John followed Tohr to the living room. Havers was sitting on the couch, looking like a professor with his tortoiseshell glasses and herringbone jacket and red bow tie.

“Hello, John,”he said.

John lifted a hand and sat in the wing chair closest to Wellsie.

“So I have the results of your blood test.” Havers took a piece of paper out of the inside of his sport coat. “It took me a little longer, because there was an anomaly I didn’t expect.”

John glanced at Tohr. Then Wellsie. Jesus…What if he was wholly human? What would they do to him? Would he have to leave—

“John, you are a full-bred warrior. There is only the barest trace of nonspecies blood in you at all.”

Tohr laughed in a loud burst and clapped his hands together. “Hot damn! That’s great!”

John started to grin and kept going until his lips totally disappeared into a smile.

“But there’s something else.” Havers pushed his glasses up higher on his nose. “You are of the line of Darius of Marklon. So close you could be his son. So close…you must be his son.”

—  Lover Awakened, J.R. Ward