wing commander sir arthur shappey

Cabin Pressure, Series 1 Episode 6: Fitton

Of course, if we’d been drinking vodka, you wouldn’t be able to smell it!

My main agenda with drawing this was to make Martin’s hat look better on Arthur than Martin. (And to catch up.)

ARTHUR (over the tannoy, in his Captain Wing Commander Sir Arthur Shappey voice): Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please. This is the Airport speaking. Listen to the Airport. Flight 202-02-02 is now ready for boarding at Gate … Eight. It isn’t late. It will not wait. If you want to be on that aeroplane … it’s time to get on the aeroplane now. If you have young children … put them on the aeroplane. If you have any hand baggage … put it on the aeroplane. If you have any bombs … they’re not allowed on the aeroplane. Please put them … in the bin! Okay, bye! Love, the Airport.