wing drawings


Decided to do a little comparison to show my own improvements over the past eight years, and I was so happy and proud of myself for coming as far as I have. The character’s name is of course Viola, which my 2009 self felt appropriate to write in MS Paint and circle with the spray tool. I decided to just draw her again for the first time in like seven years and show my skills and how she would look like if I drew her in my current style. For some of my friends, they may remember her, like @hammie-heart or @blueskies258 may recall her from some very early rps we used to do together back in the day XD but anyway, hope you guys enjoy and see that anyone can improve with some time and practice XD


【羽・WINGS・Park Jimin】


Walking through the woods of the Autumn Court felt like striding inside a jewel box… [Lucien’s] woods by blood and law. He was a son of this forest, and here…He looked crafted from it. For it. Even that gold eye.

Let’s pretend I know how to draw a couch but decided not to do it for stylistic choices… Yeah. Let’s do that.

Night Court babes ♥