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  • child: m-mmm
  • me: mama? Say mama!
  • child: m-man tamlin should really f off
  • me: *wipes tears* that's my child right there

So like, I have opinions about how shows should structure themselves. Specifically like adventure-y, action-y shows like the Hundo. It’s built upon my years and years and years of watching shit like Buffy, Farscape, Charmed, Roswell, etc. (Micheal Geurin ILY)

This is basically my Grand Plan for when I inevitably am given a CW show. Inevitably. You know I’m for cereal because I’m going full adult capitalization on this bitch. 

Overall Show Structure


First of all, I think a show should know how long it wants to run. There should be an end date in mind rather than letting it just go on forever until it dies in a last, pathetic choke for relevance. Yeah, lookin’ to you SPN. As far as I’m concerned 3, 5, and 7 seasons are the best options for intended length but I think an argument can be made for other choices. 

I’m going to focus on a 5 season structure because it’s the one I think is best from both a story telling and fandom supporting stance. So, lets brush quickly on why I think 3 and 7 seasons are also good options.

3 Season Run

This form of the story is clear, concise and focused. There’s nothing extraneous in a short run like this and I think there’s a lot to be said for clean story telling like this. In a 3 season run season 1 shows us who characters are and what their relationships are; season 2 tests those relationships and asks characters to stretch themselves; season 3 breaks those relationships and the tensions first overcome in season 1 as the tearing points. 

7 Season Run

Telling a story for this long is a big ask. A lot changes in that many seasons and honestly, I think this is the longest possible run before a show loses coherency (crime procedurals can escape this but I think they’re a unique breed). The 7 season show follows the same structure as the 5 season run but the last 2 seasons pull from a dangled bit of information in season 3. This’ll make a little more sense as we dig into my season break down. You’re also almost certainly looking at some pretty big central cast choices by the end of 7 seasons.

5 Season Run

Okay, so my personal favourite, the 5 season run. I think this is the best length for a show of this type, action adventure stories that are ultimately about people. In a 5 season run you build characters, break them down, and let them reform themselves. 5 seasons is enough to really explore the depths of characters with time and focus but not so long that you end up repeating personal stories in clumsy ways.  In broad brush strokes seasons 1 and 2 set up who are characters are and what their relationships will be; season 3 picks away and their sense of self and leaves them at their lowest point in it’s finale; seasons 4 and 5 build them back up, reaffirm who they are and why it is that they’re doing this. 

Season By Season Breakdown 

Season 1

A good first season is a hard one. You need a small, tight story with small, personal stakes. This is where you set up the core of your show (hopefully the central cast that will carry all the way to the end of your run) and tell us who we’re rooting for. We’re given 3 or 4 characters who are going to be at the heart of our show and we need to learn who they are. It’s important that they have interpersonal tension and that by the end of the season they have a stable, working relationship.

This is also when you want to keep the stakes low. No one saves the world in the first season. Where do you go from there? The first season is about personal danger and personal stakes. We shouldn’t even meet the real antagonist this season. Our plucky heroes duke it out with lackies and maybe a lieutenant, a second or third in command. We hear about but never meet the Big Bad. The season ends with the  heroes defeating the small scale. For Buffy that was overcoming a prophecy of her own death. For the Hundo that was repelling an attacking force from their home. Small scale, personal. It shows us who our characters are but doesn’t ask to much of them.

Season 2

All those relationships we set up in season 1 are going to be tested. We’re going to meet the Big Bad who was calling the shots last season and we’re going to take a swing at them. But season 2 also leads directly from season 1, maybe there’s a time jump but it’s short. Maybe there’s a new direction but it is born out of the ashes of the season 1 finale hook.  

