  

Is value doesn’t lie in the damage that it does (though it does hurt and can injure someone’s knee) but the disruption of your adversaries base, and how it helps you control the distance. 

This is honestly my favorite kick because of how easy it is to set up. Reblog and tell me yours.

Jesse Glover, Seattle, WA (1935-2012) was Bruce Lee’s first student and first assistant instructor in the US. They met in 1959, as they both attended Edison Technical College and was the one who first taught Lee judo. He studied psychology and was a champion Judoka. The character Jerome Sprout in the film Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story was based on him. He was the first authorized martial arts instructor to be trained by Bruce Lee and developed his own method which he calls Non Classical Gung Fu.

Team Voltron’s Chosen Fighting Styles?

Shiro: Muay Thai

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Keith: Jeet Kune Do

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Lance: Pencak Silat

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Pidge: Wing Chun

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Hunk: Hung Gar

Coran: Bare-Knuckle Boxing

Allura: Ba Gua

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