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EXO Reaction when they are  your guardian angel and fall in love with you

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*He’d appear in your dreams. They would be so confusing and leave a strange feeling but slowly you’ll start to look forward to them* “Do you know… they aren’t dreams but us meeting in another dimension… do you know… how much I love you?”


*He would be in pain, because no matter how much he wants, you can’t see him. So he would be waiting for a miracle, not to save you but to save himself* “Why… why can you see me? You are not supposed to see your guardian angel… why… why are you smiling at me? Aren’t you… scared?”


*He’d take a human world and watch over you like that. He knows he risks a lot, you’d probably think he’s stalking you but for him… knowing you are aware of his existence is enough* “I wonder… is she going to sit with me today? She’s walking this way… why am I feeling like this… why does she make me wish I could held her close”


*He’d slowly approach you. He’d never hide who he is but he wouldn’t say how he feels. He’d want you to fall for him on your own and not get mixed feelings by knowing he had fallen in love with you* “I can come back to visit you tomorrow if you want… like this I mean… in a human form… I would love to come”


*You’d probably catch him watching you in your sleep. Sitting next to you as he sings you a lullaby. You wouldn’t feel afraid though, because you had heard that song since you were a kid. You had always known someone out there loved you, even if you couldn’t see him*


*He’d always crave for your touch, for one glance coming from you. But he knows he can’t, he’s afraid he’d me assigned to someone else because of his feelings. So he would carry his love in silent, until one day he decides to break rules and fight for you* “I love you… I don’t care if I lose my wings.. I love you. You are everything to me”


*Though, being your guardian angel is kinda his job, he would never feel burdened by it. He loves doing it, he smiles while being with you, he does everything he can so you notice he’s there. But he doesn’t know why, he doesn’t know that his light comes from you and you’d probably realize it sooner than him. Because he shines so much you are actually able to see him but you are waiting for him to say something*


*Sometimes he’d be frustrated, frustrated you are so close and yet so far. Seeing you everyday is not enough anymore, he wants to be your all just like you are his* “Would you love me? If I were a normal boy? Would you love me… if I showed up at your door with wings on my back?”


*Sometimes, when he’s too sad you’d be able to feel him, see him even. You’d be able to hear him call your name. And one day you’d call his, because just like him, you want to be with that boy that seems to be there always for you*


*No one ever thought that the most disciplined angel would fall for his human. No one ever thought that someone would be able to take that heart of his. He never thought it would happen and it’s driving him mad. He wants to be with you but he also knows he has a duty. But don’t think he won’t find a solution to be with you, to give you his love*


*He’d be so proud of his human, he’d be so happy just with knowing you are okay. His eyes would shine whenever he hears your name but he would try to stay as your guardian angel and nothing else. But even when he watches you all the time, he seemed to not notice that you’ve been looking for a way to meet him. Because you feel it, something next to you, something really strong* “I never thought.. you’d be the one finding me… I never thought you’d be the one fighting for me”


*He’d be happy everyday, watching over you. Form him just being able to be there by your side even if you can’t see him, is enough* “Maybe one day.. maybe one day you’ll realize there’s someone watching over you”

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Pairing: Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader

Summary/Prompt: based on two prompts the first one is by @the-modern-typewriter and another one by a blog I cannot remember but if anyone knows please let me be aware so I can credit them. (Prompts are Bolded).

Warnings: cursing, blood, and angst

Authors Note: this is based off pure memory so I apologize for any inconsistencies, I also tweaked things a bit…any who, I hope you enjoy as always!

You’ve made many stupid decisions in your short life. You jumped from the roof of your house when you were little to see if you could fly. You couldn’t. then there was that time that you tried to ice skate on the local pond when the ice was clearly too thin. The list could go on, but nothing tops the list of stupid things you’ve done, like this one.

“This is such a stupid idea Bill.” You hissed as you entered the Neibolt house with your brother and your two friends, Eddie and Richie.

