The Sea Tide Whisperer

Another Samurai TsuStar fic. I WAS HAVING FUUGEN FEELS and then  this happened? Looks like Frost will have to wait xD xwynn did it. All her fault. Anywho, took a stab at a thing.


When they finally decided to part ways, it was a bitter journey’s end after a successful recovery on both ends; physically and mentally. They split at the crossroads after the deed had been fulfilled. She found her brother; her only family had to be shamefully and gruesomely put down like a mad animal by her own hands. She couldn’t have done it alone, but he thought otherwise once he witnessed her true might. The young woman wished she could have done something to make him stay with her, continue their journey together, but the hands of time always have plans of their own and do not turn backwards for any one person. So she did what any lovesick female would have; she moved on and lived with the lighthearted promise he left to her in his farewell.

Many years had passed since then.

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