The Mushroom Shepherd

Genre: gay fairytales, action fantasy

Words: 8k

Summary: A fungus fairy is born and cast out by her people, she befriends the fairy sent to watch her but something begins to stir close to home

Spores, the fungus fairy, decides to prove herself against a dark enemy to earn her place back in The Canopy and maybe grow closer to her watcher

warning: for violence and fighting

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Demigods are humanoid, but vaguely so. Some bear wings or gills; others have glowing birthmarks or tattoos that cannot stand still. Many have gemstone irises or pure molten metal under their ebony lashes. Light shines differently in their presence, and the very ground accommodates their steps. They may not be immortal, but they are certainly not human. 

*me sobbing into a pillow*

johnny is just so good?? he jumped off a fucking building to reach out to his friend he didn’t even think about the fact that this would fucking kill him he just had to reach his friend he had to reach Allen and even if he did have the time to consider the fact that he would die from that fall he didn’t fucking care because Allen was there and he needed to reach him and Johnny was the one to call out to him and call out his fucking angel wings Johnny Gill made Allen Walker in to a fucking angel and I’m  d e a d

German vocabulary - Amphibians

die Amphibie (Amphibien) – amphibian (Latin/Greek expression)
der Lurch (Lurche) – amphibian (German expression)
das Wirbeltier (Wirbeltiere) – vertebrate (lit. vertebrae animal)
der Wirbel (Wirbel) – vertebra
die Wirbelsäule (Wirbelsäulen) – spine (lit. vertebrae pillar)
der Frosch (Frösche) – frog
die Kröte (Kröten) – toad
der Molch (Molche) – newt
der Salamander (Salamander) – salamander
die Larve (Larven) – larva
die Kaulquappe (Kaulquappen) – tadpole
die Metamorphose (Metamorphosen) – metamorphosis (Latin/Greek)
die Verwandlung (Verwandlungen) – metamorphosis (German)
das Entwicklungsstadium (Entwicklungsstadien) – stage of development

die Thermoregulation – thermoregulation
die Temperatur – temperature
die Umgebungstemperatur – surrounding temperature
abhängen (hingen ab, abgehangen haben) von etwas (wem?) – to depend on sth.
wechselwarm – poikilothermic (lit. change-warm)
gleichwarm – homeothermic (lit. same-warm)
überwintern (überwinterten, überwintert haben) – to hibernate (lit. to over-winter)
sich einfrieren lassen (ließen, gelassen haben) – to let oneself freeze
die Kältestarre/Winterstarre – cold rigor
die Hitzestarre – heat rigor
in Kälte-/Hitzestarre fallen (fielen, gefallen sein) – to fall into cold/heat rigor
der Kälte-/Hitzetod – cold/heat death

die Amphibienhaut – the amphibian skin
die Schleimhaut (Schleimhäute) – mocous membrane (lit. slime skin)
die Schleimdrüse (Schleimdrüsen) – mocous gland (lit. slime gland)
die Giftdrüse (Giftdrüsen) – poison gland
dünn – thin
glatt – smooth
feucht – damp
etwas (wen?) feucht halten (hielten, gehalten haben) – to keep damp
etwas (wen?) befeuchten (befeuchteten, befeuchtet haben) – to damp sth.

die Atmung – respiration
die Respiration – respiration (scientific)
die Lunge (Lungen) – lung
der Lungenflügel (Lungenflügel) – lobe (lit. lung wing)
die Kieme (Kiemen) – gills (plural is more commonly used)
die Hautatmung – cutaneous respiration (lit. skin respiration)

der Laich – spawn
der Fischlaich / der Froschlaich – fish/frog spawn
die Laichzeit – spawn time
das Laichgebiet – spawn area
laichen (laichten, gelaicht haben) – to spawn
schleimig – slimy
gallertartig – gelatinous

wie sich Amphibien bewegen – how amphibians move
klettern (kletterten, geklettert sein) – to climb
schwimmen (schwammen, geschwommen sein) – to swim
springen (sprangen, gesprungen sein) – to jump
hüpfen (hüpften, gehüpft sein) – to hop
kriechen (krochen, gekrochen sein) – to crawl
tauchen (tauchten, getaucht sein) – to dive

anonymous asked:

So I have a question. Can someone who is, say, an eden be moon born? I was wondering cause I haven't seen any vamps with wings or gills?!

