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If you don't ugly cry over hockey then have you really experienced hockey?
When your favorite player isn't protected

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Credit to the hockey news.

Here’s the current playoff possibility for each team and possible match up.


I got hyped for no reason

Me when Vegas starts making its picks...

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Me: lmao im not a crazy hockey fan like some people

Also Me: wears team merch all day everyday, constantly checks social media accounts about fav team, get notifications about teams sent straight to my phone AND my moms just so I won’t ever miss anything, cant go 10 minutes without bringing up something about hockey,constantly broke from buying hockey merch, cant live a normal life because of hockey

every team in the nhl: “we have the best fans in the league”

me: so, what’s the truth?

The stress in my life is sponsored by the NHL
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Naomi Klein on Q&A discussing Australia’s horrific treatment of refugees by locking them in concentration camp style facilities, such as Manus Island and Nauru, leading to countless acts of suicide and self harm (by both adults and even young children) just to escape the torment experienced in these camps. Shame on the Australian government and shame on their prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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