Our core group expands, they stretch their wings and test what their relationships do under the stress of higher odds. Season 2 feels pressure on a bigger scale, the core group aren’t the only ones at stake now. Maybe it’s family and friends, or their town. The Big Bad has seen that they really are a threat and is playing for keeps. In a fatal show we should suffer a loss that hurts in the final episodes. There is a victory but it’s not without it’s losses 

Season 3

We get a departure from our first two seasons. Season 3 can take a time jump, it doesn’t have to fall directly on the heels of the second season. But something late in season 1 comes back up. A good way to play this is to take the antagonist from a two episode arch shortly before the conclusion of season 1 and make them a big deal. This is a good time to make the antagonist here someone with whom the Big Bad in the first two seasons had their own tension with. The heroes do this antagonist a favour when they take out the Big Bad but it proves that they’re a force to be reckoned with. 

This is a good season to narrow down, break a couple of those relationships. Swinging at the Big Bad last season cost our heroes something. In season 3 we know that heroes don’t have plot armor, the Good Guys don’t always walk away. The loss of a friend and the knowledge that this probably wont be the last loss weighs heavily on our heroes. They handle it differently and it starts to rupture the fabric of the group. Tension in the season is born of a question of how or if our group will stick together.

This is a good season to have one of our heroes play on the dark side a little. Maybe our new antagonist isn’t totally wrong about the way they view the world. 

The end of this season should see this antagonist dead and our heroes tentatively recommitted to the cause. A Pyrrhic victory at the conclusion of this season can make sure our heroes don’t want those deaths to be in vain. 

Season 4

At some point in first half of the first season a lacky  mentioned some Ultimate Villain that our first Big Bad was afraid of. Yeah, that mother fucker is back in the game. Or heroes are only tentatively recommitted to the cause, they’re as dark as we’ve ever seen them and they’re not all comfortable with the things they’ve done to get here. So season 4 is going to make them earn it. This is a season where they’re asked to prove that they are hero types, to make hard calls, to stretch themselves. 

But we also get victories. Someone they helped in the first or second season comes back as a guest star, is involved in their lives in a positive way because they helped them. This is where we get to see our heroes really commit, really see that they’re a force for good.

At the end of season 4 the Ultimate Villain isn’t defeated but they know what they have to do. They have achieved the first half of defeating this villain, maybe it’s securing a Magic Item, or a certain location, maybe it’s just figuring out who the fuck the villain actually is and what that means. But at the end of season 4 our heroes are poised to take their step at the Ultimate Villain. This is where we have our “I aim to misbehave” speech. Going into the fifth season our heroes are hard, are focused, and are ready to take no prisoners. 

Season 5

We should get a victory march. Season 5 should be an absolutely adoring ode to why we love these characters. It shouldn’t be easy for them, hell no. It should cost. We need one of the core group to die, absolutely. And die senselessly, die because the group make a stupid arrogant call because they’re the Heroes and they forgot what that can cost. Season 5 should pull away the arrogance that they learned in seasons 2, 3 and 4. By the end of season 5 they defeat the Ultimate Villain and walk out on top, but they do it by being the characters we first meet, the best versions of themselves. They have had all their rough edges buffed away by seasons of hardship and then they have the arrogance that winning gave them kicked out by hard, aching losses. But at the end of the finale the surviving cast should be their best selves, alive and well because they were the people that their friends could count on and because their relationships have helped make them the best they can be. 

So. Yeah. Someone give me a show. 

manufactured happiness in the form of a plastic smile

aka: is that a fall out boy song

anyway, this is for @vldangstweek day two - failure/insecurity 

read on ao3 !!


Lance knows he’s not the best.

He’s known this for a while now, ever since he went to the Garrison and everyone was so competitive and smart and they could wing tests and get A’s, while Lance was working the hardest he’d ever had to barely pass. Lance figured out he’s far from the best when he failed all the simulators and got the commanders angry with him. He knew he wasn’t the best when everyone he tried to befriend (save Hunk) shied away, either because they didn’t want to be seen hanging around the local class idiot or because they couldn’t handle his coming-apart-at-the-seams personality.

Lance met this all with a smile and a joke, always telling himself to fake it ‘til he made it, because soon he would reach the farthest galaxies and meet alien races and it would all be okay. Besides, he didn’t need to host a pity party. (It would be pathetic and, besides, pretending feelings aren’t there is much easier than confronting them.)