“W-we h-have to f-find o-out w-w-where I-IT l-lives.” Bill spluttered.

You looked to Eddie, your boyfriend of a year, to see him looking disgustingly at his surroundings. You grasped his hand and gave it a squeeze, which he gladly returned. You were so absorbed with making sure Eddie was okay you didn’t notice Richie had wandered off.

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Walking Out- Steve Rogers

Wow look I’m writing again! Schools done and I’m officially out of high school! A lot more stuff coming out (fr this time). This is also part one, part two will include prompt 7.

Click here for Part 2

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Request: 1,7 with Steve

Requests: Closed

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It was meant to be your night. You and Steve were meant to have a night in tonight since he got home from the mission. At first, you thought maybe the team was late getting in from Austria, that they had something else to deal with before they came home.But 2 hours later, after texting Steve 3 times, and calling twice, you started to worry, so instead of calling him again, you texted Natasha, who sent back a message that puzzled you at first glance. 

Nat: We’ve been back for hours now. I thought he was going to you? 

You looked down at the phone, and then at the time, before calling Steve again, with no answer. Sighing, you put the dinner you made in the fridge, realizing no one was going to eat it anytime soon, and went to sit on the couch, staring at the blank television.

Finally deciding to distract yourself from the pain in your heart and the envelope on the table, you turned on the tv and mindlessly watched whatever was playing. Eventually, you fell asleep, wiping the silent tears off your face and hoping Steve would come home soon. 

Meanwhile, 45 minutes away, Steve sat alone on a bar stool, staring at the empty glass in front of him. After looking up at the bartender for the 5th time that night, he refilled the glass with whiskey, and downed it in seconds. 

In his head, the same voice echoed over an over again, and he couldn’t get it out. 

She’s going to end up just like them, dead and gone. 

The mission he had just gone on, was tearing him apart inside. New HYDRA bases called for everyone to come in, and this one was no different. It was his job to clear out the C-Wing with Natasha, where there were said to be several guards, weapons and files. Everything went as planned until he got through the sealed C-Wing door, when everything went crumbling. As soon as he got in there, he wasn’t just faced with a guard, he was faced with his worst nightmares. 

He was forced to remember his mom, more specifically, his mom’s death. He was forced to remember Peggy, how he left her, how they never had their first dance. Forced to remember Bucky, how he didn’t save him, what Bucky was forced to go through with HYDRA. Forced to remember all those he couldn’t save. And then he mentioned you. 

For the first time in years, he was angry enough that he killed the guard with his bare hands.

He snapped out of his mind for a minute, realizing hours had passed, and he saw he had several missed calls from your number. He knew he should have replied, he should be at home. But right now, he couldn’t face going home to you. 

So he sat there, downing glass after glass of hot whiskey, not caring what time it was when he ultimately decided he needed to go home and sleep. So he paid the bartender, leaving a generous tip and started walking.

It was 2am when the keys rattled against the door, stirring you out of your slumber, and sighing when you realized he was finally home. You sat there, staring at your knees as you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes as you waited for Steve to finally walk through the door. 

When he finally stepped through, you could tell something was wrong. He smelt of alcohol and cigarettes, and he basically slammed the door shut as he came in. 

“Steve?” You asked, seeing him drop the keys into the jar and continue walking towards the bedroom. 

He didn’t say anything, the only thing you could hear was the closet door opening and closing. Then his footsteps slowly started coming back to the front room, where he went right into the kitchen, and started looking through the fridge. 

“Is there any dinner?” He asked.

You were taken back to say the least. He completely ignores you after being on a mission for 3 days, and the first thing he mentions is food.

“Yeah, but Steve, why didn’t you pick up my calls? Or any of my messages?” You asked.

He ignored you again, and by now, you were more infuriated.

