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i saw a whole collection of bird references, stocks and mythical bird art pieces on-line and i just went fuck it. its only a quick sketch but its a beautiful pokemon and i think maybe ill try and gve it a go after giratinas done. Normally id go for lugia, but the wigns on that just bug me. ive done one before and might do another in the future, but for now, have a giant flame bird of power and magic wings and fire and shiz.

after the week ive had it feels good to draw something and have it not be pants.


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Can I get some general headcanons for an old Empoleon? Like, how they act at old age? My first ever pokemon was a Piplup. Gimme the sweet feelings ;u;

* The Empoleon tries not to lets it’s age stop it from giving it’s all in a pokemon battle. It’ll still do it’s best in a battle but it’ll be tired afterwards, leaning against their trainer a bit afterwards out of exhaustion.

* The Empoleon will want to spend more time with it’s trainer, still giving them pecks of affection and wrapping it’s wings around their trainer. They do this more often though, wanting their trainer to know how much it cares about them.

* Empoleon will still try to keep it’s pride up despite it’s old age, not letting anything ruffle it and still refusing to show any sign of weakness to it’s opponents or any other pokemon.

Writing Practice

Send me a pokémon, and I will try to write a short scene involving a human encountering that monster.


They say that a pokémon’s judge of character is far greater than that of a human’s. “Trust a pokémon, be suspicious of people.”

She ducked into an alley, trying her damnedest to steady her breath in an attempt to listen for the sound of fluttering wings. Not that it would do any good; she knew that crobats fly silently.

“Choose a poor man with a crobat over a rich man with a golbat.”

The creature had single-handedly taken out both her raticate and her houndour, but for whatever reason, she thought she’d still have a chance to escape on her own, despite her human inability to breathe fire or chew through steel beams.

Urban legends say that the first golbat to become a crobat did so in order to fly fast enough to save its trusted human companion from immanent danger. The golbat sacrificed the use of its legs in exchange for the strength and endurance needed to rescue its friend and fly for an entire day non-stop until it found a safe place to land.

Crouched behind an empty dumpster that stank of rust and old garbage, she weighed her chances of making it out of there in one piece. The idea of her blood being drained by a four-winged creature of the night was terrifying enough, but it was the crobat’s trainer that she was most worried about.

They say you can trust anyone whose golbat trusts them enough to evolve into a crobat…

With a deep breath in preparation for the inevitable, she reached down to the red-and-white orbs at her belt. “At least we die together, right, boys?”

The pokéballs were gone.

But OF COURSE they were. The crobat hadn’t been pursuing her for a silent kill, but a silent THEFT.

It was the crobat’s trainer that she was most worried about, because he was a member of Team Rocket.

…but I’ve come to realize that even monsters can be fooled.

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Send me a ◓➥ to hear one of my character’s pokemon give an opinion about your trainer.

Her wings fluttered. Long before she’d known Dawn, she’d known Ash. He was one of those who had protected her homeland! She had been but an egg hidden in the safety of the depths of the cave when the thieves came to steal what was theirs, but he had helped return it!

The hero of my people! Blessed of the stars! The chosen one!

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   "– They said you would be here.” Michael says that in a calm, quiet voice that gives away none of their own feelings on the matter. They are far too old to let themselves be carried away as much as the younger angels that rush around in their winged trainers all proud to walk in Gabriel’s shadow when they carry gossip. When they fly around and scream in their mind that the Dark Matter herself is upon the Earth.

How it causes disturbances – how humans are unaware, yet react to that. And whilst Michael would not have otherwise considered that a reason for them to come down from Heaven, the air up there has been getting to them lately. Heavy and hot to the point of choking. They could do with going down and seeing the wondrous being for themself. Though, what was really wondrous to the Archangel?

            “They said your presence here disturbs mankind.” There is no hostility, only a colourless piece of information, still kept with that preposition – they said. Who knew how much truth there was to that.

f is for fury

Harry’s brain is still operating at a sluggish pace, sensory perceptions trickling in one by one instead of emerging as a fully integrated mental picture. The sound of ringing in his ears—an awfully familiar sensation by this point; it was there when he woke up in hospital, and it hasn’t quite gone away since. The tangy smell of blood. The taste of it in his mouth, rich and coppery, familiarly slick under his fingers. The sight of an obnoxious pair of Adidas trainers, white, winged. Familiar in a way that makes his stomach clench.

“Jesus Christ, Eggsy, I told you, he’s concussed,” Merlin’s voice says ruefully, and Eggsy’s voice yells, “I couldn’t give a shit—”

The left side of Harry’s jaw is throbbing. He touches it, realises too late that he is now smearing blood all over his face.

Ah well. He’s had worse, he supposes.

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So Luke Cage was great. It was. Positives:

1. Misty Knight. Simone Missick was amazing and I want to see much more of her please.

2. Theo Rossi. I know I’m late to the party, but dude’s a fucking star. 

3. I loved all the continuity between the show and the rest of the MCU.

4. Alfre Woodard and Mahershala Ali. SO great. 

5. The music was fantastic. I’m not all that into hip hop and rap, but even I was like “Damn, this is some pretty good shit”.

6. There’s plenty of set up for season 2. Always a good thing.

7. I loved - LOVED - the Colleen Wing easter egg. If Claire’s going to be getting martial arts training…. having Colleen Wing be your trainer ain’t bad at all.