I’ve addressed this once before but I want to expand on the subject a bit:

Yes, Any race can become Moonborn, but there won’t be Eidens because they live on an island in the middle of the ocean and tend to stick to it, and there won’t be Thalassans because…well, they live in the sea.

Most Moonborn will be Basileian ex-cons because the capital has had a long history of commuting criminal sentences to “Life in Golgotha”. And since the Moonborn are unable to reproduce amongst themselves, they’ll create offspring from these unsavoury Basileian offerings.

There are also Ghatikan Moonborn, products of wars fought in the desert. Moonborn will often relish war because it means being able to feed freely on someone who isn’t a criminal and reproduce in the same fashion.

Here’s a map to serve as a visual aid!

and sure, some people would like a body with gills or wings or the ability to photosynthesise and I can’t see why that’s a problem.

queen-of-garlic-bread  asked:

(i might become a sort of frequent asker) so what two tribes do you think would be the most/least compatible for interbreeding and why?

I think what you are asking is what I think is the most and least likely to successfully hybridize within the tribes?

This is a hard question because I love making hybrids among all the tribes, but if I had to think about and try to think scientifically wise, I think IceWings would be the least likely to produce a successful hybrid and SkyWing being more likely to produce a live or healthy hybrid. 

Now let’s think, among all seven tribes what tribe has the least in common with the others? IceWings.
IceWings biology wise is so far apart from the other tribes due to having anti-freezing BLUE blood, ice breath, and being able to live in such an extreme environment. I mean do any of the other tribes possess these traits? No, so it would be really hard for IceWing genes to intermix with other tribes. 
I really think Darkstalker is an unrealistic hybrid and the same with Whiteout but at least we get to see Whiteout with mental problems, which shows how hybridization wasn’t so 100% functional. 

SkyWings I feel would be the easier tribe to have hybrids with, due to the fact that they are the simplest tribe out of the seven. Meaning they don’t have anything that special about them apart from larger wings. They don’t have gills, nor venom sacs, or special ice breathing. Just simple common fire breath. 
So then when compilation happens and the genes of SkyWings and another tribe create a hybrid there will be less likely of a mix-up and cause deformities. 

Now, any hybrids, SkyWing or not, are going to have deformities and mutations. That's just science but overall I believe IceWings will have more trouble with hybrids and SkyWings having the least trouble. 

  • Alex Summers: loves physical mutations so much he only started respecting Hank in his Beast form, gazed adoringly at Angel's wings and Darwin's gills and shells, has ZERO reaction to Raven's blue form on screen you just fucking know on the inside he was wide eyed and in LOVE, pretty much ALL his close friends have physical mutations, his defining moment in XMFC was his immediate support of Hank after his transformation
  • And lastly his first reaction to seeing Hank again in XMA was to SCOWL INTENTLY AT HANK AND ASK "WHERE THE FUCK IS THE BEAST!?"
  • you just fucking KNOW Alex saw Kurt and was like 'nice'
Meet Your Mods

Hey guys, here’s our little reintroduction to all of you.

