wing sleeve


Lux Altera “Thing Wing” Sleeve


Got a bit more work done on the amazing FeR Miniatures Queens Rangers Officer in 75mm.

They have placed the date around 1777. However, the jacket is based on an extant example which I place around the 1793 revival of the regiment in Canada.

The Rangers serving in the Revolutionary war did not have the black facings. The jacket is also cut in the “narrow back” style. Something which came into popularity later on in the 18th century.

Another interesting thing about the cut of the 1770’s ranger jacket is that it was sleeveless. The Rangers primarily wore a “roundabout” jacket. A simple sleeved waistcoat with sleeves. Their full tailcoat was sleeveless so the sleeves and wings from the round jacket protruded from underneath.
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and now, a missive from the SHAMELESS COMMERCE DIVISION

and I thought I was shameless.  The auto-filled header from Society6 is really something.

are you the kind of person that enjoys explaining to total strangers why you have a centaur and some kind of bird woman, woman with wings?? on your laptop sleeve??


you can have a mug with the infamous coffee asshole hawkeyes

you can have cupid!clint as a wall clock, which option i enabled because it super made me laugh and I may have to buy one for myself

there are also prints of bendy hawkeyes and the clint with the gold

if you happen to want a hand-signed print of something on metallic pearl paper (MY FAVORITE), I can make that happen also, drop me a note

enjoy and thank you for being awesome and making me laugh <3


Chill, disheveled Toby. (✿ ◡‿◡)


Newest update to the fandom sleeve…

I got my Wings today! This is our base to start, before thickening some lines and adding more background depth that will mesh with the anti-possession symbol (fading from purples to reds, bringing out more color variations). A star for Bucky may make an appearance, and I am also looking for various symbols and ideas to work around the upper wrist area. I would say it’s coming along nicely. My Wings, while obviously being a large part Captain America, are also my ode to the Commandos. The white star was taken from Cap’s breast plate. ^^


Look at me, answering asks from waaaaay back! Gabe’s version will be up asap ;)

Cas is fairly easy to get into bed; he is quite fond of sleeping :) Mind, roughly 40% of the time he will turn up at Dean’s bedroom because sleeping alone is kinda meh somedays. Other days Dean will be checking up on him in the middle of the night, only to find Cas wide-awake. Well, then he has no choice but to steal the sleep-warm fledgling away for snuggles, has he.

Their routine is fairly standard! Cas gets yawny and a tad grumpy so Dean takes him for a bath. They usually wrap the angels’ wings in specialized sleeves when bathing so they don’t get soaking wet. Then Dean brushes out Cas’ wings, oiling them if necessary, and then reads him a story (very enthusiastically) It’s very effective ♥


bat knees are backwards from ours so i was wondering how that’d look for anthros