Lance has always known, somewhere in his head, that he will never ascend average. But no one else needs to know that sometimes it’s hard not to cry because his mind won’t let him think about anything but the fact that he’s never going to be good enough, much less great, so he manufactures his own happiness and broadcasts it to the world. It feels artificial, and, sometimes, Lance thinks the world can feel it, too. But he’s usually wrong, because nobody ever does or says anything about how his smile never really meets his eyes, or how his voice sounds just a little too upbeat (which are both so obvious to Lance; how can no one else see?).

Ever since he’s been up in space, the feelings have just gotten worse. He’s always one step behind everyone else, just short of some milestone that’s called “good enough,” always either too much or too little. During training exercises, he always does the worst of everyone, held back by lack of skill or lack of confidence, which has Allura yelling at him and Shiro giving him this kind of disappointed look that makes Lance want to leave his body and be someone else, if not forever than just for a minute.

Battles with the Galra are always hard for Lance, too, because there’s so much light and noise and feeling and everything, all at once, and he can never focus, or he just focuses too much on one small thing, but everyone else does just fine, and it hurts, because, again, he’s too much or too little, and that can never be fixed. (Not to mention that sometimes, when the team is in a bad mood, they yell at Lance in a battle when he’s not doing what he’s supposed to do - fight like they do - which only makes it so much worse, but he can’t tell them that, because that’s selfish and it’ll just distract them more.)

Conversations and relationships with the team are two things Lance has trouble with, too. Because he always talks too much and too quickly, and his brain moves at three hundred miles per hour, so he’s always stumbling over his own words, and he’s just so much, that most of his relationships with his teammates seem like half-relationships, with Lance being the only one trying to do anything for them. Sometimes he’ll try to be quieter and give everyone more room, but when he does that, he’s too quiet, almost silent, and it puts everyone on edge because No, that’s not right, Lance is the talkative one. And when he gets tired of suppressing his thoughts, he spews all the words out at once, forgetting to pause and breathe in between sentences, and the attention falls from him, until he’s having a one-sided conversation with the air about whatever the fuck Lance thought would maybe interest the person he was talking to.

All these things keep him up at night, sometimes, no matter how much he tries to quell them or hide them in the far reaches of his brain (or maybe even get rid of them entirely). And sometimes Lance will let a few tears slip out before he remembers how goddamn pathetic and selfish he is for pitying himself so much. Everyone else has their own troubles, all bigger than Lance’s, which are the ones he really should be thinking about and what he can do to maybe help a few of his team members.

So he puts on a plastic smile and pretends it doesn’t hurt when he’s so far behind everyone else that reaching out for them just looks like he’s examining his fingernails.

How the Mercs Study for Finals

(So I’m a couple days late with this, but whatever.)


Did his undergrad in cell biology.

He has the worst study habits known to humankind. He procrastinates. Pulls all-nighters two nights in a row, then crashes on the floor of his dorm common area.

If the material for a certain class is interesting, he’ll go waaaay beyond what’s expected of him. Read the textbook sections that aren’t assigned. Sit in the front row of class and ask questions that stump the professor. He’ll stretch a two-minute summary presentation into fifteen minutes.

If the material for a class isn’t interesting, he can barely force himself to work on it. Homework isn’t in by the deadline, and he’s winged quite a few tests with no studying at all.

Also, being a bio major, Medic is slave laborer volunteer in one the cell bio labs. The undergrad peons are tasked with feeding the cells in the middle of the night, so he frequently studies in the lab break room. He’ll kick his shoes off, throw books and papers everywhere, and erase the common blackboard so he can draw his own anatomy diagrams and dove doodles.  When it comes time to feed the cells, he’ll pad across the lab in his socks. The PI knows Ludwig is a walking safety violation, but hey, the kid is really good at keeping the cells alive.

When Medic’s grades come out, he’s earned a mixture of A+’s and D-‘s.