Alright I’m up first: Sup I’m the mod formerly know as Xeran and is now know as Z. I’m a shapeshifter capable of becoming anything with enough practice (other mutants, humans, animals, fantasy creatures, etc) and I’m also capable of smaller things like changing my hair and nail color or giving myself gills or wings. I’m pretty fond of my dragon form and when I’m in my humanoid form I tend ta have fangs, claws, wings, freaky eyes, scales, tails, and even horns because I’mm all about lettin my freak flag fly (and by freak flag I mean my mutant attributes because I refuse ta believe that being myself is wrong or shameful). I also have mild hydrokinesis. I’m panromantic and demisexual as well as being polyamorous and genderfluid. My most common gender is a nebulous in-between state that is best described with a shrug and a vague wiggly hand gesture or with vaguely 90′s/80′s butch gay punk. Basically I’m a loud and proud queer sarcastic plus size mutant dorkwad in a jean vest and crop top who is always down ta kick the ass of anyone who bullies or belittles others because I just do not have time for bigots and dickheads in my life. Oh and since our pronouns don’t ever really come up on here anyways I don;t really give a fuck what pronouns you use for me at all.

Okay I’m up now then. I’m Vex, you can call me Vex or V or whatever. I create clones of myself that can act independently of me and when I reabsorb them I also absorb everything they learned and saw so that I know it too which is cool, I commonly use it to learn new languages faster and easier which is why I know many languages including sign language, elvish and various dead languages. I also have enhanced speed, strength, and senses. I have a short purple and blue mohawk that I normally wear in spikes just in case my hair is important to you. I’m genderqueer and queer in general along with being poly and demisexual like my friend Z above me. I’m probably the more level-headed of the two of us and my rage tends to be more verbal than physical (unlike my dragony friend up there). I’m very very ADHD (So am I, forgot ta say that~Z) which is both a blessing and a curse. As for pronouns I’m partial to they/them and she/her but as Z said above our pronouns don’t come up on this blog much anyways.

Alrighty guys that’s the end of our little reintroduction to you all.

Again we just wanna say that we love you all and we are so thankful that you love this blog as much as we do and we can’t wait ta see what crazy shit appears in our inbox next!

Love from,
~Mod Z
~Mod Vex

camjpark  asked:

Hey silvermender, what would a chalkurite that primarily lives underground be like?

I am so sorry I haven’t responded to this or the previous aquatic one!

But here, ANOVA WORLDBUILDING for your patience

Chalkurite wereforms are geared towards what is -required- of course, specialization takes several years to be reached. Take note, chalkurites keep their ylem/radiation forms strictly separated from their biological designs

The word used for special shifts is exaptation, or in chalkurite glossary a ‘redesign’. The word chalkurite is in fact rarely if ever used amongst chalkurites, instead referring to each other by respective ranks. The word 'Architect’ is a preferred term especially by non-chalkurites. can best describe it using the mascot chalkurite to exemplify (and not spoil things)

This is usually employed with inexperienced chalkurite that have fairly easy shapes such as Pint and Hector for example. Their level of practice with their wereform isn’t as advanced as senior chalkurites who have complex designs such as Floyd for example

For a break down, this is how complexity works

Take Pint. He’s practically one of the easiest, frankly his only complexity is his head which is an excruciatingly stupid design because when he bites anything he’s risking getting his eyes gouged. His brain cavity is really odd too. Not particularly useful but remarkable for other chalkurites in terms of how well he’s able to keep together the semblance of a cute face with 2 meters of teeth behind him.   He learns how to shift his design further as he ages, and in fact! He uses big big dunkleosteus teeth as he’s able to sample more ancient genetic traits.

Now, Jericho

He’s a weird one, but he’s had plenty practice. His design is much more special and the silhouette in comparison to Pint is significantly more inhuman. In combat it’s probably one of the weirdest things you’ll ever see in action, bringing into the fray devastating kicks, radula chainsaw teeth and viper-quick strikes with his secondary scythe arms. Of course, you can’t really tell he’s got all of this when hunched over like a big jerboa straight out from satan’s hole

Complexity usually but not always dictates the proficiency of a chalkurite. Pint learns how to exaggerate his design and touch on more subjects for his bauplan, such as multiple limbs, placoderm features, etc. He’s siege-oriented however, and gears his strength to simple but brutally efficient quadruped gorilla tank designs, rarely coming out of his comfort zone.