“Jesus, Steve… Are you going to say anything other than ‘is there dinner?’ to me? I’ve been waiting hours for you to come home and-”

“I don’t care, (Y/N)! I really don’t care right now, being here is the last thing on my mind!” He yelled. 

That’s when you completely lost it.

“God! Steve, I know you have work! I know you have priorities, and there are certain things you need to get done! I have understood that from day one! For 3 years, I’ve sat here, understanding that there are some things that will come before me! I’ve accepted that for years! But the one night I want you to come home and stay with me, you leave! You don’t pick up your phone- I-I don’t know if you’re dead, if you’re hurt, I’m sitting here worrying, and I find out you’re at a bar drinking! I leave messages asking you to come home, but you ignore me! And you don’t care right now, but I can’t put up with this right now! I can’t come home knowing that you don’t care because I need you!”

It was silent for what felt like forever, but as the seconds ticked by and he said nothing, he just stared down at his feet, before rubbing his hands over his face and refusing to look at you. That’s when you finally had enough. 

“I’m done, Steve.” You rose up, trying to keep the tears that were fighting to come out as you walked out.

“(Y/N)… Please don’t leave me.” He whispered, reaching for you as you moved away from his grasp, and towards the door.  

As much as it was breaking your heart, you grabbed your keys, bag, and shoes before you left. 

“I can’t… I can’t do this Steve… not right now… Find me when the Steve I fell in love with comes back.” You slammed the door, and he just stood there watching. 

It took him a long time to process what had happened. Standing there, replaying the moment the love of his life walked out, all because he couldn’t separate work from home. 

He stood there for what felt like hours, before he turned to the living room where the baby blue envelope laid on the coffee table. Curious, he picked it up, and saw your distinct writing on the back, neatly spelling out his name. Without thinking, he opened the envelope, seeing a small slip of paper fall out. Picking it up, he was once again left completely speechless. 

On the card was neatly scrawled writing, the message making him tear up before he fell to his knees, trying to stifle his sobs as he looked at the image and the message again. 

You’re going to be a great father.

I love you, Steve. 

Without reading the rest of the card, he looked back at the ultrasound, the small outline of red ink made by the doctor around the small bean shape on the image. Everything fell apart at that moment. He had driven away the one person he had left, and his unborn child.

Transformers Fanfic Terms 101

So @novelty-spark was asking about a masterpost for those sorts of things, I thought I’d throw down the terms i’ve used in my seasoned time as a TF fic writer. Shoutout to my bae @guttermech for helping with some of these tooooo

So for those who don’t know there’s actually a ton of strange inner-fandom terms and shorthand that’s used in fanfic/general discussions, and can also be used for tags on art. 

First off there’s the different types of TF porn/fic. 

Sticky and PnP/Wireplay are the most common, less common is Sparkplay/Sparkbonding There’s also a now-unheard of fourth type called Tactile/EM fieldplay.

Sticky: Sticky is organic-based sexual organs, with organic genitals. Usually it’s a set of a penis/vagina combo, but there’s lots of different versions. One thing is for sure; it’s messy, it’s slippery, and it’s the most common type of TF porn you’ll find. 

PnP: Short for Plug-N-Play, it’s also sometimes called wireplay, is the counter to Sticky. It’s more based on the passing of electrical currents and information between two cybertronians to bring pleasure to both parties. The fact that it’s also a common phrase for electronics is a hilarious bonus for when you find that shit in public and can laugh about it. 

Sparksex/Sparkplay/Sparkbonding: This is a fairly well recognized but not always utilized form of cybertronian coupling that involves direct interaction between two or more party’s sparks. It’s usually coupled with them becoming bondmates which is a term i’ll cover below in more detail. 

Tactile/EMfieldplay: This is from the olden days, I’ve not seen any content made of this forgotten type in years and years, but now’s a good a time as any for a resurgance. EMfield stands for Electromagnetic Field, which is the sensory net that surrounds a cybertronian. Long ago [before time began…] it was very common for fics to include the fields as a form of close-contact, a field that would become meshed with others when cybertronians were near each other. This type of porn was more closely related to foreplay, though climax could easily be reached by the two [or more!] fields interacting. This one’s pretty complex to explain here, but I think I’ve got the gist of it down. 