Only reason he got accepted to med school was because his name was on several scientific papers before he finished undergrad. Always give authorship to the guy who keeps the cells alive.


Electrical engineering undergrad.

Dell is that one guy who grasps very abstract concepts very quickly. (“Well, of course adiabatic compression causes temperature increase.” And he understands fugacity.) He’s really good at thermo. Fight me.

All of his classmates would hate him if he weren’t so willing to help everybody else. He does it partially out of niceness, partially to show off, and partially because explaining concepts helps him learn.

For finals week, Dell and a friend or five will camp out in one of those group study rooms that have blackboards. They’ll settle down with coffee and a box of doughnuts or something and just crank out practice problems. Groups study sessions are loud. Lots of talking and arguing about theory and approaches. Occasional tears.

The janitor has to kick them out every night. It’s probably a good thing. Dell is not Ludwig – he’s never pulled an all-nighter in his life, and when he doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t function.


Did his undergrad in literature.

He’s the most serious student you’ve ever seen. Going to college is a great opportunity, and he’s very lucky to be here. And damnit. He. Will. Not. Screw. It. Up.

Anyway, because of the nature of his degree, he has more final projects than final exams. Misha starts his projects the day they’re assigned. All his books have annotations in the margins; they’re so well-thumbed that the bindings are starting to fail. He goes to every office hour every week, asking the professor to give his draft a looksee. (“For the umpteenth time, it’s fine, just write the final draft already.) The biggest fault with his writing is his tendency to pander to what the professor wants to hear. He wants good grades so badly that he’ll forget about himself in the process. The professors have had to give him a loving kick in the pants now and again. Tell him it’s okay to disagree with them.

Misha’s been known to get over 100% in some of his classes because he went to all the extra-credit poetry readings.

It goes without saying that he got into graduate school without trouble.


I like to think that Demo tried college, but never completed it. Entering a formal classroom setting after a lifetime of homeschooling is rough enough. And it’s been shown pretty clearly that Demo’s coping skills are… not the greatest. Because I am a cruel and terrible person, I hc him as suffering from crippling test anxiety.

And let’s face it, testing environments can suck. Being stuffed in an enormous lecture hall with a “desk” that’s smaller than an 8.5x11 sheet of paper, listening to the sniffles of a hundred other students, not being allowed to use the bathroom while the florescent lights flicker overhead…Tavish will choke. He can’t focus on the problems because he’s panicking so hard. And then he’ll look up, realize he has fifteen minutes left and scribble down some sort of nonsense synthesis because he has to write something.

Anyway, he failed his finals for Principals of Chem and Orgo I. That locked him out of being any sort of chemistry major. His advisor recommended he transfer to the humanities, which Tavish interpreted as a major slap in the face. He didn’t return for a second semester.

Interestingly enough, he aced the practical portion of the Orgo I final. He had four lab periods to identify a completely unknown chemical, but got it done in a period and a half. Pop that sucker in the IR, do a functional group test for confirmation, and he’s golden. He also got a copy of the Sigma-Aldritch catalog from his mom and used that to compare spectra.

Hogwarts House Aesthetics

Ravenclaw: Writing on your arm, hot coffee in cold hands, cloudy Saturday mornings, dark blue skies, finishing a book in one day, sarcasm to the point that you can’t take things seriously at all, a quiet room late at night, long nails and black nail polish.

Slytherin: A new pair of combat boots, neon signs in the dark, missing your best friends, listening to music at full volume, black clothing, staying up too late, overusing curse words, falling hopelessly in love.

Hufflepuff: Fields of sunflowers, over-sized sweaters, kisses on the cheek, friends you can’t live without, rose gold sunglasses, contagious laughter, wearing your favorite shirt right after it’s washed, watching the sunrise.

