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Analysing the paintings in Blood, Sweat & Tears

Since I’m majoring in art, I asked my teacher of history of art if he can recognize the painting is this scene:

After watching the scene approx 8 times  (istg I began to regret) he told me that this painting the “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” 

If you have already read my explanation on the “Lament of Icarus” (aka the painting behing bts and jungkook @2:17 for example) then you recognized the name “Icarus”. 

If you didn’t please read it here or you won’t understand!

Nothing abnormal in this picture right? huuum look closely. In the right corner you can this a drowning man: this man is Icarus

Icarus is the courage, the adventure, he’s young. Locked by Minos in the labyrinth he has the willingness to try to escape. But his flaw/mistake was to succumb to the intoxication of the success. This painting represents the call of the freedom and the dream of escape

Apparently, the farmer with the red clothes is an allegory of the Hope (he didnt tell me why, maybe because the farmer looks like he’s always working?). This allegory contrasts with the fall of Icarus who represents the sufferings. Also this painting creates a separation between the dream (Icarus) and the reality (the farmer)

In the Mv

Taehyung also falls. But look at his face. He chose to fall and he’s happy about it. I think this represents Icarus flying before falling into the ocean, when there were no sufferings.

My teacher advised me to analyse the mv like I do with a painting or a sculpture (bc i told him that i didnt understand it lmao i wanted help), so thats what i did.


Look at the sculpture, the man (?) is about to fly (his right foot is almost in the air, his back and his right hand are moved forward), he looks confident. This man is obviously Icarus who is about to fly to escape the labyrinth.

In the myth, the wings were glued on his back with some wax (obviously hot wax, keep that i mind it’s important)

Then we see this

This scene contrasts completely with this scene:

In both scenes we see Taehyng from the back. In the first scene everything is bright, he’s smiling. In the last everything is dark, he’s in the same clothes but we can see his (beautiful) back, the light comes from above.  An the most important thing: In the bright scene Taehyung is (almost) in the air and in the dark scene, he’s not anymore, he’s on the ground.

Again in the myth, Icarus flew way too high and the wax melted, then he fell into the ocean. It means that the wings arent on his back anymore.

It looks like the supposed wings on Tae’s back were extracted. Like Icarus, he losted his wings. Taehyung flew but fell on the ground. He didn’t succeed 

Now my own interpretation of the wings: they can represent the dreams. We aren’t born with dreams like we arent born with wings. When we find our dreams, they are glued on us. They can make us happy and confident. We can fly with them. But it’s fragile! The wax can melt and we can lose our dreams easily.

today’s weather resembles you a lot
the way to you becomes flowery
what is this sensation, what do i do?

bc i’m still not over aju nice & woozi’s plant aesthetics

i’m thinking of making this into an acrylic stand/keychain maybe, who would be up for that tho

winged sentence starters
  1. “Can you stop shedding feathers in the shower? Or at least clean them up afterwards?”
  2. “Sorry about my cat. she/he really, really likes feathery things.”
  3. “Hold on, your feathers are looking a bit disheveled. Want me to straighten them out for you?”
  4. “Can you actually… use those things?”
  5. “Oh my god. You have wings.”
  6. “How is this even possible?”
  7. “Hey, what’s up with your back? You look like a professional olympic swimmer on steroids.”
  8. “You flew for six hours? Come here, you’re getting a back rub.” 
  9. “Did someone try and pluck a feather again? Are they dead?”
  10. “What on earth happened to you? Have your wings been trimmed? Wh- are you ok?!”
  11. “…Where are your wings? What happened to you?”
  12. “So, like… do you just cut holes in your clothes and stuff?”
  13. “Underwear must be confusing.”
  14. “Look. I know you want to cuddle, but ten seconds after you fall asleep you roll away and I get a mouthful of feathers. Clean your primaries or stay still!”
Nina’s Fic Recs

Week 2 - In which Nina realizes she reads way too damn much oops

Date Night by @impalaimagining - Sam x Reader, bit of angst, smut.  Man, when Sam apologizes, he really brings out the big guns… HOO BOY.