Here’s a list of some terms, not all are inherently sexual but are useful to know for the flow of things/knowing the name of some parts of the anatomy and terms: 

Interfacing is sex. It’s just what sex is called, pretty basic. 

cable/cord/plug are the words for a robot penis, however a lot of people call them ‘spikes’ too, which is uncomfortable sounding as hell! Let’s normalize cord/cable/plug =u= I’ve also seen 

Valve is the term used for a penetrable hole, a vagina or butthole or whateverthefuck, it’s also sometimes called a port. 

Anterior/Outernode is a term used for a clitoris, and 

Calipers are the internal structure of a valve/port, similar to the muscle structure inside organic holes to clench/cause a milking action. 

Overload is what an orgasm is called. 

Transfluid is cybertronian ejaculate/jizz. Most artistic renderings have it be glowing like Energon but it can be just about anything you want, I used to write it as silver or different colors, they’re robots, go wild. Glowy jizz or metallic jizz or black inky jizz or just white jizz, who cares! It’s jizz! Have fun! 

CNA  is sometimes used as a version of DNA, often used for when baby Cybertronians are talked about being made through sexual reproduction. On that note- 

Sparklings, are baby cybertronians. Sometimes they’re also called protoforms but more often than not Sparklings is the most accurate way to get it. Protoforms are also a canon material so I don’t know if anyone uses it anymore. I'm not going over different methods of sexual and asexual cybertronian reproduction because that honestly deserves a post all it’s own. 

Glossa is what tongues are called, while 

Coolant is often used as their version of saliva 

servo is used interchangeably for any moving part w/ a joint- legs, arms, fingers, etc [for fingers i would suggest 'digits’ too ] 

Vents are used to describe air flow and to emulate panting/heavy breathing, often used for when a cybertronian starts to get heated and their vents will turn on, expelling hot air. 

Pedes are words used instead of 'feet’

Chevron is the shape that’s on many Cybertronian’s heads, [examples: prowl, ratchet] 

Headfins are another helmet shape, often described as sensitive or an erogenous zone. [examples: sunstreaker, fort max]

Kibble is the name of anything that is not a vital part of the cybertronian’s anatomy but is needed in order to form their alt mode. Examples include tires, headlights, car doors on arms/back. 

Door-wings are pretty self-explanatory, but they are a specific anatomy belonging to the likes of Prowl, Jazz, TFP/Bayverse/RID2015 Bumblebee; they are the doors for their car mode that are perched between the shoulders like wings. 

Audials are used instead of 'ears’, while 

Finials describe a more protruding shape of 'ears’, such as those on Shockwave, Drift, and Wing. 

And as a special added note, here are some Cybertronian curse words often used in fics:

Dross [Damn]

Frag [fuck] fragger, fragging, etc

Scrap [shit]

Slag[aggressive derogatory term, means to call someone scum or garbage]

Feel free to add things! I hope this helps! 8U 

anonymous asked:

Hi so first of all I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ your blog and second of all can we get an AU where Moon came out Aro and Quinter became canon? ( It is canon actually and I can prove it *starts sobbing violently*)

(Note: I got two of these today, so I’ll just make it one, and thanks for the compliment!)