8. Mike Colter. Obviously.


1. Some of the super strength stuff still looked terrible and cheesy. 

2. I hated - I absolutely HATED - how they wrote Jessica Jones off as just a meaningless “rebound chick”. HATED. IT. One of the great relationships in comics and it was just treated like garbage. Hated it.

Actor!Harry and Photographer!Eggsy, prompt by moopyloopy:

Harry’s a big star but unfortunately has a bit of an image problem. He’s a very private person and uncomfortable in social situations so comes across as unfriendly and a bit of a snob when in public so Merlin, his long suffering manager, comes up with the idea of a photoshoot in a popular magazine to be done by Eggsy, an up and coming photographer who’s becoming well-known for his portraiture photography.

Of course the first meeting is a bit of a disaster. Harry’s late and Eggsy is not impressed especially since he was supposed to go and pickup Daisy from playschool but had to get his mate Roxy to do it instead because of Harry’s tardiness. And Harry takes one look at Eggsy in his oversized jacket, winged trainers and cap and forms an instant dislike, no matter that he thinks he’s handsome underneath all the chav gear. Sparks fly and not in a good way and the end result is a set of photos where Harry is portrayed in the most unflattering light possible. He basically looks like a serial killer.

Merlin’s about ready to quit and throw Harry to the wolves but they’ve been best friends since forever so he grits his teeth and somehow manages to blackmail/bully/threaten Harry into actually being nice to Eggsy and try again.But before that happens, they somehow meet up anyway and slowly get to know each other. Eggsy discovers that Harry isn’t a stuck-up posh block and Harry realises that he’s gone and done what he’s always saying people are doing to him and judging someone by how they look. Over a number of accidental meetings, they become friends. And the next photoshoot turns out much better.Merlin cannot believe how relaxed and playful Harry is being with Eggsy. He’s seen how standoffish Harry can be around strangers so to see Harry goofing around like this is a surprise to him.

The pictures are a hit when they’re published.

Bookstore! AU

Harry Hart just wants three things in his life: a successful bookstore, a few good friends, and a quiet life. So it is just his luck that young up-and-coming actor, Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, rushes into Galahad on an otherwise peaceful afternoon asking Harry to hide him.

“I’m sorry?” Harry asked, setting down his accounting records, as the young man looked desperately at him.

“You’ve gotta let me hide bruv! The people following me are completely mental!” Unwin whispered, inching his way towards the store counter. He looked stressed, Harry noted, and it looked like he’d been attacked by a mob by the state of his hair and clothes. Harry’s eyes swept the store, which had been empty sans himself all morning.

“There is an employee backroom down that row of books on your left. Is there anyone in particular I should be looking out for?” Harry shouted as the young man ran for the room.

“If a Roxy comes in, tell ‘er I ain’t here!” came the response, seconds before a petite brunette came bursting through the store doors. Harry jumped, he hadn’t expected the loud slam of the doors, before he shook himself off. 

The young woman, Harry assumed this was Roxy, had the decency to look contrite as she walked up to him.

“I’m sorry sir, but have you seen Gary? About a head taller than me, wearing a black and gold jacket, and white trainers with wings?” she asked.

“My apologies, but the store has been empty since opening this morning.”

The young woman looked skeptical, but visibly gave up after a few moments. 

“Thank you for your time, and if possible, could you call me at this number should he come by?” A crisp white business card was placed on his counter. Harry responded that he would and she smiled as she left the store. Harry turned his attention back to his book, willing the interruptions away. The store had actually turned a profit last month, surprisingly, much to Harry’s satisfaction. It wasn’t much of a profit but-

“Is she gone mate?”

Eggsy was back, looking more presentable than he had been just minutes ago. His eyes sparkled with mischief as Harry showed the card she had left.

“She left me her card. May I ask why you were running from your personal assistant?”

The card was simple and clean: Roxy Morton, Personal Assistant to Gary Unwin, with the number and email on the back.

“I wasn’t runnin’ from Rox, was runnin’ from the crazy fans, they was clawing at my jacket and face! Rox was tryna get me to go back towards ‘em so I had to run!” Eggsy winked at the end of his explanation, as if it was some kind of inside joke between the two of them.

“I…see,” Harry said awkwardly. He had never known what it was like to be so sought after, even though he had written a wildly successful book series. He tried to keep from the public eye, even as the Kingsman books were set to have their own movie series soon. Merlin, his editor, often encouraged him to get out into the world, but the world of the rich and famous just was not for him.

And if all fans acted like the girls who were currently outside Harry’s store, it just further cemented his desire to stay away from the spotlight.

“Oh fuck me,” Eggsy cursed as he too spotted the girls. They were closing in on the front doors quickly, and the young man sighed.

“There’s a back entrance,” Harry offered as the mob grew even closer. Eggsy’s face broke into a grin and he darted down the closest aisle.

“Thanks Harry!” he yelled as the girls breached the entrance. Harry shook his head in amusement as the girls (and a few boys) screamed after him.

Wait, how did he know my name?


Pokemon Trainer Augustus Neary and Balerion the Mega Charizard (x)

Very nearly finished, i still need some feedback from the commissioner, and i need to add in the flames from the mouth in a tasteful way, but otherwise i love how hes turned out. I took inspirations from RJ’s lizard approach rather than full on dragon for charizard, but i went for a heavier, stockier build seeing as hes finally become a dragon here.

just posting this before i go out! expect another with the updates!