Gryffindor: Playing truth or dare, winging a test, running so fast you can’t breathe, going on a road trip with your friends, being the loudest person in the room, hot summer sun, getting too invested in a project, out of hand house parties.


pairing: lams

college AU

word count: 1216

warnings: like one swear word

request: anon: Could you write something where Johnny Laurens likes to call A Ham darlin or sugar and A ham gets super flustered and he trys not to get as flustered in public (and fails miserably) (a ham everyone can see you blushing)

a/n: what the hell happened with transitions? who knows. also SO SORRY for not posting in forever. i had zero inspiration.



When John first calls him darling, Alex isn’t that affected. John’s saying it teasingly. They’re at a party, slightly drunk, and the atmosphere is joking. The word falls from John’s lips in his smooth Southern drawl. “Darlin’, Alex, could ya get me some more of this?” He gestures to the liquid in his cup.

Alex laughs and squishes down the fluttering in his stomach. “You don’t need any more.”

“Aw, please?” John pleads, in his soft accent that’s ingrained itself into Alex’s mind. “Just a bit? I’m not properly drunk yet.”

“You’re a lightweight,” Alex points out. “You’re already loopy.”

John grins at him, and he smiles in the most adorable way, full of light and happiness, and no, Alex is not thinking about how cute John is when he smiles. Not at all. “Fine, if you insist, Alex.”

Alex rolls his eyes fondly.

“Darling,” John calls the next morning. “Can you get me a glass of water?”

“It’s your own fault you’re hungover,” Alex mumbles, not wanting to move out of the nest of blankets he’s formed in his bed.

“Please?” John asks, flopping down next to Alex. “It would mean a lot to me.”

Alex swallows, hard, because John is right there, extremely close, and smiling gently at him. He closes his eyes and tries to compose himself. “Fine. But only because I love you.”

John grins widely in victory and half-shoves Alex off the bed. Alex punches John in the shoulder and goes to get a glass of water.

He stands at the tap, filling a cup, staring out the window, trying not to put too much mental weight on the fact that after he said “I love you” John didn’t reply like he usually does, with “you know it” or “of course” or “love ya too.” He’s overthinking this whole interaction. John’s just being his friend, like always.

He will not get a crush on his best friend.

That would ruin everything.

Alex returns to the bed and nudges a sleepy John to the side, curling up next to him but carefully avoiding touching the other man. John drinks gratefully and then pulls Alex into the curve of his body.

Alex holds his breath, unsure of where this is going. Is John trying to make this go somewhere? Or is he just being his usual overly affectionate self?

It appears to be the latter, as John quickly falls asleep.

Alex relaxes and tries to sleep, but every time John breathes out, he can feel it on his neck, and it’s seriously distracting. So he simply enjoys the warmth and closeness of the other man.

It’s Saturday, so neither of them have any classes. They spend the whole day curled up together, occasionally getting up in search of food or water. Alex, personally, is just getting more confused about John.

Sunday passes, and neither of them mention the lazy day.

A week goes by, and Alex starts to despair, doubtful that John was in his right mind, doubtful that John wants to mention the Saturday.

But then one evening after they’ve been studying in the library, and it’s not dark yet, John turns on a different path, one that won’t take them back to their dorm.

“Where are you going?” Alex asks, bemused.

“C’mere, darling,” John says, a strange intensity in his tone.

Every neuron in Alex’s mind goes haywire.

He steps hesitantly towards his best friend.

John kisses him.

At first, it’s scared, and Alex realizes that John doesn’t know if he appreciates this. He deepens the kiss, stretching up since he’s shorter. John smiles against Alex’s mouth, and all the random feelings that Alex had been trying to figure out condense themselves into a cohesive whole.

He’s supposed to be here, right now, kissing John, because everything in the world makes sense, all the mysteries that he’s pondered are solved. It’s so undeniably right.

“Darling,” John breathes when they finally break apart, and Alex can literally feel the blood rushing to his cheeks. He ducks his head, and John presses a light kiss to the top of it.

From then on, when John calls him darling, he means it in a romantic way, and Alex is one hundred percent happy with this arrangement.

The one problem is that Alex blushes like crazy.