Within the circle of chalkurites, a complex and working design brags of architect rights. Such is the case with brood mothers, all grand architects that morph themselves to suit the occasion rather than the fight 

Take Lalatre, one of the main brood mothers (empresses within Frontier)

and this is simply her being cocky and not bothering to turn around from her task to talk to those who manage auditions with her. These forms can be used for combat but do so in a way that displays authority, status and grace by going all out extravagant with their shifts. Stomach mouths, intestine weapons, an insane amount of limbs, hip-bones restructured to look like thrones–she does this all, and if someone disagrees with her there’s always the front. Amongst the brood mothers Lalatre is infamously known for being best spoken to while she’s giving you her back, -actually- facing her otherwise means instant death

Primarily flight/water/cavern oriented, etc chalkurites are all redesigns as no chalkurite can ever access an extremophile or hyper-specialized design for their wereform from the start. 

Redesigns are adaptations, exempt from the main silhouettes of chalkurites though they are accounted for the skill of the shapeshifter in question.    I have a big post of them from a while back you can browse under the wereform tag, but here–anyhow, examples

You could say they almost look the same save for certain features such as sleekness, wings, gills etc though these don’t interrupt with the base form that much. The same can be said for more complex designs, though brood mothers are usually made an exceptions since their range of shifting is incredibly vast. I hope this helps answer those questions!

Hypothetical Scenarios Test

prompt: ((((inspiration www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=yg6lM-bwjbQ ))) phil is making a video about “Hypothetical Scenarios Test” with dan and after a while he says what would you do if i asked you to marry mE AND HE PROPOSES RIGHT THERE AND THATS ALSO THEIR COMING OUT VIDEO AND FLUFFY FLUFF FLUFF PLEASE

Words: 959

Genre: Fluff *__*

Warnings: mild swearing

A/N: I have never written something with so much dialogue! My goodness

Phil scrolled through the notes on his phone, finding the question before speaking. “If you could change sex for a week, would you do it?”

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anonymous asked:

If snakes could develop legs/arms could they? What would cause them to start walking? Is anything I'm saying possible?!

Hi, sorry for responding so late, but let me try to summarize this evolutionary paradox:

Although some scientists are not completely sure, most biologists think the snakes branched off from other squamata, so lizards for example. This means lizards lost their legs due to environmental factors, and grew longer. The loss of limbs has been seen in multiple groups of amphibians and reptiles, which evolved independently. An example would be legless lizards:

Why can we be sure snakes branched off other reptiles, you might ask. Well the answer can be found inside the skeletal anatomy of primitive groups of snakes: Pythons and Boas have what they call “leg or anal spurs”. These digits are believed to be a remnant of the pelvic girdle of its predecessor. They are not fully rudimentary though: they are still used during the matingcourse of these snake groups.

We have seen that snakes developed from legged predecessors, but the obvious question now is: “can they grow legs again, and under what factors?”. Hypothetically, the environmental en ecological factors would be a 180 turn in evolution: in order for a snake to grow legs again it would have to have a reason to run faster than it already can. So a change of diet from predatory of big preys to insectivore would be a good reason (?). I cannot think of a environmental reason why a snake would grow legs though, maybe climbing up rocks might be easier to do with legs, but there are a lot of rattlesnakes (for example) that do so as well already. 

The biggest problem with evolution is that it is quite limited, for example “trade-offs” are big problems for evolution. Basically what this means is that an animal cannot grow big eyes, big ears, wings, long legs, and gills at the same time. Evolutionary restrictions might also be not being able to grow a rocket launcher on its back, for example. Most importantly is the fact that animals can easily evolve to not have certain parts (here: legs!) but it’s very hard to get those parts back, if everything simply disappeared.

Hope this helped, really love talking about this stuff!