wing muscles

Title: It’s the Back Muscles

Warnings: Half naked, recounts of violence, blood, exhaustion, fluff, sweetness

Word Count: 624

Summary: Castiel is changing in the bedroom when reader walks in- exhausted from a long day of research and hunting. Before he can finish changing she gets distracted by his back muscles.

a/n: Trying to lift my mood a bit so here’s a crappy fluff fic. Be ready for some major angst later on- i have quite the story in store ;) 


You shuffled into the bunker- muttering a ‘night’ towards the brothers before heading to your room. To say you were exhausted was an absolute and complete understatement. Your body was sore- and you were pretty sure you had some cuts and bruises scattered throughout your body. Stupid werewolves.

You opened the door to your room, stepping in and closing once realizing that Castiel was changing. You watched him pull off his shirt- staring at his back muscles as they moved and flowed underneath his skin in coils. You walked forward and before Cas could fully turn around you rest a hand on his back, tracing over the muscles. He fell still, your cold hand sending chills down his spine as you traced the mock of wings in his muscles.

“You have quite the back.” You said softly, and he chuckled- the vibrations hitting the pads on your fingertips as you rested them against his spine. You leaned in and rested your forehead against his back- your warmth breathing billowing and spreading out across his skin, giving him goosebumps.

“I have werewolves.” You muttered, and when you felt him starting to turn as a warning to that he was going to turn, you pulled away and allowed him to turn to face you. He took you in with a once over- grimacing slightly as he noticed how matted down your hair looked, and just how… done you looked over all.

“Tell me about it.” He said, pulling you into his warm chest. You let out a soft sigh, wrapping your arms around him loosely, your head resting on his chest as you closed your eyes, his chin resting on the top of your head as you guys swayed softly to the sound of nothing.

“I’m so tired.” You muttered, and he chuckled again- this time the chuckle vibrating throughout your cheek and jaw.

“Shower, then join me in bed.” He said and you nodded, but didn’t pull away. You didn’t want to leave his arms, they were so warm and so comfortable. He pulled back and you sighed, shuffling off to the shower.

After having showered you dried off and pulled on a pair of Captain America pajama bottoms- which Dean had bought you for christmas- and a black tee that had a pair of white angel wings on the back, which of course was given to you by Cas. You left the bathroom- hair brushed and toweled dry- and threw yourself into the bed.

Cas rolled over towards you and sat up, helping you underneath the covers before pulling you into his chest- running a hand through your freshly cleaned hair and the other one wrapped around your waist, keeping him close to you.

“How did the hunt go overall?” He asked, and you huffed, half asleep.

“Well I guess.” You mumbled. “I was ambushed at one point- think I got a cut on my back but I don’t really know. Gosh- sometimes I’m so tempted to just turn and leave. Leave this life behind.” You muttered, and his hand around your waist carefully roamed your back to see if you were indeed correct about the cut.

“I’m glad you don’t, don’t get me wrong. This can suck, but I’m grateful you decide to stay. That allows me to be with you.” He said, and you softly chuckled- taking a deep breath and beginning to fall asleep.

“I love you cas, night baby.” You muttered, and his kissed your forehead- closing his own eyes as he just held you.

“I love you too (Y/n). Sleep well.” He said, and they drifted off into a peaceful sleep- neither one of them plagued by nightmares or the horrors of their past. Just the peaceful future.


I was tagged by @neenorroar, thank you Darling!

My current current WIP (as in sitting in the tab right next to this one and why are you on tumblr, barbex?) is chapter 48 of the monster that is and was my very first fanfiction and it has only two pages for now. I would have to go back to the beginning on that one and I don’t think you want to see my years old writing.

Another WIP is of course my story of the Dragonman and the woman who falls in love with him and I should probably think of a better logline for this than “Dragon love and trouble in the realm”.

Anyway, here is the excerpt:

Blue scales on skin. He can’t have scales. Strong muscled wings. Wings? He can’t have wings!

She takes a tiny step close. “Can I help you? Oh shit, why am I even… you’re gonna kill me now,” she babbles, backing away again.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” the man says with a deep, rough voice.

“Yeah, that’s reassuring.”

“I swear, I have no intention to kill you but I would appreciate if you could… help me up?”

I’m so gonna regret this.

This story is getting published chapter by chapter on my wordpress blog (link) and is currently on chapter five. Chapter six awaits the mighty pen of doom by @thatwriternamedvolk and will be published soon, all fresh and polished.

I’m tagging: @thejollywriter, @fairytalewitch, @nothing-is-alwrite, @my-soul-eating-novel and @amandra-c. I know that my best-partner-in-writing-and-crime @thatwriternamedvolk has already been tagged but I’m tagging you again just because!

(out of curiosity: I checked that monstrous fanfiction and page 7 would get us to chapter 1, written in 2012, the first fiction thing I have ever written as a grown up person. It’s a very very explicit sex scene, there’s slamming into and muscles milking from the inside, gasping and then screaming, and …really… I have gotten better at this, I swear. )

// I got some good news, and bad news, guys; The good news is, my first concert with the band is next Saturday, and I’ll be performing in front of a crowd for the first time with them. The bad news? I have to declare a small semi-hiatus, because I have to learn some of the songs for it. <xP I’m afraid I’ll be taking most of next week to memorize them. *frowns* Sorry, Jake…

The magical protector merely smiles, crossing his arms as he looks down at her with a raised brow muscle, wings spread out a bit.

“Sorry? For what? Doin’ what ya love? Ais, that’s nothin’ ta stress about. You got this in the bag.”

// Really?

“Yeah, girl! Yer a rock star! You’re gon’ set the world on fire~!

And don’t worry; Me an’ the others’ll be waitin’ for you when ya come back. We believe in you.”

// <=‘) *hugs him close around his neck* Jake…Thanks. <3

The dragon took a step back in surprise as she just leaped into his arms, then smiled at her hug, and returned it.

“No prob. Take care, ya hear?”
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“This time, when Sam’s wings snap down, Bucky’s feet completely leave the ground. Another, and another, and Bucky can feel the strain of Sam’s muscles where his hand rests between the Falcon’s wings. There are muscles there that Bucky doesn’t know, probably can’t name, definitely doesn’t have. Sam is a different kind of creature, powerful, special.

(Beautiful, Bucky thinks, but pushes it away. Both of them are too broken to know what beautiful looks like, beyond "less broken than they are.”)“

The war is over. It’s time now for healing.

Please check the tags for your own triggers. I simply promise not to recommend anything that appears to do the following at the time of reading:

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