In The Beginning by @cleverdame - Daddy!Sam x Reader drabble of sorts, heartbreakingly cute fluff. Just… sweet, loving, gentle, nervous first-time Daddy!Sam. IM NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING

Escape by @lipstickandwhiskey - Sort of Dean x Reader, kind of angst. Warnings for some torture/violence. Reader is an absolute badass, and while we all like the idea of being badass enough to save ourselves, who wouldn’t want knight-in-shining-armor Dean Winchester riding to the rescue??

Just Another Monday by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing - Dean x Reader, fluff. Oh Dean… so oblivious. Your feelings aren’t gonna bite ya know… 

All Is Beautiful Pt.1 Pt.2 by @cleverdame - Sam x Reader series, Angst, smut, and fluff (the whole shebang lol). Some sexual themed violence, so heed the warnings. This is just everything Sam is, all wrapped up into one fic… the sweet, sensitive, fierce, amazing protector and hunter we all care about. What I wouldn’t give to be able to run away with him.

Close Every Door by @jotink78 - Dean x Reader series (completed), mostly angst with a happy ending.  Some heavy descriptions of torture, so definitely heed the warnings.   I just started reading this series the other day and ITS SO GOOD I blew through the whole thing in a day I just COULD NOT put it down. 

First and Last by @scorpiongirl1 - Sam x Reader, A/B/O dynamics, SMUT. Uhmm. Holy fuck. Dayummm. Just… damn. Stock up on batteries/towels/water bottles/what-have-you before you read this one, kay?

Mysterious Hazelnut by @deanwinchester-af - Sam x Reader, fluff. This story is the kind of coffee shop AU that gives me unrealistic expectations about coffee shops…. like, WHY CANT THIS EVER HAPPEN TO ME ITS SO CUTE AND PERFECT 

This gif drabble by @cleverdame - Sam x Reader, smut. Ok so I know her writings are on here like 3 times but I just discovered her this week so I’ve been slowly reading over her Master List so forgive me… And uhhhh for this one, I’m gonna need a minute over here… and maybe a change of undies.

Laundry Day by @moonlitskinwalker - Dean x Reader, maybe a little bit of fluff, and smut. Domesticity looks DAMN GOOD on Dean Winchester. Also, WHO WOULDNT WANNA WEAR HIS SHIRT… AND ONLY THE SHIRT???

This gif drabble by @impalaimagining - Sam x Reader, smut. No one in their right mind would consider that either Winchester would ever have trouble… ya know…. getting the job done… But man, do you have all kinds of fun finding a workaround ;)

Wanna Build A Snowman? by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog - Sam x Reader, fluff. We just had a huge snowstorm here and now I’m so sad that there’s no Sam to come and play with me

The Oldest Man In The Room by @winchester-with-wings - Steve Rogers x Reader, fluff. Oh my god I have never heard of anything more romantic than Steve Rogers, dressed as Captain America, being dropped from the sky practically into your lap by Tony Stark (as Iron Man). WAY better than flowers and chocolate :D

A Time To Celebrate by @littlegreenplasticsoldier - Cas x Reader, fluff. Oh my god, Cas, could you BE any more adorable??? I just love how seriously he takes things; this man does not know how to do (or more importantly, FEEL) anything halfway. One can only hope that intensity and passion will eventually translate into the bedroom…..

Sweet Relief by @winchestersnco - Nurse!Sam x Reader, fluff, smut. Another “oldie” but definitely a goodie. Just…. 10,000k+ words of PURE AMAZINGNESS 

The Fair Sun by @lipstickandwhiskey - Dean x Reader, slight angst, fluff.  I will literally NEVER tire of the trope where boy and girl are so totally in love with one another but are SO BLIND to the fact that their love is most DEFINITELY not unrequited. Like it’s just SO DAMN OBVIOUS and yet they still need a friggen Norse god to literally beam down from the sky to tell them to get their heads outta their asses. Amazing. 

And that’s it for this week! Now go read these - y’all have a lot to catch up on ;)

{ I want you a lot }