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The Return of Magic

Like Ariel who had chosen to sacrifice the seas to be up on the surface with her prince, Faust had sacrificed magic to be with his sisters. Just like how she felt under the sea, the air on the surface felt lighter as compared to being surrounded by water. For the first time since arriving in the academy, the air felt heavy with magic. Magic that crawled on his skin, and breathed life into his body. His jacket ripped as black wings sprouted from his back, strong… Beautiful.

He supported himself holding onto the iron grills of the windows, and as his wings formed, so did his weakness. His hand burned as his bare flesh met iron. Faust pulled his hand back and stepped away from the iron that weakened him. “What happened?” Faust frowned, stretching his wings out, muscles that he had almost forgotten to use. Even when they had been with him his entire life, he had slowly grown accustomed to be without them. An easy smile lifted his spirits. Oh… How he had missed them.

Yet, his joy was short lived, as he felt the green tendrils of his mother’s magic swarm him. The magic wrapped around his body and dug into his wings, finally they vanished into his ears. He stood like a statue for a moment, eyes closed in pain before they opened. Emerald green eyes observed the world around him, as the once cold demeanor of Faust Landegre turned demonic. A cruel smile graced his lips, and the walls in front of him parted like the wall of Diagon Alley as he flew out into the open skies, the wall closing behind him. A breath of fresh air and an evil laugh escaped his lips.

Arise, my son,
Awake the darkness.
Arise! My Prince of Darkness,
Make Mother Proud.

      Sitting up, the winged hero 
      rubs his jaw and slowly 
      stretches out his wings,
      wincing as a muscle spasm
      ripples through one down to
      his shoulders. That was 
      definitely a crash-landing that
      he did not need. He wouldn’t
      be flying for a little while after


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nataliesideas asked:

"Did you gain weight, Okuu?" ((Just want to see the reaction lol))

“H-how rude!   I work out practically every day!  I should have so much wing muscle it isn’t even funny, unyuuuu!”

Utsuho puffed her cheeks out like a pouty child.  She did not take kindly to the insinuation.

Occupy Wall Street - Chris Hedges shuts down CBC Kevin O'Leary

Occupy Wall Street – Chris Hedges shuts down CBC Kevin O’Leary

As you might imagine, Kevin O’Leary is against the “Occupy Wall Street” movement even if he doesn’t understand it. To him it must sound like a bunch of “left-wing nutbars” trying to muscle in on his God-given right to exploit the gullible.

Unfortunately he used that expression (“left-wing nutbar”) on national television (CBC) and applied it to the guest they were interviewing (Chris Hedges). You…

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