-In this one, Winter wasn’t unfairly teleported away for no reason
-He stayed there, and he and Moon followed Qibli
-After ensuring that he was okay, Moon broke the news
-She was like, ‘Yeah so I know you both like me and I’m aro’
-And Qibli and Winter just say at the same time ‘I’m bi’
-Then they look at each other in unison
-Pause music, Kinkajou opens a closet door in the background. End episode
-After that they still hang out all the time
-But Qibli and Winter begin spending more time together
-Kinkajou is on a mission to figure out what’s happening
-She’s a really good stalker
-Once she catches them kiss while studying in the library and just
-She falls over
-And rolls away
-No one believes her
-Winter and Qibli are greatly amused by her frustration
-This continues for a while
-One day the Winglet’s just hanging out and Qibli walks in and goes to winter and just kisses him like ‘good morning’
-The others are all ?????
-Winter just sighs
-’Dude we’re not canon yet’
-Qibli shrugs
-Kinkajou, who by this point is 100% done, just sips her coffee
-’I’d have preferred if you’d done this in a more dramatic way’

Healthcare wonders!!

Hey guys! Buckle up this is gonna be long

So a little background - I work in the UK healthcare service in London. The particular building I work at has the biggest and most advanced accident and emergency (A&E) clinic. I however work in medical records - which means that doctors and nurses tell my coworkers what files they need and I prep them for the doctors (atach the correct form + fill out what’s needed + make sure a sheet for the doctors notes is there).

1. Now I understand that nurses are some of the most underappreciatted people in the job world. I understand your right to be stressed and angry after dealing with idiots and stuck up ass holes who think they know more than you. BUT that does not mean you have the right to yell at me for ’ not having the file you need this very moment’. Look I do not handle the files that way - I do not know when or how the files get pulled. All I know Is that I will prep the files I am given. If I am given a file for a patient that is currently In an abulance on the way here? Yes I will apsolitly drop what I’m already prepping and make sure that one is filled out. Don’t question that. But if you berate me over a missing file I will straight faced tell you “ mam/sir I understand that you are upset - I would be to - but the person who can actually respond to your yelling is [here]” (true story though!)

2. We ( the prepping team) also deliver some files to clinics that don’t have enough nurses to come and collect them. Now in order to receive the files you must sign a piece of paper that has the patients healthcare number on it. We then take the paper back to records to say that we have given you those files. We bring those files up at 9:00 AM. BUT IF YOU ARE NOT THERE WE CAN NOT GIVE YOU THE FILES!! we can’t just leave them on the desk - they have private information inside each one! Also these clinics have patients coming in - patients that need medical attention - at 8:00-8:30 that are forced to stand and wait in whatever weather until after 9:00 because no one’s there to let them in! Then the clinics have the nerve to bitch to us about the files being late. THAT IS YOU PROBLEM NOT OURS!!!

( this Is the last on I promise - at least for this submission)

3. Now the department that the medicals records library and office is in backs onto a little road between ‘medical wings’ that disabled patients can use to park their cars and get in easier. However that road us also a very common ground for smokers. Now I wouldn’t mind this ( most of my family smoke I know how hard it is to quit) if not for the fact that their; is a massive non-smoking sign on the wall, automatic doors that are almost constantly open allowing smoke to get in to a clinic that deals with MATERNITY!! , the wing next door to us is a CHEST AND ALLERGY CLINIC! And there us a perfectly good road literally 39 seconds away ( I counted - shut up) that meant your smoke affected no one.

Sorry for the long post - these pissed me off so much though

TLDR - learn to complain to the people who can actually do something about it. If you have patients coming in at a certain time then you need to be there sooner to help them. And if you are at a hospital - THINK ABOUT WHERE YOU ARE SMOKING!!!!

We Give ‘Power Couple’ A Whole New Definition

Marvel (The Avengers) One Shot

Characters: [FEMALE] Reader x Bucky Barnes + Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Vision, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff & Thor Odison

Warnings: violence (like arm getting sliced off kinda violence) and swearing

Request: “could you write kind of like an all avengers one where the reader gets her arm chopped off in battle somehow but tony gives her one that’s similar but also better than buckys?” - anonymous

Word Count: 2,168

A/N: please specify whether you want a one shot or an imagine next time, because i wasn’t too sure ! this turned out better than i thought it would, so i hope you guys like it !

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