“Darling, we need some more cereal,” John shouts. Alex glances up, his cheeks reddening, from where he’s writing a paper.

“And I suppose you want me to get it,” he calls back, closing his laptop.

“Correct. I’m comfortable.”

“Don’t you have a test tomorrow?”


“So, possibly, you should most likely be studying for it?…”

“Not important.”

“This is college, John, you can’t just ignore tests and wing them. It didn’t work freshman year and it certainly isn’t going to work now.”

“Relax, I know this material like the back of my hand.”

“Okay. Draw me a map of the back of your hand.”

“Dammit, Alex!”

Alex laughs, a full, deep, resonant laugh. “Gotcha.”

“Fine. If I study, will you run and go get me some more cereal?”

“What kind?” Alex asks, already reaching for his coat. It’s February and freezing outside.

“Froot Loops.”

“I am dating a five-year-old,” Alex groans. John throws a pillow at him.

“Darling, can you help me?” John whispers, poking Alex awake. It’s two in the morning.

“Wha the ‘ell?” Alex slurs, tired beyond belief. He’s only been asleep for about twenty minutes, and his entire body feels heavy.

“I need help,” John says, a little louder. He flicks on the bedside lamp and Alex groans, shying away from the light.

“With what?” Alex mutters, irritated.

“I can’t sleep.”

“How is that my problem?” Alex snaps. He’s cranky.

John steps back. “Sorry. I should let you sleep.”

Alex feels kind of horrible, but he turns away from his boyfriend. “Yeah. You should.”

“Thanks, darling,” John says, smiling gratefully at Alex, who’s handed him a menu. Alex ducks his head, not wanting John to see the full extent of his blushing. “What’s wrong?”

“Um. Nothing.”

“Then why do you look embarrassed?”

“I blush when you call me darling,” Alex admits. He hadn’t meant for that to tumble out. Oh well.

John doesn’t say anything, and Alex grows worried that he’s offended the other man. But then John bursts out laughing. Alex grins ruefully and presses a kiss to John’s cheek.

The two order their food and John calls Alex “darling” at every opportunity. Alex doesn’t think it’s possible for his face to get any redder.

“Alex! Wait up!”

“What?” Alex yells, spinning around and coming to a dead stop. “You gonna try to console me? Tell me Jefferson’s an asshole who doesn’t know what he’s talking about? You’re right, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt! He hurt me, John, he hurt me!” Venom and sorrow are equally present, tracing through Alex’s voice.


Alex closes his eyes, determined not to cry.

A hand traces his cheek.

John kisses him briefly and then walks him back to their dorm. He puts on a stupidly funny movie and wraps Alex up in a fuzzy blanket. Alex starts to cry at some point and John simply kisses away the tears. Right before Alex falls asleep, John brings his mouth up to Alex’s ear.

“Goodnight, darling. Sleep well.”


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redartpanda  asked:

So immagine an a/b/o universe where there doesn't exist pure omegas. There are only alphas and betas, but every beta has a possibility of becoming an omega. It's just that the conditions needed are difficult to achieve and maintain. They need to be in close proximity to an alpha, they need to feel safe and they need to be extremely happy...

this is so interesting!

so, imagine beta Hux & alpha Kylo in a no-strings arrangement, where they have sex every so often with one spending the night in the other’s bed too

but one morning, Kylo wakes up to the sounds of Hux’s whimpers, and he looks over to see the beta blushing and writhing in unconsciousness

Kylo calls the medics up–after getting dressed and coming up with lies that he felt a disturbance and decided to check on the General–and they promptly whisk Hux down to the medical wing to run tests

the results? Hux has become an omega; his scent is changing, his biology is altering itself to have heats, and Kylo is completely at a loss because he knows the circumstances needed for a beta to become an omega but he doesn’t make Hux feel safe or happy…does he?

sister | stiles stilinski (teen wolf)

Originally posted by hystericallystiles

request: could i request a stiles x dereks adopted sister imagine? like season 2 stiles (im only at season 3 ep 14 so don’t want spoilers hahaha) so please? thank you🖤🖤🖤

it was a thursday night and you were sitting in your room with stiles attempting to study for a calculus test on friday morning. it was worth 15% of your grade and let’s face it you’ve never really been good at math

so when your boyfriend offered to come over after school to help you study you didn’t think twice before accepting the boys help

but as the night continued you realised that it wasn’t the best idea to study with the dorky brunette boy, so far you’d spent he night watching a spree movies eating junk food and listening to records.

it was going on 10pm and you’d yet to open your calculus book or doing anything constructive at all.

“stiles” you whine moving from your bed and grabbing your books off your desk “we need to concentrate i can’t flunk again” you complain floppy back onto your bed

“c'mere” he offers shuffling behind me placing a kiss below my ear “stiles not right now” you open your book scribbling down a few formulas as he continues to kiss your neck.

“stiles!” you sulk moaning slightly at his seduction, “oh c'mon we’ve been doing this all night” he pouts causing you to turn around suddenly throwing his off his game.

“stiles are you serious?!” you state annoyance clear in your voice, he was supposed to be helping me pass but so far all his done is distract me and fuel my impending fail.

“we’ve been doing everything BUT studying stiles you know how much this means to me” you state getting a little frustrated.

“you’re not mad at me?” he questions already knowing the answer, you cross your arms “no im just-” he cuts you off attempting to tickle your neck.

you fight off the smile and giggles about to escape from your lips you didn’t want to fool around anymore you needed for him to know you were serious about something for once

“oh c'mon” he tease reaching his hands out to tickling you again and you can no longer keep it burried in

a giggle escapes your lips as your boyfriend tackles you onto your bed tickling your sides. “stop!” you squeal battling him.

you squeeze your eyes shut as your stomach starts to ache as you laugh, breathlessly trying to push on his chest “stiles!!” you squeal

you finally push his chest hard enough for him to loose balance and giving you enough time to push him onto his back and straddle yourself across his waist pinning his arms behind his head

you smirk in victory “gotcha” you tease and he rolls his eyes sitting up and adjusting you in his lap

“fine fine, you got me” you chuckle to yourself releasing your grip on his wrists and placing your hands on the back of his neck

he glances from your lips back to your eyes and then down to your lips again

just as he leans forward to kiss you your bedroom door springs open revealing your furious brother. you spring apart stiles loosing his footing and landing in a heap on the floor.

“i thought i told you to stay away for her” he scowls picking up the poor brunette boy by his t-shirt holding him up against the door to my bedroom

he smacks on the older boys wrist trying to free himself struggling for breathe underneath

“derek!” you tell scrambling from your bed to stop your boyfriend from being strangled by your werewolf brother.

“your hurting him” you yell hitting his arm “stop it please!” you beg the colour in stiles face turning blue.

derek turns and gives you an ice cold glare before letting the boy down

you rush to him as he collapses struggling to breathe “hey your okay” you soothe getting up and shoving your older brother

“what the hell” you hiss

“do you remember what happens last time" he warns glancing at your frazzled boyfriend then back to you

“look at him derek” you pause turning and pointing at the breathless boy “he wouldn’t hurt a fly let alone me”

he turns his cold glare to stiles looking him up and down before turning back to me “yeah your right- just know stilinski you try anything on my sister well your going to wish you never met her”

he laughs glancing between the two siblings, when you realises how serious our expressions were, his eyes widen the smile falling off his pale face.

his eyes dart between the two of you swallowing nervously “yeah your not joking okay!” he smiles with fake enthusiasm you finding yourself laughing walking over to the boy and wrapping him up in a hug

“your such a dork” you giggle placing a kiss on his cheeks

you brother exist your room shaking his head shutting the door with force.

you plop back onto your bed returning to your books, glancing up as stiles stands by your window staring at you “well are you going to help me or what?” I ask placing the pen in my mouth

he smirks mischievously to himself “what now?” you groan closing your book as the teen edges closer to you drawing his hands up infornt of him.

you realise shortly after that he isn’t done with the tickle war, “NO” you warn curling further back into your bed covering your face with your calculus text book

he leaps onto you tickling you aggressively at your sides, you find yourself giving in to the laughter trying to pause the brunette boy off you

guess your winging this test tomorrow

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Here you go folks, photos from my Brown Sash test in Wing Chun under Sifu Francis Fong. I had a days notice on taking this test, literally found out as we were landing in Atlanta. Nevertheless if I give myself credit I blew the test away and did extremely well. From the technique to the extremely challenge rounds I pushed hard and delivered. Got a few more pictures that i’m waiting on those and I’ll post them later on. But this is the body of the technical part of the test. Next year Red, two more years to Black Sash.

Flying high: epilogue

A/n: here it is, the last part! Thanks to everyone who read/liked/reblogged this and double thanks to those who sent me messages saying that you liked it. Enjoy the happy ending because I’m sleep deprived and feeling merciful to my readers.

You were strapped down on a cold hard table. Blinding white lights pierced your vision and you struggled against your restraints.

People pushed down on your shoulders, trying to keep you pinned. One of them held down your head and moved it to allow access to your neck. You screamed as loud as you could, hoping someone would rescue you.

But it was too late.

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(31) questions for ur otp
  1. Who in your OTP is the serial butt-slapper and who is constantly getting their beautiful butt slapped?
  2. Who wants to be immortal and who wants to die before they’re old?
  3. Who smokes and who pulls the cigarette from between their lips every time they try to light one?
  4. Who always has cold hands and who is always warming them up for them?
  5. Who plays candy crush in important meetings and who elbows them in the ribs to make them pay attention?
  6. Who can fall asleep anywhere (and does) and who has to put them to bed?
  7. Who is the genius procrastinator who wings every test but still comes away with straight As, and who takes preparation and conscientious work very seriously?
  8. Who takes their coffee black and who likes it with milk and two sugars, getting called a pussy by Person A?
  9. Who initially seems shady but turns out to be a cinnamon bun, and who initially seems like a cinnamon bun but turns out to be shady?
  10. Who moans and talks with their mouth full whenever they eat good food, and who tells them to stfu but can’t help laughing?
  11. Who gives the bear hugs and who is always sidling up to them and snaking their arms around their waist?
  12. Who still buys juice boxes and fruit snacks to put in their lunch?
  13. Who packs the other’s lunch and who repays them in sexual favours?
  14. Who leaves notes in the other’s lunch and who tells them they’re dumb (but secretly has a collection of every note Person A has ever written them)?
  15. Who unconsciously holds their breath the first time they kiss, and who pulls back and says, “Breathe…”?
  16. Who gets arrested for a petty crime they committed by accident and who bails them out?
  17. Who grabs the other’s hand just as they’re getting out of bed and pulls them back under for cuddles?
  18. Who gets mad about something unrelated to Person B and punches the wall, and who patches it up and kisses it better?
  19. Who has the plain black phone case and who ordered one with cat ears off ebay?
  20. Who likes to drive with the music blaring and who is too shy to sing along?
  21. Who’s the fantastic kisser and who has the beautiful eyes?
  22. Who has the sunshine smile and who has the seductive gaze?
  23. Who gets offended by the intensity of the other’s crush on a celebrity?
  24. Who is embarrassed that they have to wear glasses sometimes and who wants them to wear them in bed?
  25. Who cheats on the other then immediately begs for their forgiveness?
  26. Who is the jealous one and asks why the other was being so flirty all night, and who is oblivious to their own charms?
  27. Who orders a milkshake with their food and who orders a soda?
  28. Who runs their battery down to 1% and who feels the need to charge theirs at 80%?
  29. Who has the excellent singing voice and is always singing around the house (and for Person B), but has no interest in going professional?
  30. Who would rather be barefoot if the setting is appropriate, and who has the huge and spectacular shoe collection (possibly also socks)?
  31. Who takes their liquor on the rocks and who likes it neat?